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  1. Well, the value of my truck and what I paid for it was spot on at the time compared to market value across all certified pre-owned trucks at other dealerships as well as private party asking values on AutoTrader. They matched up to what KBB listed it at private party value. I did extensive research before pulling the trigger because, well, I was TRYING to avoid the situation that I am now in. My dealership wanted a bit more than valued dealer trade-in but I talked them into throwing in a free extended warranty to cover the small gap that I had. I wasn't expecting the loss in value to happen so quickly. Lesson learned. It's the first used vehicle I've ever bought. Always did 2 year leases, and my Charger was the first vehicle I bought outright but it was brand new with zero miles on the odometer. Oh well... there is one upside to this... the $8K in down payment I would have had to pay to make the switch, I now have the OK from my wife to dump that into this truck instead. So that means center console upgrade, suspension lift kit, new wheels and tires, and exhaust are coming hopefully this year.
  2. True statement... I got burned hard on my truck. Decided that after 8 months I wish I had bought a Crew Cab instead of a Double Cab. Lost almost $10,000 in value in 8 months, makes me sick to my stomach. So a sick truck decked out in LTZ equipment basically has me upside down now and can't manage a trade-in on a used CC or even trying to roll the negative equity into a new truck... oh well, guess I'm stuck. Even lease conquest and massive employee discounts did not convince a Ram dealer to help me switch.
  3. Tempted to go the Amp route but also do like the look of physically deployed steps. Still going back and forth... hear horror stories in the Rust Belt about these seizing up and/or freezing the motor on cold, wet, icy days.
  4. I ran a catch can on my Charger and it was always satisfying dumping the extra oil pulled out of the circuit. I haven't pulled the trigger on getting one for my truck but when I do it will be a catch can setup from Elite Engineering. Big tip if you do get one, keep an eye on the can and make sure you dump it. Defeats the purpose if you let it fill up and then just let it sit.
  5. Haha, I can't stomach the idea of eating at that place, but to each their own. I use mine to run a battery charger for my hearing aids when I forget to charge them or I'm on a long trip and want full charges.
  6. Can't beat that, easy fix AND potentially prevented a future issue that wasn't known at the time - the radiator (unless you were having problems with it). Glad you got it taken care of.
  7. I do it for peace of mind that I'm potentially saving myself from lifter failure in the future. I'm planning on my truck being a 10 year truck so whatever I can do to try and prolong it's life is peace of mind to me. Granted, lifter failure could potentially still happen but if I'm reducing that potential, it's good for me. I'm using a Range device and will eventually just tune it out when I pick up a tuner later this year.
  8. Converted to LED bulbs on the rear; cargo, 3rd brake light, reverse, and license plate lights. Went with DiodeDynamics as I've had good success with their product and am a repeat customer from my Charger. I'd say they're super bright, not as bright as some extreme eBay LEDs out there but definitely loving the change to a solid, pure white over the old bulbs.
  9. Always a good way to start a day; morning coffee and the latest wealth of knowledge from Grumpy.
  10. Already did a forum search, Google search, and checked the stickied thread about lights and bulbs but the links are broken - specifically about exterior accent LEDs and bulb sizes. Also not going to sift through 20 pages of posts to see if anyone was talking about this in that stickied thread. Has anyone had any luck with replacing the DL3 mirror puddle lights with different bulbs? I've read in a few places that they're LED and I haven't popped the cover open yet to look for myself. Is there a bulb size for these to order brighter bulbs?
  11. Glad you got your answers. Yeah I somehow missed his post back in November. You should do a build thread, I'm definitely interested, I want to do this same project sometime but not looking to race or anything, just a nice little pep in my step.
  12. @1SLOW1500 will be your best resource for this information as he is using an On3 turbo, as well as I think he is helping someone else strap on an On3 turbo. Myself included will be picking his brain probably later this summer after my warranty is up.
  13. Yes! Goo Gone. I have a black truck and I used Goo Gone. Can't even tell. I actually had some shadowing in my clear coat that I had to do a Step 3 with but seriously, Goo Gone and a trim removal tool will do the trick. For my shadowing I just used some Meguiar's Scratch X. Looks so much better debadged. Also, some people here have recommended using a 3M eraser wheel with great success, may even be easier than using Goo Gone and elbow grease.
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