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  1. Broken retaining clips on line from purge valve to intake. Would like to replace hard plastic line with rubber vacuum hose and clamps. Any problem doing that.
  2. It’s an 04 Z71.Putting in a new oil pump and o-ring didn’t change anything, if in fact it was done. I didn’t know the guy. Would a spun camshaft bearing not affect the engine performance and sound?. It is a quite and smooth running machine.
  3. Bought the truck about 10 months ago. Noticed on test drive oil pressure was low (8psi) at around 600-700 rpm. Nice truck, no engine noise and drove like new. 70 miles to home,no problem. Put a manual gage in place of sensor and confirmed the low pressure reading. Got a low pressure warning on message center and replaced the oil with 10w40 synthetic to eliminate that. But pressure didn’t improve much. Maybe enough to silence the alarm. Had the pump replaced and the oring at pickup tube also but nothing changed. I am beginning to wonder if this guy, who was suggested to me by my son actually did all the work correctly. Like i said the engine makes no noise indicating excessive bearing wear. I’m thinking about dropping the oil pan and checking the oring.The only reason I didn’t do it myself was because I don’t have a lift and space is tight but I’ll work around that. One guy here suggested to another to overfill the engine with oil and place rearend higher than the front enough to cover the oring. Anyone ever done this? Oh and the engine has 186000 miles on it.
  4. 2005 Chevy colorado 4x4 5 cyl rack &pinion assy I am replacing the rack and pinion assy and I have the 3 mounting bolts removed, tie rods removed and fluid lines removed. I also removed the mount bolts on driver’s side cv axle for added clearance but I can’t get the assembly out because of the cv axle/differential mount plate is still in the way when trying to lower it. Am I missing something?
  5. 2004 silverado 5.3L Z71 Ext. cab Back in December I decided to get my rear main seal fixed. Took it to a reputable transmission shop that does this regularly. They replaced the seal and the cracked plate it sits in. They also replaced the camshaft sensor because it’s prone to leak. When I picked up my truck It took two tries to get started. Didn’t think too much about it but it did it several more times. It is an intermittent problem. Yeah, one of those. So I took it back to them and they replaced the new camshaft sensor with another new one. Still took two tries to start. They then put a camshaft sensor in that was a known good one out of another chevy truck but still didn’t solve the problem. Never had this problem before the seal fix. They suggested taking it to a local mechanic to see what he could find. This guy is known by everybody. He’s got more work than he can handle. He kept my truck for 6 weeks and I honestly think my problem was low on the totem pole. Anyway, I took it back because nothing was getting done. What I have done was remove the intake manifold and checked the camshaft sensor and the pigtail they installed and it gives ,using a short/open tester, a tone back to the black fuse/relay box. Put everything back together and connected fuel pressure gauge to rail and spark tester to #1 plug. Engine started on first try. FP=64psi and good spark. Tried later on and no fire on first attempt. Still had FP=64psi and spark. It always starts on 2nd try. This is baffling as hell and someone would make a friend for life with a cure.
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