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  1. Hi Ryan, is that some kind of spray you apply or just regular hand wash and patience???
  2. 2" GM kit Installed last year when a purchased March 2019.....
  3. Do you have a ceramic coating?? the first pic is a hell of a shine....thanks!
  4. I received an update last week, and my phone volume is not going down...…. GH
  5. One of my trailers is led and other(cargo) reg lights, the regular lights take a few seconds for the trucks computer to recognize.But they do work.. GH
  6. As long as you point at the sensor on the edge of the rim, and not at valve stem like expensive relearn tools.Thought mine wasn't working until I pointed at sensor.....but your right awesome tool.
  7. Hi BigDawg,  what's your take on this Dashcam???? Are you satisfied?


    1. bigdawgdenton


      Hey, I like it. I bought it due to reviews on it. you will enjoy it.

    2. goosehunter


      Sounds good Dawg, thanks for the reply. Have a good week sir!

  8. Well guys, I went to blackboxmy car Canada and bought Viofo 119 v3, was a basic camera and within what I wanted to spend....So would like to thank all that read the post and thanks for your feedback. Thanks GH
  9. I was wondering if you guys can point me in the right direction, I want to install a dashcam in my new 2109 Silverado. What is a decent quality cam without braking the bank...no cheap and annoying junk either...thanks for reading! GH
  10. Kinda feel bad for the folks on site having different issues, that being said is there anyone out there without issues? I have a 2019 built in Feb 19 delivered in march and nothing to speak about.....one that kinda caught my attention is the leak in the back window. I have looked and felt and nothing shows up, i'm wondering if i'm not looking at the right spot. Knock on wood,but I only have 11500 kms (Canada) 7000 miles and no issues...hope luck continues. GH
  11. It will appear just a matter of time, mine was the same...10 miles down the road ...doink! GH
  12. Hi everyone, A while back I read a thread regarding the install of navigation cd card and going to dealer for an update, I this something that can be done? To clarify I have a 2019 LTZ , but not with all the bell's and whistle I.E. does not have Nav......And is there anyone here that been thru this process?? Thanks for reading … GH
  13. Is your trailer electric?? If so make sure safety battery is working..... GH
  14. LTZ 6.2LT bought last March...….North Eastern Canada.2" gm Trail Boss lift installed at delivery.
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