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  1. Bluetooth Problem

    Do you have your audio output option on your phone set to your radio? There is a button that lets you choose between the phone and the radio, similar to taking a call over either the phone, speakerphone, or radio speakers without having to disconnect the Bluetooth. You may have it set to your phone's speakers. Check that out, hopefully that is your simple fix.
  2. Gas mileage & programmer !?

    Do you rely on the DIC for your mileage or do you hand calculate? I'm running an experiment where I'm tracking my MPG but I'm hand calculating everything by the gas pump. I find my DIC for mileage is waaay off, by an average of 3-4 MPG or so. When it is high and seems ambitious, it really isn't... and vice versa when it is low. Try hand calculating it sometime and see if it turns out to be a bit higher than 12-13 MPG.
  3. WeatherTech vs. Husky Liners?

    Yeah, this is one bonus that I noticed right away. Husky's "clip" thing is fully molded into the floor liner so there is no way for water to get through that spot.
  4. New member

    Welcome. I know the feeling. I’ve always been conservative too and this time I stopped thinking about it and got what I want for once. Life is too short to not enjoy it. Nice truck too, you will have to share some pictures later.
  5. "Terminal" doesn't mean anything these days. It is your will to fight that overcomes all. So many people have fought and either largely outlasted or outright beat cancer. You will be the next success story. Wishing you the best of luck! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but it is just a small speed bump.
  6. CAI for 6.2L Silverado 1500

    I put a K&N Blackhawk on mine and have been nothing but pleased with it. Came with a boot for a 6.2L but obviously doesn't apply to me - just nice that one kit will accommodate both regardless. It sounds amazing and only makes me want to put an exhaust on even quicker!
  7. Rocker panel & door damage, help!

    So, where's the picture of the bear?!
  8. Radar detectors

    Ahhhhhh... I don't have the Homelink in my truck. Oh well, I have it hardwired and working anyways, I was just curious.
  9. Radar detectors

    I second this. The higher the better, especially if it has rear detection like the 9500ix. By the way I'm going to assume you have the auto-dim mirror if you did the mirror tap, correct? I don't have the auto-dim mirror so I hard wired mine to the fuse box. Wish I didn't have to but I could not figure out if the non-auto-dim mirrors could be mirror tapped. And where did you get that blend mount? I'm considering one of those if it works for the regular mirrors too... I am just using a supercup right now.
  10. WeatherTech vs. Husky Liners?

    Thanks. I figured those were the cases. Appreciate the input. By the way when we went out for dinner last night, I had different shoes on and they did not slip and slide at all. Must be my work boots. You would think that non-slip soles specifically for oil and coolant would be, you know, NON-SLIP!!! Haha. Maybe the two materials aren't jiving and that's why it feels slippery. Different pair of shoes and the mats felt amazing. My wife even commented how much she liked mine more than her WeatherTechs in her Jeep.
  11. WeatherTech vs. Husky Liners?

    So... after much back-and-forth, I went ahead and ordered a full set of Husky X-Act's for my truck; front liners and the full-coverage rear liner. I have to say that the build quality is pretty much just as good as I've experienced with WeatherTech. Two things, any of you guys that have experience with either, do let me know; 1) These are slick... like... more than WeatherTech slick... the set of WT liners I bought for my wife's Grand Cherokee are slick too but only if they get really wet or you're trying to jump up into the Jeep, your feet will slide a bit. When we're just cruising my feet stay planted. The Husky's in my truck make me feel like my feet are slipping all over the place and I'm just sitting there driving! What the heck. Are these just brand-new blues or will they always be like this? I'm hoping the slicky feel goes away after awhile and becomes more rubbery like I thought they would be. 2) The rear full-coverage liner bows up in the middle over the hump. It's also wider than the hump. Not exactly "X-Act" in my opinion. I can live with them being a little bit wider since that's not really a big deal but the bowing is triggering my OCD. If I press down on it with my hand it will flatten out. This makes me wonder that after a few scorching hot days where the inside of my truck is cooking, they should hopefully settle down and lie flat. Makes me wonder if the full-coverage WT liners fit better in the back... but it's just this one spot. Has anyone else had issues with this or any success in getting it to lay flat? Pic for reference, kind of hard to see, but the bowing-up is there.
  12. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I'm a bit late responding to your request, but here you go.
  13. Sunglass Holder

    Mine don't fit either and they aren't even enormous shades. This Silverado is the first vehicle that I've ever been in (above and beyond "owned") that couldn't hold a fairly normal sized pair of shades in the sunglass compartment.
  14. Radar detectors

    I have the same one too. I have had mine for many, many years and it is still going strong. That 9500ix was a very good choice.
  15. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Hardwired my dash camera and radar detector last night. No more pesky wires dangling in my field of view and no more having to remember to plug in and unplug the darn camera!

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