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  1. Bolt on mods

    What year do you have? I don't think the 2019 trucks with the 4.3 are out yet.
  2. Disappointed with 2019

    I feel like a inline 6 version of the new 2.7l would be the way to go. I think that would make a really nice setup from waht we know about the 2.7. Should be cheaper than the 3.6 too. The high country is a let down for sure, but the mid level to LTZ trucks are very nice. Why they thought spray painting some trim copper was the Pinnacle of truck luxury is beyond me. I find the F150 interior to be very cheap and ugly, especially with the oversized bro shifter on the "floor". Ram has a very nice interior though, ironically you have to keep it Laramie and lower as it gets very gaudy in the Limited and Rebel trims.
  3. What, you don't like "Beat boxing"?
  4. Disappointed with 2019

    Its nicer than Fords for sure and a slight upgrade over yours. I'd recommend sitting in a Ford. It's not good.
  5. Disappointed with 2019

    Crap interior? Dramatic much? Curious if you like the k2xx interior.
  6. I went to the dealership yesterday to look at the new trucks (wife says just buy one already....). They had 6 2019s and I didn't see any imperfections in the doors. 2 of them I couldn't get the right angle on one side to really see but I couldn't find anything wrong with them. Perhaps if I went over each one for 20 minutes, but on the Fords I notice it immediately if you're at the right angle. Sorry about your luck OP. If it were me, I'd rather they swap doors if they're willing. Can't imagine their body guy wouldnt be able to line it up right. Since your truck is black I wouldn't worry about the paint not matching either.
  7. Disappointed with 2019

    Could you get them in 4wd crew, from the factory? I only saw a regular cab 2wd reference on a quick Google search.
  8. How do you like the trail runners vs the Duratracs? The original preproduction Silverados with 20s had them, but it looks like they decided on Bridgestone tires instead. Be nice of you could get those or Duratracs in 285/60r20 with something other than than E load.
  9. DougFl 2019 Silverado

    I wonder how this color will be maintenance wise...keep us updated! Looks great as is.
  10. Different steels have different corrosion values. There are a lot of types of steel and they all react differently. Your trailers you speak of are most likely low grade mild steel that will rust out very quickly. Its cheap and very strong, but if not coated with something goes to hell very quickly High strength steel is much much more corrosion resistant. The new frame, according to GM is mostly high strength steel. Like I said, more isn't always better. It's the way it's constructed and the type of metals. The steel is thinner and the frame is boxed now, that doesn't mean it will rust out sooner. Like you said - even at 3/8" thick your trailer frames rot. That's some thick steel and the extra thickness didn't do a thing to save it. Turns out GM spent millions and probably billions on this and they know what they're doing. The notion that the new trucks are built like a harbor freight tool compared to the old "lasts forever" stuff is just foolish. I just replaced the entire back section on the frame of my 87 Monte Carlo. The stuff in front of the rear axle was coated in oil from a leaking....everything otherwise it would look the same. Got rid of the old man's 70 Pontiac due to extreme frame rot from sitting in his garage for the last 20 years. Yeah, that stuff lasts forever.
  11. I have only seen it on Fords, but I've only seen a few 19 Silverados in person. On the Fords they are like that brand new. I was at the dealership last summer and every new truck had it, some worse. Doors and bed, down the entire length on some. K2 Silverados tend to have it on the flat part of the wheel well by the tire. Sierra's don't because of the extra bends there. Gmt900s had it though, on some. The GM's that have it are nowhere even close to as bad as the 15 plus f150s.
  12. They were smart enough to make it in between the two, so it works for either. They said that or one of each
  13. The Fords have this problem REAL bad. Every truck I've seen on the road has it, 2015 or newer. Hopefully the dealer takes care of it as this is the first Chevy I've heard of with the problem. I really hope it's not par for the course.
  14. And a SS 1LE - Very nice garage you have there sir.

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