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  1. I've had buffeting issues on just about every vehicle I've ever owned if only one window is down. I always have to crack another.
  2. I hear you. I was hoping to have an 18 in the garage this week but I just can't do it, I'd rather wait. I assume there will be more 14-18 owners coming to say how much better they are and how terrible the 19 is but that wasn't the point of the thread. At the end of the day the only person who needs to be happy is the owner.
  3. I test drove a 2018 LT Z71 (51k, 37k price) as well as a RST (Not sure on pricing, had conv I and 2). Spent a lot of time hoping in and out of them as well to compare. I've never owned a 2014+ truck or spent this much time inside one, so I don't feel my opinion is swayed too much by being used to the K2xx and just liking something new. There is definitely some cost savings with the 2019. As far as the feel and design goes though, the 2018 felt like a older truck and was much busier inside. I found the 2019 to be fresher and of a much nicer design - I have to say I prefer the 2019 inside without a doubt. Both were center console trucks, there was just a lot more stuff to look at on the 2018. You also felt like you sunk into the truck a little, but you feel up higher in the 2019. I think a lot of this is due to the lower console on the 2019. What I didn't like on the 2019 was the lack of the wireless charging, the blank toggle buttons and the manual passenger seat. I did prefer it's steering wheel (with real buttons), heated steering wheel and the ease of use on the new infotainment. They added a few features, took a way a few and stream lined the interior for a simpler look. Exterior design - I absolutely love the 2019, especially the Z71 badge on the fender, vs a sticker on the back. It reminds me a bit of the K2 Midnigh edition. I also love the tailgate/tail lights. The 2018 is still a really good looking truck, but the 2019 is beautiful. The 2019 rides higher and I didn't have the feeling that it "had to have" a 1-2" lift like I did with the 2018. That's nice because not only of the cost of the lift, but having to worry about voiding the suspension warranty. Since GM is offering a factory 2" lift they've already factored in changing the suspension geometry with a 2" lift, where there are some concerns with the K2's leading many to buy new upper arms to maintain good geometry. Not a huge deal, but it adds up. As far as driving impressions goes, the 2018 did have that little bit of a rubber band feeling that the 19 didn't have. Steering wheel resistance seemed much more linear too, no matter how fast you were moving. Both rode like trucks, the 19 felt a little stiffer but it had 20's iwith a all terrain tire and the 18 had 18's with all seasons. The 19 was a little faster to react and downshift. Seemed a tad quicker, but I wasn't ringing them out. Both felt like they needed more gear though. I'd like to see GM offer 3.73's on the 2019. The nail in the coffin for the 2018 is that from 65-75 (more so around 72-75) it had a slight vibration. Nothing bad, about what I would expect from a 4-5 year old truck running Duratracs, not a brand new truck with 18" all seasons. Maybe it had flat spots from sitting on the lot, but the 19 was just smooth. After reading all the horror stories that some had, which are probably much worse than this one, I'm not rolling the dice on that truck. Overall I think I'm waiting on the 2019. The interior on the 18 was making me consider it, but after spending some time in the 19 I prefer that setup more. Hopefully they start discounting them in the spring.
  4. Strange infotainment issues

    If you download spotify and already have a spotify account, can you download your music (to an SD Card?) or is it streaming only?
  5. Glad you got your problem fixed, even though it wasn't cheap. I assume you meant the 2014-2018 shafts? Or are 2018s different?
  6. I was pretty set on buying a 2019 next year but with the deals on the 2018s I'm thinking of taking a look this weekend. A local dealer has 14k off a LT crew Z71 that's optioned exactly like I would want and no options I don't want. For 37k, it's a pretty nice setup. I like the look of the 19s more but I did notice today doing some a-b comparisons that the interior is nicer on the 2018s and there are some nice touches (like no blank toggle switches, they're just larger the fewer you have). I can't help but get sucked into reading the vibration thread though. It's really making me paranoid about buying a new one. Especially since I would want to lift the front 1.5" and put a very slightly larger tire on. Any thoughts or opinions? Who's truck is smooth as glass and trouble free?
  7. I suppose I'd respect your opinion on my spelling and grammar more if you wrote in complete sentences. A bit ironic, no?
  8. What engine does your Sierra have? Everyone likes to talk about how much power the Ferd 2.7 has, but I've not driven one. I'd like to see the official Ferd ratings on 87, but they'd rather decive customers.
  9. Fuel tank size?

    Just because you can stop doesn't mean you want to hit every single gas station on a road trip. I know Father GM knows best and says you should get out and rest though. If the 2019s have a 24 gallon tank, that means you have to fill up after you use around 20 gallons. Short range with a trailer.
  10. Trail Boss Custom colors?

    The above color is Pacific Blue. So far Shadow gray metallic is my favorite color. I also really like Satin Steel.
  11. GM dropped the ball

    So far I haven't heard of any issues with the 2019s, it sounds like the original posters only complaint is that they wanted it to be done sooner and it wasn't. Better that they release it when it's done then rush it to market
  12. GM dropped the ball

    This is why they aren't advertising, because an all new model takes time to roll out in 3 factories and they don't want to increase demand without the product. Because of their limited stock, even 2018s had weak discounts up until very recently. Since the 18s have just started 12-14k off I assume the full production is very close on the 2019s. The actual rollout so far has been very good. It just wasn't ready until it was ready.
  13. Fuel tank size?

    Twice now I very considered Ford then I go look at them up close and I just can't do that to myself. They're so cheap abd poorly assembled. I do like the way Ford setup the options and packages though.
  14. Fuel tank size?

    People weren't wild about the 26 gallon but a lot accepted it. To go even smaller though...there just isn't a good reason for this.
  15. Elevation edition- Crew cab

    This looks like a non lifted GMC Trailboss, essentially. It appears the only way to get painted bumpers and trim in the US is the AT4 or Denali. While I like the AT4 a lot, it's a bit more than I'd want to spend. I'd really be interested in this, especially with it's cloth seats over the At4s standard leather. We are expecting out first next Spring so I don't think a double cab is a good choice for us.

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