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  1. Weekend adventure with family, no more white rims after the mud bath LOL!
  2. Hey guys! I was hoping someone could confirm a part number or guide me before I purchase it. I am looking for a park sensor bracket for the rear bumper. If you are staring at the bumper its the 3rd bracket from the left. I called the dealership and they gave me part # 84590530, but when I go online to gmpartsdirect.com and gmpartscentral.net they state that part does not fit my truck I want to say its either part 84590526 or 84590527? Truck info: 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 6.2L last 8 of VIN is LG131496 Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. CAI, Pulse LT, bed cover, front and rear bumpers, and some off-road wheel/tires are my thoughts for in the future (17x9 on 35s)
  4. Received the rear tires front finishing caps. Looks good!
  5. 20x9.5 -18 offset Black Rhino Axle Gloss White
  6. Ordered the finishing caps for the front and rear tires. The match to the factory fender is spot on. They just released the front of the rear tires and I should get those in by July. Very pleased with the product. I have oversized tires so the front tires still needed trim but the outer appearance looks factory.
  7. I have the front and rear installed. The front of the rear tires wasn't released until this week and they are to ship out in early July from what the email stated. I have oversized tires so the front caps still needed trimming but the rears were a clean install.
  8. Nice to see another Utah resident on the forums! Black exhaust looks clean!
  9. Man, that sucks. I'm glad you're ok! When I read about wrecked vehicles and airbags going off, insurances usually total the vehicle. Good luck with the insurance and hopefully everything works out. Total bummer!
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