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  1. I have seen the videos of flipping the thermostat, I guess most have success with just flipping the thermostat in the housing?
  2. I was curious is anyone has used the below thermostat delete kit. I know it can be done with tapping the external block and plugging it but this looks like a cleaner install. https://globaltransmissionparts.com/6l80-6l90-sure-cool-cooler-flow-system-stl010/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAw4jvBRCJARIsAHYewPPeHymu9JxSg2wnFVJhAmrMpteZhT3TLNEgu10Qz1dLDMP5qPkGJsQaAv59EALw_wcB Looks like a cool kit but wanted to get some feedback if anyone has used it.
  3. Just got picked up the truck and i love it, it looks great and seems to ride great also. I put the 5100's at the highest setting and left the top 1/4 inch spacer. It is perfectly level. I measured the gap both front and rear and they are right on. I definitely happy i went with the 275/65r20 vs the 275/60r20. Fills up the wheel well better. I will try to post a pic on more level ground my drive way slopes so the pics might look a little nose high.
  4. Its is def the pics, my driveway is on an incline.
  5. Yea im not going with the bottom spacer from the lift kit, I know that would be just to much going on. I will be using the top spacer which is a 1/4 plate spacer. I dont think that will be enough to cause any issues.
  6. I know there are tons of threads for the 5100 shocks and struts. I haven't seen much with people doing the 5100's with a small top spacer. the 5100 max lift is 1.85 in the front. I currently have the RC 2.5 lift kit and i love the look. If i do the 5100 struts with the RC top spacer 1/4 inch that should put me back in the ball park. 5100 1.85 inch lift + 1/2 inch lift from 1/4 top spacer= 2.35 inch lift total. I want a better ride and need shocks and struts anyway. I an also doing new tires at the same time. BFG KO2 275/65r20. I will try to post some before and after pics. before pics below
  7. So i might be late to the game but I see that SLP has finally release a catback for the 14-15 GM trucks. I am huge fan of the loudmouth exhaust kits they have for the F-body cars. They are super good quality, great sound and reasonable price. I have searched the forms and I cant seem to find anyone running the kit. I want to see what it looks like on the truck and what the sound it like. Im hoping someone running it jumps in on it. The info is below http://www.slponline.com/product/620074--gm-1500-truck-cat-back-exhaust-2014-2015-2016-v6-v8.html
  8. Yea I was hoping to see if anyone who currently has this kit would chime in but I guess it may not be very popular. I have not seen any trucks around me with the kit. Even more of a reason to get one, break away from the standard crowd. My concern is the sound also, but I dont think it will be too bad without headers with the factory cats. I will definitely post up a video if I pull the trigger and get the kit.
  9. I am big fbody guy and stainless works makes some really nice stuff. Their headers and systems are really great quality. Not cheap though.
  10. Here is the promo vid from stainless works. It's sounds good here.
  11. Silver ice, thanks for the vid. There is also a pretty in depth vid on you tube that shows all the header and catback options for the trucks. I'm curious to see real life pics and vids vs the promo stuff.
  12. I would love to see and hear that when its done. American racing does a great job on their headers, ive had a few set on my fbodies through the years.
  13. are you just going to leave it as a straight pipe after the cats or what muffler do you plan on running?
  14. I am really into this catback system. Its the stainless works lightning before the tire side exit exhaust. I have yet to see if on any trucks yet. I wanted to see if anyone has this on their truck and if they like it. I really like the side exit before the tire. I had a 99 lightning and that was on ti my favorite style items.
  15. Ive been looking at this system for some time. I just think the price is right and I like the black double walled tips. I like the the Cora but the price is a little much. I definitely want to hears some clips and see some pics.
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