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  1. I wired my amber light bar to the parking lights in the fuse box using a fuse tap.
  2. If you're talking about 8 LED bulbs that hyper flash, then yes, you will need 8 resistors for 1 on each LED bulb. Until you have resistors on each LED bulb, your whole left side or right side will hyper flash even with resistors until the entire chain has resistors. @pgamboa sells resistors for the tail lights and they will work elsewhere, you just may need to splice some wiring if no spades are present. Not a hard thing to do. Probably hardest thing to do is pulling the front turn signals out of the housings and splicing in resistors. Not sure about '14 but my '17 was a PITA for the passenger side.
  3. Gotta love the all black when its clean and done right though. I'll never go back to anything other than all black.
  4. The ride is fine and they handle great in rain, snow, and dry environments. My tires are not the OEM tires. I had them give me a new set when I bought the truck used with 13,000 miles. Somehow the camber was so bad it put a lot of one side wear on the treads and rotations were not going to fix it. These now have about 42,000 miles on them. I rotate my tires every oil change so every 6,000-8,000 depending on when I get to the oil change. I have a Borla ATAK and can hear my tires over the exhaust but my exhaust is pretty quiet when cruising. Really hoping it's not bearing noise I'm hearing. Snow, these tires work great. I know a lot of plow trucks that run Duratracs but haven't discussed any pros/cons versus other tires with them.
  5. I like my Duratracs but they're notorious for low mileage. I'm all highway (about 85%) and just rolled 55,000 miles and my tires are N-O-I-S-Y. I don't mind it much because I like the noise and feel of mud tires and now that the treads are wearing down, it starts to have that mud tire feel when at low speeds, high noise at highway speeds, almost like bad wheel bearing noise. My buddy runs Duratracs on his plow trucks and only gets about 45,000 miles out of them. I'm at 55,000 and am going to have to get a new set before the winter rolls around. I think I'm switching to BFG KO2's this time around. However I have to see how that works with my wheel package insurance. My wheels and tires are covered for 8 years so I have to make sure I follow whatever their guidelines are for tires. If I can't switch brands hopefully I can go a little bigger to like a 275 or 285.
  6. I had my tune after a couple of weeks. Then I noticed they had the wrong tire size in my tune so my speedometer is off by 4-7 MPH depending on my speed. Took a couple of weeks to fix that but partly my fault, I had told them to wait for my updated logs but they did send me the update anyways. I'm expecting another couple of weeks for any updates after my new logs. They're busy right now, long line of wait listing, going one by one and it's not easy work, it's not like they can turn around a file in an hour. I mean they probably could but busy work is busy work and I'm sure they're working hard. Best part is at least the wait is worth the wait.
  7. Oil level shows high on my dipstick as well. 8 quarts out, 8 quarts in.
  8. I have the in-channel visors and have never had any issues with the auto-up functions. Make sure they're fulling seated and pressed against the outside portion of the inner track. If they're not seated flush then they will clip the window a little going up causing the auto-up to stop and go back down. When I put mine on, I left my windows up for awhile without lowering them and waited for a really hot day for them to cure nicely to the inside of the track.
  9. No, maybe not, but then again, daily drivers can't really compete in a contest with show trucks that have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. Huge difference in the WOW factor there when comparing pictures. Also, not everyone likes the jack it up to the sky look on big wheels with thin tires. Not for me, I don't like it, can't stand it myself, but doesn't stop me from appreciating someone else's style and taste and complimenting them on their hard work, time, and money invested into a showroom quality build. And even if I wanted to try and compete, I've been working 80+ hours a week right now - so my truck is a filthy little.....thing, was going to say something else. It'd win in a dirtiest truck contest right now. I REALLY need to give it a foam cannon treatment.... I seem to be all work and no play right now. Just barely squeezed in enough time the other night to do a fresh oil change - wait I just did that like last month or before that.....man I drive way too much. Maybe next time around, or maybe when there's a black truck month, or I'll just wait until like 4-5 people I know have already won first.
  10. At least Grumpy has class. You, on the other hand, don't. "Go play in traffic"? Really? Grow up.
  11. Been wondering that myself. Not sure I like the way it looks. It bugs me for sure. Same goes with the angles of the rear passenger windows, that little uphill climb towards the back bugs me. I'm an engineer so I may be a different cut where anytime lines aren't straight bug me. Same icky feeling I get looking at the way the front windows are shaped on Ford trucks. Practical on the Fords? Maybe. Does it look good? Hell no. (Disclaimer: IMHO)
  12. My God, I want some of what you put in your Cheerios every morning. Let me guess, E-85? But really though, you always have the perfect responses. Your banter and wealth of ungodly amounts of technical knowledge on the fly is something I look forward to daily now. Always gives me a good chuckle or an AH-HA moment. Or both. Okay, time to knock down that temporary pedestal. Back on track. Not sure why anyone is knocking your motor (well, no pun intended, hope you don't have any engine knock ). V6 option is available for a reason. Plenty of power, plenty of tow-ability, PLENTY of gas mileage, intended for anyone that DOESN'T NEED the V8 - keyword being NEED, if you don't NEED the V8 the V6 is a perfectly acceptable motor. Hell, our Rams with a V6 have plenty of tow-ability and PLENTY of gas mileage. Can't compare the Pentastar to GM's option since I've never driven a GM with a V6 but I'm sure it is comparable. My Charger I had was a V6 tuned and hitting low 11's, one time I got 10.8 in the 1/4 mile with 500 lbs of rock salt in my trunk. Pretty good for 292 HP, never dyno'd after so not sure what I was running with mods and tune so we'll just call it 300 HP even. No reason to get a V8 if you don't need a V8. I was getting 33mpg in a 4,000lb muscle car. Moot point but glad you're sticking to your guns.
  13. Interesting.....so do you have that set now? How do you like it? I'm considering trying something like this out.....should be interesting though. I use an OtterBox due to my line of work and may end up being more of a hassle using magnetic ends with a flip-open port cover like on the OtterBox unless they hold on pretty strong. I use wireless charging everywhere I normally charge except for in my truck only because, you know, Android Auto. Would be nice to find a half decent clip in a half decent location with no center console that I can just place and use something like this.
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