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  1. Do I say I'm interested if all 6 offers fall through just for shits and giggles?
  2. Lock'er Down makes one for the bottom portion of our jump seats but it isn't as nice.
  3. Sexy. Mossbergs are my favorite. My uncle has a really nice one that can load 3.5" magnums. Kicks like a freakin' mule too. Good luck with deer season. I don't have a lot of faith in this year. State has been doing a lot of logging and has really screwed up the ecosystem. And I only have 1 week of vacation time so it'll be the first week of bow season for me to try and catch the young bucks up and at 'em early on. Rut season was junk last year, did not see one single set of horns in 2 weeks (last week of bow, first week of gun).
  4. What'd you get? I just did the same, bought a new H&K VP9 for my EDC. Also, what'd you buy from DD? I'm considering a full set of rear facing lights from them, 3rd brake, license, cargo, reverse, etc. Not sure how bright I want to go but knowing my taste I'd just get their brightest in everything, haha.
  5. Jeez. This looks nice. Great, just take my money, why don't you? Blue looks really nice but I have no blue other than the dash lights. Maybe red will look good once I put my Redline emblems on... Gray probably looks best with our gray/tartan interiors, and black is always sexy but black doesn't pop like the other color options do. Hmm... I'm feeling it... maybe I'll do it and post back how I like them.
  6. Nice. I recently did that myself as well. So much nicer than grabbing my steering wheel. Mine was also a perfect fit with no issues with gapping.
  7. So if you look closely in the blue sky portion, you can still see a faint outline of the Z71 badge. How can I further get rid of this? All of the glue/tape is gone but this does not come out with Goo Gone. I’m assuming this is blemished into the clear coat. Will buffing it work or is this about the best I can expect? This is what I was worried about, having a shadow left behind before I put on the “SILVERADO” badge.
  8. Dang, thank you Frankie. Exactly what I needed. Appreciate the measurements. If I get around to it this weekend, I will do the swap and share pictures.
  9. I like the Texas, High Country, and Elevation badges, but I think the big Z71 door badge is just ugly. Can someone help me figure out where the "SILVERADO" goes? Like measurement-wise from front of doors and how high up?
  10. I have the Blackhawk CAI in my truck and I love it. I don't have any experience with it in conjunction with any aftermarket exhaust though, sorry. I am planning on a Borla ATAK myself as soon as I feel like dumping $1K+ for one.
  11. I am using a Rove R2-4K dash cam in my truck. Spent a lot of time looking around for something sub-$100 that was going to at least be halfway decent. Problem is you pay for what you get with any kind of camera, dash cam or not. However, I am 150% pleased with this one. I have it hard-wired to my fuse box to turn on when the truck is on and to turn off when the truck is off. There are other options that you can set up and wire it for detecting when the vehicle is bumped while parked, etc. Has GPS, speed sensor, voice recording, many options for your clips, and can be pulled off the camera over a Wi-Fi signal from your phone. Check it out, didn't see one like this mentioned in any of the posts but another one for you to check out. Rove R2-4K EDIT: Just realized it is right at your $100 price point... I only paid $60 for this when it was on sale so maybe keep an eye on this one and see if the price drops again. Worth it for $60. For $100 you may find something better, I don't know.
  12. I'm thinking about replacing the big, ugly "Z71" badges on my doors with the regular "SILVERADO" badges, but obviously it is a lot smaller than the "Z71" badges. What kind of ghosting am I going to get myself into? If I take these off, am I going to see a shadow of the larger emblem around the smaller, narrower emblem? Any tips or tricks on removing them and installing the new ones? Anything that gives a good measurement of where to line up the lettering? Mine came with a stencil so spacing will not be an issue.
  13. Sounds like Flint, Michigan for me. I've seen more knife-point robberies than I care to admit.
  14. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but what you forget to remember is not every single person that is carrying is, like you said, just aspiring to be that hero in a dangerous situation such as many that you have listed above. Proper CCW requires proper training and proper education, such as, like you also said, the first rule of carrying is you always attempt the non-lethal path if possible; don't antagonize the target, just do what they ask and then run away if possible, and never first resort to using lethal force. Am I going to pull a gun out while being robbed at gun point? No. That is asking to be shot and killed. But that doesn't mean I am still going to carry and protect myself if the opportunity presents itself where my life is in imminent danger and there is a small chance that carrying would have or will save my life or the lives of others. You can't plan for every situation but what you can do is take precautions to be prepared for situations that may never happen!
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