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  1. Which leveling kit are you using and what size tires are you running? It looks perfect IMO. ?
  2. I have a 2.5" CCM leveling kit with rear blocks and a zone 1.5" body lift. I have minimal rubbing in reverse on my front mud flap.
  3. I have a 2.5" ccm level and 1.5" zone body lift. Thanks!
  4. Finally got my wheels and tire on! 20x10 Hostage sprockets and 33 12.50 Toyo Mt's
  5. What's not to like that is the first time I seen that wheel. Did you have rubbing issues?
  6. Holy heck! Do you get spindles with that kit and did you add rear spacers? I have 20x10 -19 on back order and I may hafta rethink this with my 33 12.50's. Truck looks great but that won't fly around here with the law. Thanks!
  7. Looks sweet to bad it's all under the seat. Voted!
  8. Thanks for the pic Kerrslight! Looks perfect. I think the 33's will look good with the level and body combo. If the ever get here!
  9. Could you post a pic from the side like you have in your sig for a before and after? New tires look great with the wheels! Mine are still on backorder. I have a body lift and may be thinking 33 12,50 toyo mt's might look a bit too small. Thanks!
  10. Your truck looks great!! Thinking about running the new stt too. How do they ride and what's the noise difference in the cab? Really like the new tread design. Looks perfect on your truck.
  11. Are you still running a level and body lift? Looks good with the new wheels and tires!
  12. Thanks second2none yours was the truck I was talking about. Looks great!
  13. Looks good! I would skip the level. Unless your looking for that stance.
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