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  1. Do you like your job/career

    Nope. Hate it and honestly wish I would have taken another path most times. That said it makes money matched by little else and owning a profitable company is tough to not want so it's a paradox of sorts. What would I rather do? Something fun with cars... but guess what... that stuff makes peanuts. Use the unwanted career to pay for the fun.. makes the most sense.
  2. Lug pattern is identical at 6 on 5.5"
  3. Aftermarket CHROME rear bumper

    There is no advantage of a bumper collapsing at a sub 1 mph bump... even my 05s OEM bumper wont do that.... and neither does a 2018 Ford Escape. A bumper made from material like a gmt400 and a couple 1/4" rods is all I need. Get the Bush whacker bs out of your heads lol. My factory bumper is fine and if I find a take off locally I will just go get it I guess.
  4. Aftermarket CHROME rear bumper

    I know that... and it doesnt work anyway lol. That's not the point.
  5. Has anyone seen such a thing being the CHROME part half that reply will miss. The OEM bumper is made out of tin foil on these trucks... bumped a new Ford Escapes rear plastic at about the slowest speed you can move and it bent the bumper, pushed in the box side slightly and left a ding in the face of it from the rear sensor on the Escape. I fixed all of it with a ratchet strap... the bed didnt even recieve paint damage. What surprised me was what little force from a ratchet strap that it took to straighten out the bumper... it was pathetic. It looks good and all but I would rather something that can sustain a sub 1 mph hit and not bend. The bed is hilarious how flimsy it is... even my gmt800 trucks are stronger and that's not saying much but oh well. No I don't want a rear bumper that is rockguarded or paint matched and looks like it belongs in Mad Max. Honestly an OEM replacement that is as little thicker material and had a brace on each side would be perfect. I dont think there is such a thing... and since an OEM take off is less than 500 bucks new I am not paying a fortune for someone to design one either. Thought I would ask.
  6. Deal of the century?

    Investments. They work well. Don't know what to tell you. Play the market.
  7. And exactly as I thought. You have never taken any modern LS apart ever. Fair enough. That said I am calling the black carbon build up in the ring lands what it looks like and what GM calls it. You can correct me if you like but it is what it is..... like everything else here. I can go on for days for the failures I have seen from lubrication or lack there of but it's not relevant to the discussion at hand. You do understand thermal expansion correct? That's what you are dealing with causing the issues on the cylinders seeing active heat and cool cycles. Outside of operating limits? Really? It's called driving the speed limit like the rest of the planet. If you choose to drive slower than the posted limit thats on you. And since I don't live on any freeways its 100 km/hr... slower than your 75 mph interstates by a good margin. Good talk though, I am out!
  8. Yeah I am not driving below the speed limit and never will. Neither does the most of average drivers on the highway. Slow it comes in.
  9. I guess so. I have not seen an afm equipped truck above the 60 mph mark enter afm for more than a second without kicking out and I have been in a lot of them. Unless of course there is a heavy tail wind or the road is downhill. Slower speeds it works... higher is a mixed bag. Is what it is.
  10. Deal of the century?

    Yep the home is the big one for most I know. Mine is 2/3's of the way paid off in 5 years... I am currently renewing it as an equity line of credit at the same rate as the mortgage and will have it paid off before the next 5 year mark. Property here is so expensive even with the values currently recessed the return would take longer than what I have left on this planet for more than a crack shack or I start making 7 figures plus a year. But I have other ways to make money with money. Total thread derail.
  11. I wont argue if it works for you at whatever speed you drive with a 6 cylinder truck but I question you this on the first part. How many afm equipped engines have you ever torn down? Any? I have and it's not a coincidence how the 4 cylinders that cycle are full of enough carbon that the rings are stuck in the ring lands. It's enough of an issue GM has tsbs out for the dealers for piston and ring replacement. It is what it is.
  12. Do you know though? You haven't done anything to the truck and have never tried so stating that is just speculation.
  13. My own truck... 2015 6.2 double cab. Sitting stock with the 1" block removed out of the back of the truck on stock rims and tires. I turned off the afm and did nothing else tune wise with it. The truck got the same economy average on a 65 mph on cruise highway trip as it did prior. The system never activated at that speed in the first place unless coasting downhill in which case the deceleration fuel cutoff negates the afm anyway. I'm not the only one.
  14. Deal of the century?

    You can't get that logic through peoples heads lol. I had guys fight with me left and right in a thread in the purchasing section of the forum lol. I took the cash lump sum total out the door cash value of my truck and financed at 0%... in the mean time I am making an 11% return on the invested money. No... I should have just cut a cheque to the dealership for the full amount right lol.
  15. Not really. Killing the same 4 over and over again does nothing but screw those 4 cylinders up in the long run. At least with the 19 model year it shifts between all 8 so it passes the problem around... or hopefully alleviates. The sad part is disabling the afm for most users has no overall I'll effect on the economy.. shows how little it really helps. That said I will take stuff that runs on all 8 all the time for the next decade or 2. I would prefer a fuel cell operated electric over this stupidity that will never work properly. I have nothing against moving forward.

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