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  1. They were made late 17. I am good with that and they sure work nice!
  2. Here is my mod to my OEM mudflaps. 1. I bought a couple of large, plain rubber trailer type mudflaps from my local Farm and Barn 2. I then cut out a cardboard template adding 4" of length that matched the bottom edge of the stock ones. 3. I then cut a 1/4" slot in the bottom of the flaps with a jig saw. 4. I used a band saw to cut the flaps to match the template. (A pair of strong scissors with work too.) 5. Finally I glued them in place (after washing mating surfaces with alcohol) with some Goop marine contact adhesive that works with rubber and vinyl. This should better protect the bottom of my truck and running boards!
  3. I scored a fantastic deal on a set of Mich XLT A/S tires! Basically they are the LTX M/S. I am already seeing better mileage!! Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions Kirk
  4. I am sure this is the case! I was just trying to explain my reasoning with my wife this AM.....
  5. Hello everyone, My new to me GMC Sierra 5.3 4x4 came to me with Toyo Open Country Extreme 2 tires on it that are the following size. 285/55-20 The truck tire spec is for 275/55-20. This truck has no lift and they rub a bit in the turns. How much could this be affecting my MPG? Would it be worth putting on Highway tires since that is where I spend 99.8 percent of the time? It seems these tires would have more rolling resistance than the correct size/HT instead of larger ATs. I took a 300 mile trip and saw 14.6 one way and 17.4 back. This seems low to me so I wanted to bring this up. My Toyo's are in great shape with very little wear so I could easily sell them. What to do...?
  6. This is my first post on this forum and I figured I better say Hi! "HI" Last week I bought a 2018 GMC Sierra 5.3 SLT 4x4 and am really loving it so far! I will be doing some mods to it since I am not a fan of the AFM. The question I have is about aftermarket bug deflectors. Have any of you had any issues using them such as increased wind noise or flapping around? I am trying to make a decision on what to buy. I also do not want to risk damaging the paint as I keep my trucks for at least 10 years unless something terrible happens...

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