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  1. I pay cash but at 0% why not play with my money with no loan penalty. When I bought my 17 I made the deal cash and was at 27% off sticker after the usual games. I asked them then if they would finance my deal at 0% and they said sure somewhat reluctantantly ... good enough for me.
  2. I had a 15 half ton 6.2 8 speed truck and regretted it right away... the truck was a piece of junk. I was pretty skeptical about buying my 2017 2500HD 8 months after ridding myself of the 15 but I knew I wouldn't have any drivetrain fails like the half ton did being it was the same powertrain used for a decade already. 14 months later I do not regret buying the HD one single bit.
  3. Heated steering wheel

    I do have a 3/4 ton yes. There is a video in this thread I used that shows the part numbers to order. The HD trucks and half tons use different wheels and clocksprings.
  4. Heated steering wheel

    Yeah I know that lol. One side of the plug is terminated from X51. I am just saying I don't know whether it is on the other side yet as I haven't pulled mine apart. I am guessing not as i don't see the plug for the wheel itself but who knows. That X201 plug is in a wonderful spot to get to and I haven't starting tearing things apart that deep yet. I will figure it out as it's what I do.
  5. Heated steering wheel

    Pin 1 and pin 2 would be in the connector hooking to the clockspring. The pin id on X201 should remain just 41. Just seems ridiculous they put the effort in to run the wiring to there and didn't finish it... or did and I just can't find the plug. My truck is a weird ass fleet order so it doesn't surprise me. How many Bose, heated power buckets/console, power pedals, power slider etc trucks do you see with manual single zone climate and without fog lights lol.
  6. Heated steering wheel

    Following the schematic and this video mine is just wierd.. or I am blind and retarded. Like I have the violet wire with the white stripe from pin 37 on X51 to pin 41 on the X201 connector. I should then just need to connect to the other side of that being pin 1 ( hot) and pin 2 (ground) on X4 which is the clockspring plug end. I mean most guys I have read here either have nothing whatsoever, or have the connector plug for the clocksping but are missing the jumper lead from X51 to X201. Instead I have the jumper from X51 to X201 and apparently no plug...... or it is there and in a different spot and or hidden very well lol. To use a jumper harness ( like pgmaboa shows in the video) direct to X51 I would have to pull out the existing wire in pin 37 and land another. In my case I should be able to go from X201 and just finish the circuit off. Just need some pins and a connector end or just cut the clocksprings one off and do my own plug.
  7. Heated steering wheel

    Well this is fun... so I ordered my wheel and whatnot but tracing this is kind of a pain. My truck doesn't have the connector under the dash for the heated wheel plug... and I do have power adjustable pedals. So for fun I pulled the fuse block out and I already have the pin in the block and the violet/white wire that runs to X201 on the bcm. I obviously just don't have the actual connector portion of the harness where it leaves from the bcm again. I'm not seeing how I easily get the bcm down or to it to add any wiring though... but I am sure I will figure that out.
  8. My 15 had it and this 17 doesn't... I don't miss it lol. I found the settings on the dials to go like this in the winter. Cold, cold, cold, cold, nuclear heat. And nothing in between. My 14 Impala and my 15 Silverado were both the same way and it was annoying to say the least.
  9. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    Because 3.23s, 3.08s and 3.42's give excellent mileage number in wind tunnels and bogus non real world EPA testing.
  10. Because if you ever re-gear a truck beyond what the manufacturer offers ( Like I have multiple times) you can see why I judge. Being the rear end is a static ratio it effects everything across the board and you end up with more or less torque multiplication depending on which way you want to gear it, in every transmission gear. The powerband of these engines is not particularly unique either beyond what a naturally aspirated V8 can do. If that were the case you should argue Ford with all their low end power from the boosted engines and broad torque band shouldn't require any deeper axle ratios, yet they offer flexibility with the same transmission GM is using. Namely you can get any old truck with the 3.5 Eco, the same 10 speed auto GM uses and anywhere from 3.31 to 3.73 gears with roughly the same tire height. It's just torque multiplication which translates into more work and of course better acceleration. A naturally aspirated V8 would benefit heavily from that but you are adding it yourself if you want it. I am glad you find that amusing I guess.
  11. Heated Steering Wheel

    I have power adjustable pedals as well like the guys that have it.
  12. Heated Steering Wheel

    I have it covered either way as I make all my own harnesses, weatherpack or otherwise. Trucks an SLE with Bose, heated seats, power pedals and whatnot so it's a pretty good chance it's there.
  13. Heated Steering Wheel

    And to follow up.... drumroll... ordered my wheel and clockspring about an hour ago haha!
  14. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    1872 rpm so really 1900 would be what you see or close to it. So about 54 rpm with an inch change.
  15. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    I don't know. Gm lists the transmission ratios the same so it should not be that. My tires on my truck tape about 33" tall and spec at 33.9 or so. There is another guy on another forum with a 4.10 geared 6l80e truck (1/2 ton) and he tachs almost the same as me apparently with a 33" tire which makes zero sense. You are lower though so that's good haha. I GPS verified mine with 2 GPS units when I set the speedo so I don't think it's wrong. Maybe the overdrive is actually ever so slightly different somehow... or I am crazy. Hard to say at this point! I threw my combo in my trusty rpm calculator and using a 33" tire and 70 mph with a .66 overdrive I come out at 2145 rpm. I ran your combo with a 35 inch tire and got 1818 rpm which would make more sense and is the 300 rpm we expect.

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