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  1. But before you do so, disconnect the ground cable from the battery. so long j-ten-ner
  2. As happy as I am with the G80, electronic rear AND front lockers are more than welcome! so long j-ten-ner
  3. No, it's for the shop employee, who will pick up your car for your convenience... so long j-ten-ner
  4. Well, when you let off the accelerator, you'll lose power Scroll in the DIC menu to "Instant Economy" and watch what happens when you let off the pedal. Could simply be the fuel shut off. so long j-ten-ner
  5. It's kinda odd that the truck is throwing codes all over the place. Maybe it's a loose battery connection. Wouldn't be the first. so long j-ten-ner
  6. But isn't it was most of us are asking for? Build it like you want it instead of having to buy a whole package for just one desired option? so long j-ten-ner
  7. I'd like to add that most of the grandpa's don't care about mods on cars or trucks. What they care (or worry) about is the safety aspect. In my area are so many lifted trucks and I can tell from a distance that most of the owners just did a "hack job" and didn't follow through. Best example would be the adjustment of the headlights after a lift or level. so long j-ten-ner
  8. Those would look awesome on your truck. so long j-ten-ner
  9. Go Aeroskin and call it a day. so long j-ten-ner
  10. As a winter tire (what I recommend) Michelin X-Ice is the way to go. If you're looking for a year around tire, KO2's...All. Day. Long. so long j-ten-ner
  11. Or you can be the witness... so long j-ten-ner
  12. The manual for my boat says that I should turn on the blower minutes before starting the engine, to get any fumes or gas vapours out of the engine bay to prevent a fire or even an explosion. The OP mentioned several times "oily air" escaping from the vents. That would be my concern about the PVC delete. Just a thought. so long j-ten-ner Edit: And even if the oil-air mixture is not strong enough to ignite, there's still the possibility that the oil can condensate somewhere, build up over time and create a fire hazard.
  13. It's usually 500 to 1,000 mls before you should start towing. so long j-ten-ner
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