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  1. Like dsr611 said, to each their own. Everyone has their preference. On the right vehicles, I think chrome looks sharp and makes the vehicle stand out with a little bit of a luxurious touch. Me, however, I can't stand chrome on my own vehicles. It always comes off. I'm a blacked out kind of guy. Last 3 vehicles (current truck included) had no chrome and if it did, it was replaced with black. I took off my chrome Z71 door emblems and rear tailgate emblems and replaced them with Redline emblems. The only chrome I have (well, it's not "chrome") is the silver around the black Chevy logos.
  2. Figure out how much you want for them and post it in the For Sale/Wanted thread. FYI - I believe the 50 post count requirement is no longer necessary. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/14-for-salewanted/
  3. Pictures are worth a thousand words.....right??? Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  4. I don't have any experience with any of this but just wanted to throw out that AVS has an AeroSkin flush mount hood protector that has the Raptor style amber lights.....keeping my eye on it.....still not sure whether I'm going to pull the trigger on it yet.....thanks to the wife, she said "that looks weird, like you have burnt out LEDs". Gee, thanks honey. Now my engineering brain is looking at it like that..... https://www.autoventshade.com/all-products?cat=330
  5. So.....pardon my ignorance, but do the trans pans already have a magnet for these fuzzy shavings or am I supposed to add the magnet to catch these fuzzy shavings? I'm getting close to probably doing this myself as I think my ODO just rolled over 49,000 miles this morning. Trying to be proactive on a lot of things based on experiences and recommendations from other more knowledgeable members on this forum. If I don't have a magnet, I'll be adding one when I do the trans oil change.
  6. Wow Frankie, you let them leave your truck on just the jacks?!?! I would have thrown a fit and told them to put up some jack stands....
  7. The KO2's will be quieter than the Duratracs, not that they're loud or anything. I'm switching to KO2's once my current Duratrac treads are worn enough to warrant a change.
  8. I have a Borla ATAK exhaust system on my truck. It's supposed to be their loudest offering. It is definitely quiet enough to have conversations inside the cab even with the radio on. Has a nice loud cold start but settles in to a nice deep rumble at idle. Sportier sound when accelerating and especially when stepped on WOT with a cold air intake. This thing howls! I love it! With that being said, you should have no problems even with a Flowmaster, which I don't have a ton of experience with. I had dual super 44's on my Charger and it was maybe just a touch louder than the Borla kit I have now but still didn't affect conversations within the vehicle. Much happier with the quality of my Borla kit than the Flowmasters I had before.
  9. Not picking on you but I do agree with @CamGTP, fix the reason why you feel the need to go faster than 99mph. He's right that there is a reason why the limiter is set there. Plenty of vehicles can reach top speeds higher than 100mph if they're built for it; engine, drive train, axles, wheels rated for it, etc. But I digress because I've done the same thing before long trip up north on back country roads, pushed it to see how fast I can go on a long 5 mile straight stretch of highway, actually broke 100mph and hit 105mph before I backed off knowing that it isn't safe to be driving like that (must not have the limiter set on my truck?) - just wanted to see it for fun but with heavy Duratracs.....them things were humming like a bumblebee! The thought of a driveshaft going boom reminds me of watching pulling trucks in person have their drive shaft and u-joints explode.....you would never realize the kind of destruction that causes until you see it in person..... Also the main reason why they require heavy thick metal shields around front and rear u-joints when racing. Yikes, it is NOT a pretty sight. Think about it, it's dangerous for pit crews if that happens, imagine driving 100mph and having it explode vs a pulling truck at high torque only moving 10-20mph and having it explode under full load and extreme stress.
  10. Looking good! Same deal with me.....check the weather, good. Wash the truck, sweet. 10 minutes later, it rains or a bird ****** all over my truck. HAHA
  11. You can but it's a full set of buttons for the fob. I just want 1 button but at least it's only like $4 so if I really want to I'll just bite the $4.....I'm happy for now.
  12. Exactly. The used ones probably have the same problem as mine - the backing of the buttons cracked and split so it was going around the buttons on the circuit board and not always getting a good press. Unlock and Start were my problem buttons so of course, can never unlock the truck or get remote start to work reliably on the first press. Haha.
  13. Black with red bolts to match my Redline theme. I thought about doing red buttons but figured it would be too much red based on some google pics I found. I wish there was an option to at least choose a red panic button without having to buy the extra button set, I really only wanted the 1 button. Maybe I will email AJT and suggest that as an option to include a red panic button.
  14. I second this. I just got mine last week and it is pretty slick. Many customization options to fit your style. It is super high quality and I feel like it can take some abuse for quite some time over the cheap plastic OEM key fob. Also probably cheaper than OEM but I have not looked for OEM replacement.
  15. You can look around on eBay, I believe there have been some pretty sweet deals on the light up emblems. That's where everyone here has been getting their LED emblems.
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