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  1. @TXGREEK, what tires are you using instead of the Ridge Grapplers?
  2. My truck doesn't fit in my garage, it's too long so I park it in the driveway which is where you see it in the last picture with the new tonneau cover and bed rails. I've got wheel spacers coming in for the back tires. The new knuckles from the lift pushed out the front wheels around 1.75 inches, so I purchased 1.75 inch wheel spacers for the back. Waiting on those to come in. I've purchased the tow mirrors from Boost Auto. I got the ones with the paintable mirror caps. They come in black, chrome, and paintable DIY. Each mirror has 2 caps, a large one for the top and a small one for the bottom. I just finished the last of the clear coat layers on one large and one small cap. On the other two, I accidently sprayed too much clear coat and it bled in a very strange way, almost looks like a fold that's going all the way across two sides of each. I need to wet sand those spots down, clean it off, than calm my ass down when spraying the clear coat back on so I don't do it again. I'm hoping to have them installed in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow. I'm in Oregon, in one of the areas that's been burning, but thankfully we finally got rain and a ton of it too! Tomorrow looks like we might not get any so I wanna get these on ASAP. After the mirrors, I'm likely going to replace the nerf bars. The ones I have are a chrome tube with black plastic steps. The driver side step broke today (GDI!!) so I think that's next.
  3. I've got the steel Stahl wheel spacers at 1.75 inches coming to help even out the wheels. I like the wheels so I won't be replacing them. However the tires will be replaced with Nitto Ridge Grapplers. They will be 35x12.5r20, but I'm working out how I'm gonna do this. My wife has a 2016 Jeep Wrangler, I might put these 33's on her Jeep and get the 35s for me.
  4. Truck is finally lifted with the Zone 6.5", upgraded the rear shocks to Fox 2.0, and added rear leafs to prevent sag when towing. The leaf's sorta gave me back some of the rake the truck used to have when stock, but not as bad. I'm ok with it, for now. I'm not sure how i managed to get both the front and back pictures blurry haha, i was in a rush. Here's looking down the front driver side to see how far the wheels are sticking out: And here's the rear, i didnt manage to get the image dead on where i wanted, but its still easy to tell that the rear is sucked in far too much. This is inside one of the front wheels, shows what they did with the cables and whatnot. And they forgot to install the skid plate, i went back later and they put it on: I also received my replacement parts for the tonneau cover, not sure if i mentioned that they were missing before? I ordered the RetraxONE MX from carid.com and there was some damage (mostly to packaging) and missing parts. I contacted Retrax instead of CarID and they replaced all the missing parts and so I got it installed. I also purchased the gloss black hex rails from Deezee and installed those. The nice thing is the rails went on top of the side rails for the tonneau cover which helps to hold them down. They felt very flimsy like if i was to get up in the back of the truck and put my hand on the tonneau cover rails, i might break it or rip it off, the bed rails clamping it down seems to do a great job holding it down.
  5. I'm not sure how i managed to get both the front and back pictures blurry haha, i was in a rush. Here's looking down the front driver side to see how far the wheels are sticking out: And here's the rear, i didnt manage to get the image dead on where i wanted, but its still easy to tell that the rear is sucked in far too much. This is inside one of the front wheels, shows what they did with the cables and whatnot. And they forgot to install the skid plate, i went back later and they put it on: Rear shocks were upgraded to Fox 2.0's, fronts are still the rancho shocks from the Z71 package. Will i notice much of a difference if i upgrade these too?
  6. Haha yes, i'll be taking pictures! I currently have the glossy Fuel Assault's on my truck, they sadly have a +1 offset. I'm considering selling these and getting something with a better negative offset. I knew nothing about what i was doing when i picked these haha but they do still look good. I bought 1.75" spacers from Custom Offsets for the rear wheels, they havent come in yet. My current tires are 33x12.5 r20 Toyo Open Country R/T's. They have around 70% tread left, so i think im going to try and sell these and move up to 35's. I'm wondering if i should stick with the Toyo's or move to the Nitto Grapplers? I want something that looks more aggressive than the Toyo's, but rides just as nice as the Toyo's.
