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  1. Ryan is this plug and play......and where did you purchase? Thanks!
  2. Hi Ladies & Gentelman, Can someone give me advice on 7440 Led Front signal bulbs ( no mods) built in resistor...… I don't want cheap stuff and or 100.00 bulbs.....I bought some on amazon and were real nice but one defective today......paid 30 dollars Canadian...sometimes you get what you pay for!!! It lasted 4-6 months. Thanks for reading Goose Hunter
  3. If you have relearn tool, give it a try with oem wheels...just for a tryout!!!
  4. Yes go to tire monitor in DIC and once there press and keep press until relearn is activated......once outside if you have cheaper relearn tool DO NOT AIM at valve stem, go to edge of rim and aim at inside sensor. Once it relearn that sensor the horn will beep once and go to pass front as stated...… if truck is equipped with right sensors( did you change them?) if truck is near go try it and update me..... thanks! GH
  5. Yes , have done it and do you have relearn tool......front driver, front pass, back pass. and back driver....should hear horn double beep if successful! I bought a relearn tool on amazon.....cheap and it works!
  6. Worked for me also....pass. side fuse box! GH
  7. Jeff please try this, connect truck with lights on (parks) and let hooked up for five minutes.....it seems like it takes a minute for the truck to recognize trailer.....mine was the same way and now everthing is great! It even blinks trailer lights( 1 flash per +- 45seconds) because of theft feature.....nothing to lose!
  8. Hi Ryan, is that some kind of spray you apply or just regular hand wash and patience???
  9. 2" GM kit Installed last year when a purchased March 2019.....
  10. Do you have a ceramic coating?? the first pic is a hell of a shine....thanks!
  11. I received an update last week, and my phone volume is not going down...…. GH
  12. One of my trailers is led and other(cargo) reg lights, the regular lights take a few seconds for the trucks computer to recognize.But they do work.. GH
  13. As long as you point at the sensor on the edge of the rim, and not at valve stem like expensive relearn tools.Thought mine wasn't working until I pointed at sensor.....but your right awesome tool.
  14. Hi BigDawg,  what's your take on this Dashcam???? Are you satisfied?


    1. bigdawgdenton


      Hey, I like it. I bought it due to reviews on it. you will enjoy it.

    2. goosehunter


      Sounds good Dawg, thanks for the reply. Have a good week sir!

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