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  1. Nobody that actually wants to have fun or drives anywhere any amount that is somewhat offroad keeps that Gov Lock trash lol.. well unless you like a one tire fire!
  2. I'm in. On my 2013 I achieved it by disconnecting the steering angle sensor on the column. Kills traction and stability controls but maintains abs function as well as things like cruise and whatnot. I think on these newer ones it would do the same thing but unlike my 13 that angle sensor is now in the clockspring so it's not a simple unplug anymore.
  3. Wow... amazing comeback. Have a good one.
  4. It's not the same crank lol.. the stroke is 3.86" instead of 3.622". These things are all published anywhere. And it's the L8T... not L9T that doesn't exist so maybe that will help you look them up lol. You just said long rod is no good for performance under boost but now the 4.8 is... lol. So much for the bending long rods theory then. You really should look into the performance world... Nobody destrokes anything unless they just want to be different for the sake of being different. The LQ4/LQ9/LY6/L96 all do fantastic under boost... I can say that because I actually have two boosted 6 liters myself. But this isn't about 1000 wheel or boost...it's a real simple post about increasing performance. This 6.6 will make more torque and more horsepower all over the rpm band versus a 6.2... and it's going to be cheaper to buy. There is literally zero reason to buy a 6.2 for a swap with a larger cheaper alternative not riddled with AFM available. It's a no brainer. The mystique associated with the apparent "prestige" of "aluminum blocks" continues lol. I can't believe someone is arguing about 100 lbs difference in a 6000 lb truck... that's literally hilarious. That said I am done. The info is there and out there for anyone interested.
  5. No. The ecm is of the new variety ( no word if its the half tons E90... need to get one) but you don't use that anyway.. use the existing 5.3 harness and the E92 ecm the truck has and tune it no different than you would throwing in a 6.2.
  6. Pretty much. These stupid direct injected engines don't have quick reference numbers like the LS heads had which sucks... and to be a a different part number in the catalog all that is required is a different material used in an exhaust seat even though the head otherwise specs identical. I want to build a 6.6 LS from this crank but if it means custom pistons which it appears to be then I have to price that and see. My 2013's 56000 mile L9H sounds like trash and I have another L9H low mile core so I was hoping to turn that into a 6.6 and swap it lol. That said if I can get a 6.6 in the next bit i might consider buying a 17 or 18 half ton double cab with loaded cloth interior ( be sweet to find a max tow 5.3) and toss the 5.3 in the bin. Time will tell. The other idea is drop the 6.6 in my 2017 HD but who knows if that will work and I am totally on my own figuring that out. Fun and games!
  7. Same bore in the blockat 4.065" just like the 6.2. I need to go find a 6.6 truck with the hood open but to be honest as cheap as GM is the same heads as the 6.2 is very likely. That or we will pull part numbers from the GM parts network and compare. They did the same with the 6 liter and 6.2 in the last trucks. Or hell... maybe the runners are larger. Seems like I am the only person looking into this and excited for it that posts anywhere. Seems like so many guys on other sites still have it in their head that new HD trucks use a 6 liter lol. I am getting one as soon as I can grab one.
  8. You do realize the 6.6 is an engineered fleet engine designed to be beaten at high rpm just like the L96 was. Oil consumption is an issue on an LSor LT with short sleeves and a 4" stroke... This is a shorter stroke (3.86") and being the rod is the same length as the existing LS and LT engines with a 3.622 stroke ( 5.3/6.0/6.2) it would not surprise me if they raised the deck height to accommodate the longer stroke crankshaft. Let's see... advantages? 25 cubes and will always have that over any 6.2... kind of like comparing a 5.3 to a 6.2 here lol. The 6.6 is a fleet engine. It's going in everything from HD trucks to 25000 lb GVWR box trucks and whatever else. It's going to be as expensive as an L96 is now... Why pay a premium for less engine? And then still get stuck with AFM to delete when you don't have too.
  9. Ok.. nothing you said makes any real sense and is actually just rubbish. The rods aren't longer...I mean if you knew anything about how this works you would realize the rods are actually going to be shorter as stroke increases unless the pin height raises or the deck.... look no further than the 4.8 and the 5.3 for rod length using the same piston. The rods are the exact same length as the mighty LT1.... Yes I know for a fact as I have a connecting rod from a 6.6 new in the box sitting right in front of me. 6.098" center to center just like the rest of them. Why do I have one rod? Wanted to see if to use the new crank in my LS3/L9H 6.2 block I would need pistons with an altered pin height or buy the rods... well looks like pistons for me. So whether they upped the deck height on the 6.6 or just moved piston pin height I won't know until I get a block. Funny you mention long rod... odd how all those 800+ wheel hp 4.8's survive under boost with a longer connecting rod bahahahahaha. Guys used to say this sort of stuff back when they thought the 5.7 LS1 was unbeatable.... my how things have changed.
  10. The guy is swapping for more power and will be tuning his truck in doing so. So who cares about the stock numbers lol. I mean are you suggesting it has to be left to an unknown bone stock tune wise for 87 octane gas like the HD truck too. Just tune the thing.... it will absolutely rape a 6.2 lol. Mod for mod it will eat a 6.2... Stock is tuned for 87 fuel so put some ignition timing in it and let it eat. 150 lbs is likely closer to 80 to 100 lbs just like the LS iron to aluminum... 100 lbs....whooptee f'ing do on a 6000 lb truck lol. 3200 lb car.. might care... double that? Nope lol. It's a 6.2 with a longer stroke and this isn't hard lol. I know I know... it has 10.8:1 compression... if you think 0.7:1 will offset 25 cubic inches of displacement gained you need to think again. Take the almighty L86 and stroke it... oh wait... GM did it for you and put it in the Heavy duty truck lineup lol. Or.. you know what? It's actually better to think the 6.2 is all that with a bag of chips so the price can stay nice and high and let this worthless fleet truck engine be cheap for the rest of us wanting to make power. As I already said.. the 6.6 is the new 6 liter replacement and will be coming to you in wrecking yards across the country in the next couple years for a couple hundred dollars.
  11. The starter will not engage once the engine is running. It has nothing to do with Onstar.
  12. I would still hold out for a 6.6... not to mention being the fleet truck engine it will not have that price mystique the 6.2 has as a lot of guys want way too much for the 6.2 and it's not worth it. 6.6 also doesn't have that retarded afm junk in it either as an added plus. Bonus is the 6.6 will be found in pick n pulls everywhere in around 8 to 10 years lol. I'm all about the junkyard LS stuff... my Nova is mild with over 600 wheel on a turbo LQ4 and the bottom end is an unknown mileage wonder mutt. If you do not know the 6.6 is a stroked 6.2 with the block cast in iron...
  13. It's about performance.. and buying a new crate engine at full retail is ridiculous... Some of you guys are nuts lol.
  14. There is the solution. Might book it in around June or July once the roads are nice again.
  15. Installed them... that's it lol. Manual transmission and a locker is terrible and leads to excessive noise and weird handling as it loads and unloads constantly.... I run a spool in my drag car. Drags the tire on turns a bit but it's good enough on the street.
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