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  1. So I will do some pics for once because people all love pictures. The cover I am using. The Hardware they supply. You have two choices as this cover encompasses the entire generation of this rear end from 1973 to present. The metric hardware is for the later AAM built units which is what is in these current generation trucks. f My locker and 4.56's in there natural environment. Now was the time to decide what to do with all the brackets up top for the park brake cable, brake line and brake line junction bracket. A quick test fit All done. Had to chop all the brackets but they fit after some time with the grinder. I gave the diff itself a quick shot of black and will probably detail the entire truck underneath over the course of the summer...... so I can drive it in salt winter lol. It adds about 2 quarts of oil over stock and has magnets both on the dipstick and the drain plug. The rear facing NPT plug is for a temp sending unit but I will not bother with any of that. If you didn't notice the cover eliminates the 12 and 6 o'clock position bolts and brings the number to 12. It's a ridiculously thick piece of aluminum with an integrated o-ring seal so it won't leak. Now if I would not have left the barrel pump in the trash can to drain and forgot it there.. tossing the trash, I would have oil back in it. But I will grab a new pump and get that done another day!
  2. Got the correct cam today. So the only missing piece is the phaser limiter which is probably a week out. Then its swapping time.
  3. I agree totally there. GM needs to do what they can to pass the standards given... is it ideal or does it actually translate to a truck that actually gets better economy? Maybe... and just as well maybe not. But hey, it made some sweet MPG values on the test track and in the wind tunnel lol. It's like we are full circle to around 1984.... 305's/700R4's and 2.73 or 3.08 gears for mileage haha. At least now we have some tech and double the power. Oh and stop crunching numbers lol..... it's never going to be right. 4.56 in my truck now is nothing like 5.07 in a stock truck... not even close. You are calculating completely backwards to how axle ratios work. I have a slight advantage over a 4.10 geared unit with a smaller tire... becomes closer to negligible once you factor in weight and rotating mass.
  4. It's an HD not a half ton. It's a 295/60/20 that does not measure anywhere close to 33.9"... try about 33.25". The stock 265/60/20 is supposed to be 32.5" overall but likely runs short too. The difference from the stock tires to these was minimal and all of my observations existed with the stock rubber. 35's on a 5.3 should be minimum 4.56..... 4.10 is not nearly enough gear with not only the size change but the added rotational mass to going to what will be a 10 ply tire. Just because GM started offering only these pathetic axle ratios in the trucks does not mean they cannot perform better even totally stock with something deeper. There is more than one reason why the max tow 6 speed trucks maintained the 3.73 gear. I know in a wind tunnel and certain ideal conditions the fuel economy will be better with the taller gears.... but if that's not your real world then something deeper is much more appropriate. If you drive plenty of flat open highway empty then yes 3.08's will probably give a better mpg... until you factor headwind and so forth. There are enough mileage threads on here to pull from to show there is no drastic gain or loss. I have driven plenty of the 3.08 geared half tons.... we have an entire fleet of them. They aren't anything I would want and even the 3.42 is a step in a better direction with almost absolutely no downside.
  5. It's not at all calculations either..... I have a modestly taller than oem tire on my 2017 2500HD 6 liter truck. It's supposed to be 33.9" but real world is closer to a 33" tire. The truck came with 3.73 gears in it and was utterly useless..... it lugged too low in 6th even for the truck empty and went down the highway a lot happier in 5th. So I put 4.56's in it... and what do you know.. the mileage went up because now in 6th it's not lugging and hunting all the time and does a whopping 2100 rpm at 70 mph. The truck was such a turd with the stock 3.73's that even on the stock tire I never hooked to my trailer because I knew it would be a flop as opposed to towing with my old 05 1500HD... and it was. Funny how if you crunch all the ratios its way better on paper... real world says otherwise. It runs great now...
  6. Bahahaha. Now wait for all the EcoBoost haters to waltz in and praise this just because GM built it lol.
  7. I won't buy generally if I don't get 30% or close to it. My current HD was around the 30% mark and my personal best on a new truck was 39% from sticker. You just have to search for a deal!
  8. Well talk about a bummer. Cam made it today finally safe and sound but 3 weeks late. I open the box and immediately notice it says 3 bolt cam on the box. If you know LS's the gen iv VVT stuff is a single bolt through the phaser/ top cam sprocket. I figured ah whatever they can't mess that up..... open the box and am greeted with a cam with 3 bolt holes cut in the end...... Great.... I think maybe they messed up and the center hole is threaded..... nope, sure isn't. So I have a cam that is currently useless to me unless I was to delete the VVT which I do not want to do. The guy I am dealing with is great and I don't blame him.... he specified a VVT core but that got lost along the way somewhere. So now I wait for another to be ground for me and get it shipped out differently this time.
  9. Cash is king if you have it.... most don't. But making money with your money is king...... not handing over big lump sums and gaining nothing for it. I negotiated my HD to around 30% from sticker and then asked if I could finance it at 0% at the agreed value. They took it.... well before the nay sayers that can't read freak out it's 30% off MSRP and my before and after values owing are the same. No brainer. I took the "cash" price of the truck and tossed it in my investment portfolio. So now as I pay off the truck I have what I was going to hand over as a cheque making me 12-14% interest instead. You do the math.... I still paid cash.... just to myself instead.
  10. Those trucks tow great with some mods... I prefer towing with my 05 1500HD over my 2017 2500HD 6 liter truck. My 05 is 4.10 now.. was 3.73 and I swapped it when my front diff took a dump.. saw an opportunity and upgraded. I routinely pull 9000 lbs when I do bother to pull and it handles it well. Now that I regeared my 2017 to 4.56 it's closer to on par... different power band with the newer truck more heavily focused on 4500 rpm and up so the more gear those have the better.
  11. If it's from an Escalade it came with a 4L65e behind it and there is no need to swap flexplates as its identical. It's just the HD truck LQ4s that have 80es behind them and use a spacer and a different plate. Flip your intake manifold on it and dump it in your truck... done.
  12. Hooked the truck to my 22' open deck car hauler tonight and took it for a spin. I never pinned to the trailer with the 3.73s as I knew it would be pathetic so this was my first time. It pulls good... truck drives great and might actually hang with the old 05 now haha. The trailer was empty so it wasn't some big load but it felt good. Definitely the best thing a person could ever do to one of these is some real gears. Cam is still in la la land... it's like a soap opera. Now the guy that mistakenly got my cam is refusing to return it and it's just a mess. Never use DHL... ever lol. I'm at where I want to drop my diffoils for my break in.. plus i will add my snazzy new Mag Hytec rear cover.
  13. Gm can't figure out how to build a sliding rear window that doesn't explode in their trucks..... you really want the entire roof made of glass in one of these trucks lol. Pass!

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