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  1. Bump for attention. I’m also looking at power steps and the rough country steps are $400 less than amp and don’t seem to look much different. I haven’t seen any in person though, only amp.
  2. I came very near ordering a dodge then later a gmc this year. Dodge doesn't apply any credits or rebates until the truck lands at the dealer which this year was at least 6 weeks out. With that most current incentives would have expired and whatever came next would be available but not predictable. The gmc dealer I talked to would let us "buy" the vehicle as soon as it had an active vin number which is at end of production. So they would apply rebates much sooner for more predictability. In the end I found a Chevy with all I wanted. I did compromise on color and would have rather had the gmc sheet metal. I would suggest getting what you want as much as you can afford it. I had pretty bad buyers remorse because there was a 21 gmc being built that was super close to my specs but it was near the end of October so the big incentives were going to be missed IF the truck wasn't done in time. I decided not to chance it and get the chevy at 9k off the sticker instead. It's growing on me but hurt for a few weeks.
  3. Try searching for 2020 covers. A lot of vendors may not have their systems updated yet and the seats should be identical.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'll check to see what I can do about the reverse lights. After adding mirrors and a tailgate strip I'll have a lot more light. I'll also follow up with my dealer when I'm in getting mirrors installed in a few weeks. My big issues like kriptik said is seeing the sides. I back by my trash cans being on my passenger side. One day I'll knock them for sure. I think I might also install a motion activated light where I park to help illuminate that area more.
  5. I just traded in a 2015 Durango on a 2020 Chevy 1500 RST and I'm incredibly disappointed in the back up camera resolution. I can't tell if it's the camera or the screen but my Durango was miles ahead of the Chevy. Does anyone know if there are upgrades available for the camera or a way to tune the screen? My biggest issue is backing up at night which I do every day to park when I get home. I'm upgrading soon to the two mirrors which I believe have backup lights in them and later I'll be adding a tailgate led brake light strip with white for backup. The added light will really help but even in the day time the camera could be much better. I think If I could just adjust the black point or contrast on the screen it would help. Has anyone figured out how to adjust the screens yet?
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