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  1. Thief's want a quick and quite job. Make it noisy and delay the job. Wire your horn to the interior light and install a switch somewhere hidden on the outside of your truck. They may get confused because they think that they have disabled the alarm and run for the woods. so long j-ten-ner
  2. Train him well and you're set. And if you want your dog to lick a thief to death, then go this route.
  3. Maple Ridge, Kanaka Way, Petrocan is out of regular and you get premium for the regular price, 1.359 CAD so long j-ten-ner
  4. It's even more troubling that the 4.3 reaches peak torque at 39,000 rpm lol so long j-ten-ner
  5. I think that the discussion is still on topic. You have to take the cost of a "forever" truck into account. so long j-ten-ner
  6. I still think that GM has to give the blessing since the GMC badge is on the truck. so long j-ten-ner
  7. But isn't it what many of us are looking for? GM getting out of his own way and present something out of line, something special? Can't please everyone. I like the idea and especially the rims on the black truck. The price tag not so much. Still, good job GM. so long j-ten-ner
  8. Can't let it go, ey? ;) I am sure that everyone, including you, understood my point of view. so long j-ten-ner
  9. It's amazing what some people think their cars/trucks cost them. A colleague answered my question, what he spends on his truck driving 160km every day to work and back home with: "...about 20 bucks on fuel...". He didn't believe me when I told him that my truck cost me 0.32 cents per km. And my math is just a rough estimate. All the cost attached to my truck divided by the km driven in a year. So, my truck with 193,000km on the clock almost hits 62K in 6 years of ownership. No, I haven't taken the double and triple tax into account. so long j-ten-ner
  10. For me it's not about boredom. It's the inner urge to use my vehicle for what it is intended for. Getting from A to B within a reasonable time. so long j-ten-ner
  11. Column shifter is great while leaning out the window and shifting back and forth to navigate trailers into tight spots. I don't have to look for the shifter. It's right where my hand is. Try that with a flimsy rotary dial or even worse push buttons. so long j-ten-ner
  12. Any truck you buy today will be outdated in 10 years. Buying any vehicles is a gamble. I'd push hard to get the tranny in your truck fixed. Even if you end up paying for it yourself, it's probably cheaper than loosing money on the trade-in and the high depreciation of a new truck. so long j-ten-ner
  13. The hesitation you're experiencing under light acceleration is the AFM. so long j-ten-ner
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