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  1. Shorties are useless with their 1 5/8" primary tubes... you are better off with the stock exhaust manifolds as a short tube will do nothing for power and just make noise. The tsp high lift version will make more torque than the low lift... that's a fact. You have a decent base with a 9.9:1 compression 5.3. Vinci is another truck oriented cam grinder and some of his setups are worth your time. Your 60e won't live long lol so prepare for a rebuild. A big cooler and modest tuning is about the best you can do. A 6 cylinder trailblazer torque converter is a nice little bump that stalls around 2400 rpm muchike the stock 4l80e one does behind the 6 liters. Don't even look for an L76 as it's just an afm disaster and people want more for nothing with it. Just like the L94 6.2... I'm mixed on the 6.2s lol... might get a good one or get a rattly bottom end problem dud like the two I have lol. One of mine has 53000 miles and the other has 70000 lol. I'm seeing about getting the new 6.6 direct injected engines crank and rods to rebuild the 70k mile one and swap it in my 6.2 truck. I like torque too and have a 216/228 cam for vvt it will like. Honestly the LY6 or L96 6 liters are rock solid and cheap and easy to find. Worst case mill the heads and take the cam from the 5.3 afterwards. An even better combo is to sell the L92 heads and use the 243s off the 5.3 on the 6.0... way better lower rpm pulling power especially if you delete the VVT and bumps compression to around 10.3:1.
  2. Exactly this. I mean heaven forbid my newer trucks perform like my older ones lol.
  3. Or look at the dozens of other threads about this very thing. Turn up your torsion bar keys and add shock spacers. Done. Ride is just as stiff and shoddy as it is stock.
  4. About the only thing stabilitrack is capable of correcting... guys on wet pavement in the summertime lol. Killed mine dead and could not be happier.
  5. Someone needs to produce a flare like the OEM one without those things in them. That would be nice.
  6. I agree that drl's are nice other than when you are retrofitting projector lights with incandescent lamps to hid or led lights lol. That said it would be nice if GM wasn't so lazy with programming and allowed headlights off up here while maintaining the drl's.
  7. The headlight and front light harness that runs all your lights lol. Once you find that you will find the trigger wires from the pcm as you trace it back. Just type e fans 2004 Sierra or Silverado into Google and you get more step by steps than you can handle.
  8. Lots of people (myself included) don't want leather interior.
  9. The aftermarket versions are complete junk... if you want an under hood fire go for it. The OEM is literally an add on for these trucks as it was an afterthought implemented in 2005. I have converted 6 of these trucks to e fans now. You need the forward lighting harness and just strip the e fan wires out, and the trigger harness. Tune it and done.
  10. They aren't bad to install at all really. I dropped a 255 lph walbro I had sitting around into my buddies 03 Sierras fuel bucket. That said it's nice to have it all new. The last one I bought was a Delphi for my 04 but i modified it a lot and it has 2 450 lph walbro's in it Haha.
  11. You have gotten many answers and struck them all down. What fuel pump brand do you want to buy? Delco or Delphi are the best OEM replacement brands that myself and anyone else here have good luck with... pick one. Walbro makes an excellent pump as a well but they are more geared toward the performance side of things...
  12. Yeah dunno what to tell you. Over 200000 miles and 15 years on my 05s original GM installed pump. Surprised it hasn't rusted out and started leaking yet but it's good lol. All I will use for stockish replacements is OEM.
  13. Lol... great tactic Gm. Blow up the internet about offering the 6.2 in lower trim trucks and then at crunch time... oh we don't have a date when. Idiots.
  14. Rear defrost is virtually useless... I have mirrors and could not care less about the back window. Every truck I have had for the last 10 or 15 years has rear defrost and I never turn it on. I do like my slider and if the fix is a solid pane I am just killing the defrost and never getting the recall lol.
  15. I'm waiting to see them offer replacement solid back windows lol. Like the heated washer fluid delete they did years ago that will be the gm thing to do.
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