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  1. I am VERY close at 33.50" (the actual measurement from ground to top of tire right now). If I go to 33.25" I think it will be perfect. Each tweak takes me about 20 minutes - revert to stock then load new settings then drive and compare to Google Maps speedometer.
  2. It's just called the Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator. Was $170 on Amazon. I'm in the middle of trial and error right now to get it perfect. I have 35's but entering that didn't give me a correct reading. Now stepping down in 1/4" increments to find where it registers accurate speed.
  3. Has anyone used a speedometer calibrator on their eAssist after bigger tires? I got a Hypertech Calibrator but the hardware doesn't have it programmed for the eAssist and the software couldn't find compatible settings in the internet sync, so it sent my system specs back to Hypertech for the engineers to look at. I imagine not too many eAssist owners lift their trucks so they don't have enough demand to calibrate for eAssist ECUs. UPDATE: Hypertech added availability within a few hours of the automated request from the software. Speedometer is now calibrated!
  4. Older thread but still throwing in my experience. I put a 6" Fabtech suspension lift with 20x10 Fuels and 35" K02s on my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT w/ eAssist. I also installed a Volant cold air intake, and a custom exhaust. The main thing that caused problems was the intake because of the location of the coolant reservoir not normally in that spot but there because of the hybrid battery. Just had to get creative with moving it out of the way a couple inches. There was rubbing from the wheels but that stopped after I removed the stock fender flares and installed some Rough Country flares. With all the work done, I then added a Range AFM Disabler to run on 8 cylinders at all times. In hindsight, I would not have gotten the eAssist but that's all the dealer had coming on the truck at the time and it's worked out okay.
  5. I spoke with The Retrofit Company (parent company of Morimoto) who said they have experienced this from one other customer and already has this escalated with Morimoto to find the fix. My original thought was a resistor but the support agent said that won't do it. Will keep this thread updated once I have more info in case others experience the same.
  6. I just installed Morimoto XB Headlights (LF544) into my 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT. Everything works great (DRLs, high beam, low beam, hazards) except the turn signals. I tried sequential and regular, both have the problem. Turning on either turn signal starts normal for a few clicks and then speeds up 2x and kicks out an error "Left/Right Turn Indicator Failure" (rear turn signals go in tandem with the speed). I called my local GMC dealer to see if they can reset the BCM in case the Morimoto LEDs are sending something to the BCM it doesn't like, but the guy in service I talked to said he doesn't think resetting would help. Any ideas here? They sure are beautiful headlights, but I can't keep them if they are always going to kick out an error message when I use a turn signal. Thank you!
  7. I just ordered the Morimoto's and was going to put my OEMs on Ebay after I remove. DM me if you're interested and we can talk!
  8. Those Morimoto's are beautiful, thank you for the link!
  9. A Recon rep told me that for my style of stock headlights, the wires would have to be cut from my headlights and wired in to the Recon headlights as the connectors are not the same (for my stock style). As bad as I want Recon headlights, this sounds a little dicey. Anyone have experience doing this and can share a picture of the wiring?
  10. I love the wireless charger on the center console of my 2018 GMC Sierra. However, it doesn't fit my large phone (Galaxy Note 10+) and won't fit my new phone (S21 Ultra) and the phone has to sit just perfect at an angle to start charging. Has anyone seen replacement tops to the center console with a larger wireless charging pad?
  11. Wanted to update you all... mechanic had ordered the wrong model, probably for the 6.2 instead of the 5.3. When the correct one arrived, it had the coupler. He had to move the coolant reservoir but got it to work pretty easily. He did it differently than I've seen others on here do it so wanted to show another option.
  12. Is the curve on this the same curvature of the 2018 1500 emblem? I grinded down my 2018 emblem and used double sided automotive tape to affix to a mesh grill which works great (pictured). Thinking of doing the same thing with this, but since it's for the 2019/20, not sure if the curve will be the same after grinding down the back. Also guessing I will have to cut into the mesh grill a little to get an opening large enough for the wiring harness.
  13. The mechanic picked out this one https://volant.com/collections/2018-gmc-sierra-1500-5-3l-v8/products/closed-box-air-intake-15553 because he thought it would reduce the chance of coolant reservoir getting in the way. Before he bought it, I confirmed it was for the 5.3. He says the coolant reservoir isn't even the problem, he can get past it. It's the 1/2" diameter difference. Thanks for the website, I'll check it out.
  14. I dropped my truck off today to have an intake installed (reading everything here made me decide to have someone else do it). He was very confident he could get it installed but just called me to say he can't make it fit as the entrance to the manifold is 1/2 smaller. Where did you buy the silicon 90 degree reducer (4" to 3.5")?
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