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  1. Those look like Ridge Grapplers on 18" Midnight wheels. Same wheels I have but not sure if they offer 17" in the same Midnight wheel or not. Dumb me, you asked what size not what kind of tires.
  2. I have a TruXedo Lo Pro on my truck and it is great. Sits nearly flush with the bed rails, rolls up tight by the rear window, and the velcro holds with no issues. It has a trigger lock underneath the cover near the tailgate that can only be accessed with the tailgate open. Nice thing about my 2017 is the tailgate locks so its almost as good as a locking cover but can still be accessed if someone wants to be greedy enough to use a knife... highly recommend it. Bought mine from www.tonneaucovered.com, if you ask for a discount code they usually will provide one. Paid just under $400 for mine and it was shipped fairly quickly.
  3. Oh, I know. No worries. Just giving you a little bump towards buying them from RK instead.
  4. It's not bad but it isn't complete so already up to $450 with s/h. No trim pieces, no inserts, probably no wiring harnesses either or the bracket for bolting it down in the front. I bet by time you gather the rest of the pieces you're up to $6-7-800 depending on where you get them from. I'd rather fully support @pgamboa and get a quality harness plus a BRAND NEW (not "plastic may be scuffed") center console. I already responded to you in the marketplace but get in touch with @pgamboa. He sells new consoles with wiring harness and the '18 upgrade to wireless charging lid too.
  5. Talk to @pgamboa. He can hook you up with everything that you need to do a center console swap, obviously depending on your vehicle year.
  6. The knock-off's are. If you look closely, the texturing isn't like OEM and usually have the silver banding around the Chevy emblem is much different in thickness and quality as well. OEM are like $125+.
  7. Not familiar with that particular setup but Flowmasters are nice. Had Super 44's on a custom straight-x-pipe-straight setup on a V6 Charger and everyone thought I had a souped up V8 just from the sound. Cold start was nice and not very loud but man when you step on it...... I'm going with a Borla kit this time around though.
  8. ...I first read the title and thought it said something else. All jokes aside I'm also interested in seeing pictures! Speaking of flares will the black trim that some Sierras have fit a Silverado? I like the matte black lip trim that they have. Really like fender flares too but not sure I am going to offset my wheels to line up with them either...
  9. I have never heard the Carven setup but I've heard the ATAK in person and it is menacing. I'm getting one this spring when the weather starts to warm up around here - single exit passenger side with dual black tips. Can almost hear it in my head right now... Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  10. Talk to @TXGREEK, he has given me a lot of information about the CST 4.5" lift kit and how well it goes in with our stock equipment that doesn't widen track width or mess with any angles. I'm working on picking up this kit for myself when I pull the trigger on a lift kit. You will be able to keep your Bilstein's and they will work great as long as they're rated to handle a 4.5" lift. If not you may need bigger rear shocks if they aren't long enough. But don't quote me on that, I'm new to all of this, so he will be your best source of info. CST 4.5" Lift Kit
  11. Well, the value of my truck and what I paid for it was spot on at the time compared to market value across all certified pre-owned trucks at other dealerships as well as private party asking values on AutoTrader. They matched up to what KBB listed it at private party value. I did extensive research before pulling the trigger because, well, I was TRYING to avoid the situation that I am now in. My dealership wanted a bit more than valued dealer trade-in but I talked them into throwing in a free extended warranty to cover the small gap that I had. I wasn't expecting the loss in value to happen so quickly. Lesson learned. It's the first used vehicle I've ever bought. Always did 2 year leases, and my Charger was the first vehicle I bought outright but it was brand new with zero miles on the odometer. Oh well... there is one upside to this... the $8K in down payment I would have had to pay to make the switch, I now have the OK from my wife to dump that into this truck instead. So that means center console upgrade, suspension lift kit, new wheels and tires, and exhaust are coming hopefully this year.
  12. True statement... I got burned hard on my truck. Decided that after 8 months I wish I had bought a Crew Cab instead of a Double Cab. Lost almost $10,000 in value in 8 months, makes me sick to my stomach. So a sick truck decked out in LTZ equipment basically has me upside down now and can't manage a trade-in on a used CC or even trying to roll the negative equity into a new truck... oh well, guess I'm stuck. Even lease conquest and massive employee discounts did not convince a Ram dealer to help me switch.
  13. Tempted to go the Amp route but also do like the look of physically deployed steps. Still going back and forth... hear horror stories in the Rust Belt about these seizing up and/or freezing the motor on cold, wet, icy days.
  14. I ran a catch can on my Charger and it was always satisfying dumping the extra oil pulled out of the circuit. I haven't pulled the trigger on getting one for my truck but when I do it will be a catch can setup from Elite Engineering. Big tip if you do get one, keep an eye on the can and make sure you dump it. Defeats the purpose if you let it fill up and then just let it sit.
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