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  1. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    lol It means that your (or my, for that matter) dad hasn't even eaten it to be able to produce..... so long j-ten-ner
  2. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    I have referred to your maturity. But you probably didn't understand. so long j-ten-ner
  3. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    Did I talk to you? so long j-ten-ner
  4. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    The way you come across here, you were probably still a yoghurt in a shelf in a supermarket at this time so long j-ten-ner
  5. Says who? so long j-ten-ner
  6. As long as it doesn't pop up when I'm watching my favourite DVD... so long j-ten-ner
  7. Aging Sucks ER Trip What Happened?

    "even the best disease is no good" Having heart sucks. I have back. so long j-ten-ner
  8. Those news from GM are slightly confusing. Didn't they just close plants all over North America because the products didn't sell well? Also, I thought that the intention was to save money and re-invest in EV's? Now they have a running horse and take it out of the race? What am I missing? so long j-ten-ner
  9. PRNDM_1

    In my experience of 35 + years of driving, the best way to slow down is in a controlled manner. Meaning, that it is not a good idea to have the tranny decide which gear you want to be in. In slick conditions I choose the manual mode from the beginning and work my way through the gears. My drive way is steep and when I leave in the morning, I select 4HI and put the tranny in "N" to make sure that the rear wheels don't "overrride" the braking or steering force of the front wheels. While I'm driving, I use to keep the tranny a gear lower than what it would be in under normal conditions. Basically the same principal as choosing the same gear going downhill as you'd need to get up the same hill. Truckers will understand what I'm trying to say. When I put my tranny into manual mode, it'll stay in the same gear I'm in at the moment. I don't know about HD trucks (although our company F350 and 3500HD do the same). If I was in a situation that I'm too fast for the conditions, I feel more confident to use the brakes instead of an automatic tranny to slow down, because I can control the force applied to the wheels. It's a different story with a manual transmission. With a manual transmission I can "play" the clutch. so long j-ten-ner
  10. 300 bucks to spend

    I agree! But sometimes it's the situation you're in. You're doing everything you can to make sure that you and your family is taken care of and then you saved up something to spend for fun. And you should do it! so long j-ten-ner
  11. 10 speed vs 8 speed 6.2 L

    I don't think that the 10-speed is made for drag racing. After all, there are a few more shifts to be done to reach the desired speed. It's more like for fuel economy WHEN you're using the truck as a truck and WHEN towing trailers AND boulevard cruising, which IMO is the new battle field for the higher end trucks. so long j-ten-ner
  12. 300 bucks to spend

    AVS aeroskin bug shield. so long j-ten-ner
  13. Even a factory installed toilet paper holder in the trunk would be more practical... so long j-ten-ner
  14. WHY? 4-6-8

    Uuuiiihhh...that's step. C'mon man, really? so long j-ten-ner
  15. Mpg

    I guess that none of you guys would buy a Ranger...lol so long j-ten-ner

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