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  1. True-but they have to use fluids that meet specs-whether there is a GM label on it or not. 95% of the time the garage has a machine -which does just that-exchanges the fluid. Yet-the term "flush" lives on in the world of the Internet. And GM doesn't approve "flushes" as your PDF proves. If they are not using GM (that meet the spec) approved fluids-then that's another thread to start about "dishonest" dealers. I am currently trying to find specs on "Rinehart" universal transmission fluid that the local "quick lube" wants to use in my wife's 2017 Hyundai 6 speed. No info online. I contacted the company-no replies there either. So-If I don't know anything about the fluid-my business is going elsewhere.
  2. There is nothing wrong with a "trans-flush" WHICH REALLY ISN'T A "FLUSH" AT ALL. The Internet myth that refuses to die........ Let's talk about the "orange can of death" -Fram filters-that's another one.
  3. Noise level on at Interstate speeds?
  4. Maybe with the exception of "high-end" brands-yes seats are not 100% genuine leather.
  5. Agree. That's why my next truck will be a RAM. The current styling design is hideous.
  6. I have a 2018 LTZ-4WD Crew Cab w/the 6 speed and 5.3. This truck had an MSRP of $52,000.00 (although I didn't pay anywhere near that) you would think GM could make a better drive train. I call all the 6 speed trucks the "clunk-O-matic!"
  7. It's a known problem of the 6th speeds as well.
  8. Again-this is not a permanent fix as reported on various truck forums.
  9. With all due respect-your dealer will not attempt a fix because there isn't one.
  10. This "clunk" is a standard feature of your truck. There may or may not be fixes. It could be drive line, rear springs-but GM doesn't really have a permanent fix.
  11. The front ends are ugly-and the interiors are sub par-especially on the "high end" models. The 2019 redesign has been very much a topic of debate. When your selling over 40,000 units a month-you don't want controversy. A redesign is sorely needed.
  12. Years ago they just used 9 volt battery (the little square ones smoke detectors use) and plug one of those in with an adapter in to the cigarette lighter. I don't know if that would still work today.
  13. Most report the OLM doesn't usually go much beyond 7,500 miles. Even a conventional oil should be able to handle that.
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