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  1. Most report the OLM doesn't usually go much beyond 7,500 miles. Even a conventional oil should be able to handle that.
  2. Is it an after market brake controller or OEM? If aftermarket-which one? Have you tried hooking up to another trailer? When was the last time the trailer brakes were checked for adjustment?
  3. With all due respect-most find the 2019 front end hideous. The drop in sales is directly correlated to the redesign.
  4. check their website www.rangetechnology.com It appears they are selling different devices for those operations.
  5. The Range Device with the new latest software (V8.6R1) does not throw codes or drain your battery. It's been shipping for sometime. Old devices can be re-flashed with the latest software by paying for postage only. If you want one that works I have one for sale on the "Items wanted or for sale" sub topic.
  6. I have one for sale under this forum.
  7. For sale one Range Technology AFM device. This device keeps your truck in V8 mode all the time-blue LEDs. This device will work on the current 2019 model as well. The software version is the latest @ V8.6R1 Price is $110.00 FIRM (incs. shipping within the continental U.S.) For any further info-see manufacturer's website https://rangetechnology.com/ Ships from the Salt Lake City area. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. I find pushing the nozzle a little forward before taking it out of the filler neck helps alot.
  9. It happen to you only once? OR-multiple times? Just want to be clear here.
  10. We can disagree whether this move is in desperation. But the facts are sales are down and RAM is pushing for the number two spot (and is close) since the 2019 redesign. In addition even if you combine Sierra/Silverado sales- the Ford F150 still comes out on top.
  11. Translation-Our truck sales are down 15% from last year due to the ugly redesign for 2019. We are throwing EVERYTHING against the wall to raise sales.
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