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  1. I did. There is none... to date it's the best thing I have done to the truck. You need to make a noticeable gear change... not one hardly worth talking about. Set your shift points accordingly.
  2. Have fun getting a blown L96 to run properly towing with its sweet e78 ecm lol. You are better off buying a diesel if that's your end game.
  3. I run a tuned L96 with 4.56 gears in the axles... I pulled with my previous 2015 6.2 half ton and no way would I go back to that saggy 1/2 ton stuff lol. This HD holds the hills just as well if not better than the 6.2 truck did and the truck itself is much more stable. Personal preference I guess.
  4. Well come on now... becasue the pathetic gearing is "adequate" and you should be satisfied as a GM owner with "adequate". Don't be exceptional or give anyone choice... just be "adequate". Gm has been that way for years with almost everything so why change now. Don't give some mechanical advantage to the 6.2 and be able to beat the competition... just make it adequate lol. Gm fully supports the aftermarket honestly and makes others millions with their lack of OEM choice. And the whole "winding up" an EcoBoost truck previously stated must be from someone who has never owned or driven one. The off idle torque with a 3.5 truck blows a 6.2 out of the water.
  5. Pinion nut was finger tight being my failure point. I don't see how it lasted 6000 miles of some pretty heavy towing and whatnot that way but that's what was found. Considering it's a lock nut I don't see it backing itself off but I will check it as time rolls on and see. Quiet and happy again so all is well!
  6. Fords tuning is also nowhere near as sluggish and lackluster as GM either. Honestly they should fire the tuners at GM and overnight the aftermarket tuning demands would be half lol. But that's a whole other problem to deal with beyond basics like mechanical advantage they can't figure out.
  7. No the axle ratio still means a lot.... it takes strain and load off the drivetrain regardless of the transmission ratio in front it. It's only GM that fixates on offering pathetic axle ratios and nobody else even when the nobody else's use even the exact same transmission lol. GM isn't running away with the towing awards either by doing it. Big difference in pulling with a 3.73 in the back over a 3.23... or even 3.42. I don't drive around in first gear all the time, and these trucks want 6th or 8th by like 30 mph anyway lol. More mechanical advantage when towing isn't a bad thing but it is if you are a GM designer I guess. A 6 speed with 4.56's in the axles and a modest 33.5" tall tire pulls trailer like no other... offering some more gear ratio's in the trans between first and final overdrive would only make that better. 3.73's with stock height tires and the 10 speed would be a really nice combo..... oh right..... Ford offers that stock lol.
  8. E85 Power Increase

    I would not bother wasting money on a blower on one of these. It's not going to be fast in any way shape or form and just get stupid hot loaded. Do a set of gears and let it eat... But it's your money.
  9. E85 Power Increase

    You can tune it but to what extent is what I find troubling. Tables are either missing or flat out don't work. Take something as simple as idle speed. I remapped my table so the truck would not rev stupid high on a cold start. Did the same changes to my employees 2014 1/2 tons e92 ecm, wrote it and it works as expected. Rewrite my e78 in my 17HD and it literally does exactly what it did stock.. totally ignoring any values I changed in my new file. I have ghost knock off a wide open throttle start... it's not burst knock as its gone as is anything else that pulls timing on throttle transition. It's not real as it's a static value being pulled no matter how low I set the timing those cells.. myself and multiple other tuners can't explain it... but I have a good idea why. See the e78 is only used in gas Hd trucks and then like Chevy Cruzes. It's not the same OS as a e92 and go on HP or EFIlive and you see there is dick all for support for it because honestly nobody cares lol. The e92 has like hundreds of pages of questions on Hps forum but the e78 that has had a section since 2011 has maybe 10 pages of questions... in 8 years lol. How much effort do you think they will put towards an ecm nobody gives a damn about. My truck runs way better tuned than stock so if you want to tune it go ahead and do it. If you think waiting will do anything you are wasting your time. What support they have now is what you are getting... it's only been around for 8 years already lol. I totally expect the 2020 will have a new ecm like the 19 half tons so this is the end of line for the e78...
  10. E85 Power Increase

    Its the same ignorant little supported ecm in these trucks since 2011. So far one guy has done a blower and so far it works... let him run it for a while and see lol. The ecm in the gas HDs is a pretty useless pos. Feel free to mod and tune as you see fit however don't be surprised when things don't go exactly as planned.
  11. AFM engines ( and more or less all Gen IV's) have a secondary relief valve above the oil filter in the oil pan. It looks like a little cheapie PSV off your household air compressor and is exactly that in function. It's set to be basically open at 55 psi and thus limiting the oil pressure to below 60 pounds. The oil pump itself does have an internal relief as they all do but this secondary one opens before the one in the pump would. Your oil pressure will remain the same as it has always been.
  12. Unless you are miling it out then it's simply a want. I used to dump a truck annually and honestly I just can't do it anymore. It's not that I can't afford it but more the justification. I don't care if my vehicle is newer than my buddies..... or has the latest tech... or gets better mileage. I own 10 vehicles in varying ages and states but I always want more. I get bored of stuff but I find if I like something I really like I keep it forever. I still will daily my 05 Sierra..... it's currently being pieced back together after I smashed it and bent the frame. It's rusty, has over 200000 miles on it, looks like a piece of junk really.... but I will still pick it over my 2017 every day. I will be probably $4000 in repairs in the 05 but I don't care.. the money is irrelevant. And that's the reason I kept flipping, because i felt I should want the new one and replace the old one. Nope... to heck with it. I do actually like the 17 now though too so I can stop buying new. Now more old heaps, parts wagons or copious amounts of LS engines is a totally other thing. At the end of the day it's your cash and not someone else's on this forum so do with it what makes you happy!
  13. 4.56 with that size or even 4.88. I run a 33.5" tall tire with a 6 speed truck and tach 2100 at 70 mph with 4.56. You will down around 2000 rpm with a 35 and 4.56. Don't be afraid of more gear versus less.
  14. Rear diff

  15. '17 2500hd 6.0L Long Tube Headers?

    There is your answer Randy. You won't get any replies on Peformancetrucks as it's a dead forum and nobody mods these trucks for good reason. There is 2 threads about guys with headers, blowers and cams over there on 2011+ HD gas pots. The headers they used were the 2007 to 2013 half ton long tubes which is what I bought. But guess what..... I'm just going to get a 2010 to 2013 6.2 half ton and mod that a little instead. Both those HD trucks ended up going back to stock and getting sold. Fun stuff.

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