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  1. Greasing Ball Joints

    Figured. Half tons only have had the outer tie rod since the gmt900 sp it would be no surprise if that was eliminated.
  2. Yep they do. I like Alberta... no emissions legislation of any kind and that sort of thing for the average person is dealt with at the provincial level so no federal legislation matters. It makes thing that much simpler.
  3. No it's not. But that much or more power, the drivability cleaned up and no emissions junk to fail is what sells most people I deal with.
  4. Right lol. Maybe re-read my posts lol. And yeah... Banks is a plug in interface that doesn't actually tune anything on the ecm lol. It's similar to the systems guys use on Toyota Tundras and yes it works. The point is.. the gas engine half tons will be fully tunable. That's it.
  5. Banks is like a plug in interface that only modified signals which actually would be more up the alley of guys like TXgreek from what he explained in his last post. With HP it's now like tuning any other truck with full unlock capabilities.
  6. Def is fine for warm places.. when its frozen in a truck that stays outdoors all the time all it does is lead to repeated dealer visits and constant limp mode. Everyone I know with an LML deleted there trucks while under warranty and that stopped all issues lol. Then the L5P even with 3 heaters and its "better system" still throws guys into limp mode and really has the same problems that way after idling all the time. I don't know anyone rolling coal... but getting better mileage, more power and no more emission system headaches... it's worth it. Maybe not to the casual user where weather is a non issue or even it can stay warm most of the time indoors. There are deleted L5Ps running around already here lol.. but we have no emission law legislation and no such thing as the EPA to worry about either. You and your neighbor may be interested in this though. https://shop.bankspower.com/i-2618-66582-banks-derringer-tuner-with-activesafety-with-switch-for-use-with-2017-19-chevy-gmc-2500-3500-6-6l-l5p.html#!submodel%3D6.6L DIESEL||model%3DSILVERADO 2500||make%3DCHEVROLET||year%3D2017
  7. I am going to wait until you can last order a 2019 and start dealing.. I want another cloth seat Bose truck like my 17. Then stuff it in a seacan layed up until I wear my current trucks out hahaha.
  8. Greasing Ball Joints

    Really? I would have thought 19 should be the same as it's a carryover on the HD. I can see GM doing that though... why build stuff that lasts when you can do sealed joints that will barely make 60000 miles. Unless you mean half tons. For the half ton that just means eliminating the greaseable outer tie rod which I think gets missed by most anyway lol. A sealed joint is better than a greaseable that never gets grease.
  9. Greasing Ball Joints

    These trucks don't have any grease zerks for the inner tie rods. That's been that way since 2011.
  10. Greasing Ball Joints

    They all have air bleeds when they are greaseable.... sealed joints are just that.. sealed with no grease nipple. If you didnt have a bleed of any kind you would pop the boot the first time you put a gun on... air has to go somewhere when its displaced by grease.
  11. Superchips... that's not tuning lol. That kind of hand held stuff will probably never support them. Since you or your neighbor won't look for yourselves fill your boots. https://www.hptuners.com/product/l5p-ecm-exchange-service/ That said the guy buying a 200 dollar handheld won't likely be partaking in this lol. For all the work trucks up here that want that emissions junk deleted for reliability in the cold it will sell.
  12. You have internet abilities man..... lol. HP tuners released their unlock over a week ago now. Shops all over are able to reflash and delete those trucks now as they see fit. Its expensive for now.. but as time goes by the cost will come down.
  13. Yeah neither could the L5P. Highest level of encription yet and GM will sue anyone that touches...... oh right...... the 2017 up L5P Duramaxes are not only being tuned, but also being deleted. So good luck with that. I bet the gas trucks will take even less time to be on the market then the Duramax did.
  14. Once the ecm is unlocked you will be able to do whatever you want... including deleting dynamic skip fire.
  15. Now just needs to be tuned and delete the dynamic skip fire junk lol.

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