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  1. Clear them all.. most are probably the result of one. The usual in those trucks is the CO327 which is the sensor ring in the encoder motor. What you describe is the result of the sensor ring losing its marbles and throwing the service 4wd message. Yes the grounds on the drivers cab mount could be bad or the dash switch but 9 times out of 10 it's the encoder sensor ring with issues.
  2. Contacted White and this was their reply... so don't worry about it for a while. We are not taking any BCM work at this time. Please sign up for the notifications under that product on the website if you're interested in that service.
  3. Tuners

    Anyone tuning uses HPT or Efilive usually... SCT and Diablo are out there but not like guys using one of the other 2. I own both HPT and Efilive myself.. for one tune on one truck at a time most guys aren't going to buy the software, learn to use it and then forget about it lol. I would say find a tuner to do it for you but I have honestly redone every tune I have had written for me because it was either half assed or not done how I asked it to be. A good chunk if not all the tunes out there for your average bolt on truck are a canned tune that particular guy has created or stolen from somewhere and just sends out with at most minor tweaks. Gm is no different... one truck with a 5.3, 6L80e and 3.42s will have the identical tune to every other one with the same config and only minor tweaks for tires or axle ratios. Do whatever is most convenient.
  4. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Hotsy works fantastic and peels all the crap off quite nicely with no chemicals. I honestly use a hot water pressure washer on the engine of every vehicle I have ever owned and most get a wash every time the body does. I always get comments on how nice my engine bays are... not hard when they are always clean. I never use anything else other than maybe some detailer spray if I feel really spendy. Anything that generally produces a shine on plastic attracts dirt and dust like glue.
  5. Hmm. I am going to ask... they never said that before on the order sheet and there was no option other than sending them your bcm for reprogramming. I want my 17 done as well but the 13 is more important.
  6. Torque is just sheer mechanical advantage. Now is there a point at which it is no longer advantageous to go deeper on the axle ratio? Yes. However I have not found that value in a brick of a pickup truck. My drag car has 4.56 in the rear which worked fantastic with a naturally aspirated small block that would have trapped sub 110 mph... however with the turbo LS all it does is limit my trap speed. Totally different problem there though. I looked at what rpm my truck was happiest at prior to re-gear and that was the 2000 to 2100 rpm range in mine. To achieve that value in 6th with my tire was 4.56. One of my guys has half tons is the same deal.. stock 3.42 gears with 275/70/18s. Truck is useless in 6th gear but bump it back to 5th and the mileage goes up and constant hunting gears ceases. 4.10 would be about perfect for his setup... it's just a level, no air dam and the tire. I like the added "power" of the 4.56 in my truck. It pulls harder in every gear and sustains loads substantially better than stock which was the goal. I didn't want "stock" performance I wanted an increase. There would be a limit to that as I said but I haven't geared a truck deep enough yet to find it.
  7. Hmm... lemme see. Mechanical advantage for one lol. It's all about working torque and quite frankly most people undergear their trucks simply adding more strain on drivetrain components based on this fear of loss of mileage... which is moot to a degree anyhow with your truck sitting way up in the air on large diameter tires... you know... something the manufacturer never intended lol. The whole spinning too fast thing is also somewhat irrelevant to a point... but what point exactly? Gm limits the trucks based off the the tires but you will find enough threads about the driveshaft flying apart at sustained high speed. But what is the critical speed exactly for sustained load? 100 mph, 110, 115, 120? No idea. Of course axle ratio will get you to that critical speed sooner or later depending which direction you go but the value itself will very well change with load.. But before I go anymore it boils down to preference... if someone is on the fence with something people will post their opinions on either side of the fence. It in no way should honestly make your decision for you. That being said I don't ask for advice on open forum or use people opinions on said open forums to actually make any sort of decisions lol. If you do that's great but you have to weigh pros and cons... if it's already in your head based off your calculations that you have found the perfect ratio then don't ask, ignore those that don't agree and do as you please.
  8. Yeah go on their website and read the bottom of the 2014 Global A stuff. Its said not available and this product is not available for a long time now. The only bad info is their own website if they actually offer anything currently. Alternately I am getting a BCM done for my 2013 next week lol.
  9. White Automotive doesn't show support for the 2014 up trucks anymore. Haven't for quite a while either.
  10. Gen 3 engines like the guy posting do not have a screen. That's a gen 4 afm engine problem only. So Lil D's 2006 you DO NOT have a screen under your pressure sending unit so don't go on a wild goose chase looking for one. If it's not the sending unit or the stepper motor in the cluster which it likely isn't it's the o ring on the pickup tube to the oil pump or the pressure relief valve in the pump sticking open. Checking pressure with a mechanical gauge first is the safest bet.
  11. 4.11 gears

    Most people usually undergear and wish they did more... But whatever you go with is better than what you have.
  12. 4.11 gears

    Truck doesn't have afm in my case. Your rpm will be less than mine because your tires are bigger than mine. You want more gear to offset less power, not less gear so deeper is more beneficial to you. My mpgs are irrelevant as well. I don't have a 5.3 half ton so whatever you get will be better. But remember this... how good do you think it is with 3.42s lugging a lifted truck with big heavy tires? Your mileage will be better than you are getting now regardless.
  13. 4.11 gears

    I have the same ratio 6 speed trans or I wouldn't reply. Engine is irrelevant. I don't pay attention to what speed it shifts out of first at.. don't care lol. The truck drives great. 70 mph with tires an inch and a half smaller than an actual 35 is 2100 rpm. I don't drive 80 mph anywhere... speed limit is never that high.
  14. 4.11 gears

    4.56 is far from useless... whoever gave that info sounds like the useless one haha. I have been running 4.56s in my 2017 Sierra with 295/60/20s for over a year now and it's by far the best mod I have done to the truck. If I would have gone larger diameter than what I am I would have gone to 4.88.
  15. Fleets will still buy them because looks really don't matter to them. So will regular people because the second they see on 12 wide rubber bands its awesome lol.

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