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  1. All the internal AFM parts are still inside the motor. Due to the chip shortage-there just isn't the controls to activate the "feature".
  2. You can go to the dealer and ask for a flash so the transmission does a "quick relearn". But yes-it sounds pretty much normal. While reliability generally hasn't been an issue-these things (6-speeds) are real slush boxes and are not that refined. I'm going with ZF 8 speed and hemi (RAM) next time around myself, verese the clunk-o-matic drive trains the Silverados have. I'm done myself. The truck only has 35,000 miles on it. It's not a question IF I'M TRADING IN-ONLY WHEN. In all likelihood-probably 12 months or so-after supply meets demand.
  3. You are 5,000 miles out of the power train warranty-however some dealers (with GM's OK) will cut you some slack. Have you been to the dealer to see if there are any codes stored that may tell them where to look?
  4. Yes-Here is what I believe -per GM's own statement that I linked you to the second chart is misinformation. And my own personal experience of changing out the Dex6 at 50,000 miles(25,000miles of that towing a 30 foot 5,500 pound travel trailer) and the fluid that came out looked as good as the day it went in. Granted-I didn't perform a UOA-but it looked real good. Not sure what these transmission temperature charts are selling-either new fluid or maintenance that is not needed.
  5. 2nd post down https://www.silveradosierra.com/transmission/transmission-temp-to-hot-t12797.html The facts being is that this isn't like the old transmission fluid chart floating around the internet-that says at 175 degrees your transmission is toast. Crankcase oil, transmission fluid and like has come along way in the last 35 years.
  6. The Dex 6 has been tested up to 275 degrees with no fluid degradation.
  7. Yep-I have the same issue. My truck-with an MSRP of $54,000.00 at the end of the day just isn't very refined. Looking to another manufacturer next time around. It has like 34,000 miles on it. Going in to the dealer for it's last "at the dealer" oil change and to complain about "the clunk". That way-I figure if something breaks (in the drive train) -I'm covered.
  8. While don't disagree with MOSTS of your assessments of the F150-the fact of the matter is that the front of the new Silverado is a "love it or hate it" situation. Meanwhile because of this the RAM has seen substantial increases in sales-precovid. I look for Ford to maintain the sales crown for a single model. (Notice I said single model and not combining the Silverado/Sierra sales). I have a 2018 SIlverado Crew Cab LTZ (4WD). It's a truck that had a MSRP of $54,000.00. It has the drive line clunking-the occasional "bump from behind" issue when coming to a stop (all issues that have been complained of by others-with no real fixes from the dealer)-and of course the reliable but lazy shifting 6 speed transmission. The mediocrity of this truck is so bad-I am going to look real hard at both RAM and Ford next time around.
  9. If you search the number that begins with the "8" it comes up as a "bypass control module". https://perfectionistautosound.com/what-is-a-bypass-module-and-why-do-i-need-one/#:~:text=Bypass Modules Allow Safe Remote Starting Of Your Vehicle&text=When you ask your vehicle,chip%2C and the vehicle starts. Google is your friend.
  10. It looks nice. But Im not a fan of big one piece covers. Storage is an issue for some of us when we need the full bed. On the hard tri folds-for short trips to the bike path they fold up in front of the rear window and lock in place. For longer trips they come off and mine sits on my patio table. But your truck looks good!
  11. I have the 6 speed. I'm pretty sure the OP has a 6 speed as well.
  12. I have a 2018-it does the same thing. Not all the time-it's infrequent and unpredictable. I have heard axle wrap, springs, or the torque converter not unlocking in the transmission until you are almost stopped. However-I haven't heard one solution for this. I going to the dealer for my next oil change, and it's on my list of complaints.
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