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  1. I did see the description on Goodyear's site, I also found this description on tire rack attached below. I think Tirerack better describes the tire. It seems to me the Fortitude HT tire is a compromise, a highway tire that somehow it was decided to have all terrain added to the description after the fact in the interest of epa mpg ratings and perhaps marketing concerns as well,. When I first saw them on the truck combined with the offroad package I thought for sure it was a mistake lol. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to learning more on this site. I
  2. Traded my 15 Silverado for a 2020 Sierra 1500. Great truck so far. Wondering exactly what tires came on your 1500 with x31 package. I have the plow prep package (no intent as of now for a plow, just in case) and when you get that package it requires the x31 package which is supposed to include 18" all terrain tires, skid plates, dual exhaust and decent control per the window sticker. I received Good Year 18" Fortitude HT tires with mine and the HT stands for highway terrain. They are not a tire I would want to go off roading with for sure, am I missing something, I though it should come with a beefier sort of tread pattern. Thanks
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