  7. I wanted to get the McGaughy's, but the place im having do my lift said that they were over a month out because they had to be ordered and they wouldnt schedule me until it came in, so i went with the 6.5" Zone lift, with the upgraded fox shocks and leafs, because im too excited to wait haha. I do think the McGaughy's is better, but after scouring the internet, i've found nobody that has a legitimate reason for disliking either of the two lifts. My appointment is tomorrow, so i'll have pictures Wednesday or Thursday hopefully! Its gonna look amazing!
  8. 6.5" Zone Lift scheduled for 9/15, pickup 9/16.
  9. Yep they are 50 watt LED's, truck came with HID's. So far they are definitely worth the money! If these didnt work to resolve the issues I was having, i was going to remove the tint because for me, it was just too dark. There were too many situations where it was just too difficult to see, but with the Lasfit LED's, its not a problem at all! They are bright shining through 20% vinyl. I cant imagine how crazy bright they would be if i didnt have any Vinyl! I would think that anyone who buys these would surely need to make sure that their headlights are not going to blind anyone, and i wouldnt recommend them for anyone who has a truck lifted more than 3 inches unless the headlights are tinted because they are just soooo damn bright! All of these light upgrades i got from Lasfit are super bright! So in short, yes they are 50 watts, yes they are worth the money (and cheaper than the 35 watt HID's that arent as bright), and yes i plan on keeping the tint since these work so well! Time will tell though when it comes to the quality of these lights. They do contain 2 fans, one in the back of the bulb and one in the new cover. So there's more places where these can fail. I've scoured the internet and havent found any reviews of people having a bad time with these headlights though, so thats a very good sign!
  10. Thanks @kwOH I had no idea! The OEM handles feel so much sturdier. The aftermarket handle i bought felt like it was going to break every time i used it, and i always had to lift on the left side of it, the right side would never open the tailgate. With this one, its back to normal and looks great! I received my Borla ATAK exhaust and i've installed it. It went on very easily with only two issues. The first issue i had expected, and that was removing the stock exhaust. I ended up having to cut it twice (into 3 pieces) to get it removed. The second issue was the the first piece that connects to the CAT approaches at an angle towards the passenger door. The connector on the CAT also angles this way, so they dont go together perfectly, but their construction appears to be made for this so it hasn't caused any problems and clamped on without issues. This exhaust sound AMAZING! I got mine off of Amazon for $1024, everywhere else i looked they were $1195 so be sure to shop around! I saved $170 by doing that which has essentially paid the majority of the cost for my lights! Because its an exhaust, there's not much to show in pictures, but none-the-less, there's a couple things to see! Looking at the image below, the left half is the before and the right half is the after. I purchased the black polished tips since the exhausts turn black after awhile unless you clean them every few days or so, and i dont put that much work into my truck and the black looks better anyway! Its actually more of a gunmetal grey, its a very dark grey almost black, but they look great! When you look at the right side where i have my old polished chrome tip, you'll notice the Borla sits quite a bit closer to the wheel. Because of this, i can sometimes hear the ding when rocks hit it, with the stock location, that doesnt happen, but i've only heard this so far when driving on gravel roads. Nothing im going to worry about! It sounds incredible though, get one! I waited for night and installed my Lasfit lights. I have 4 bulbs i was unable to use due to swapping out the tail lights with Winjet LED taillights and not remembering that they cant be changed out. Before jumping into the pictures, i want to say that its hard to take pictures of lights. Cameras auto adjust their brightness, saturation, gain, exposure, and all sorts of other things to adjust for variances in the light to keep things visible and natural. You have to make some of your own assumptions when looking at pictures of lights to understand differences. For everything i've changed, i did a picture with one light installed and not the other so you can see difference. In some of them, you can look at things like the detail in the sidewalk on the floor that the light is allowing you to see. Without the light, its black. With a little light, you cant make out much at all, and with a lot of light, you can make out much more detail. You can use that trick to compare new vs old, or any other trick you might know of! Now lets jump into the pictures! First was the Lasfit backup lights. These are the white lights that go into your taillights. Stock tail lights have 3 bulbs in the back, one on top, one in the middle, and one on the bottom. This would be the middle bulb. In the picture, the left side is the Lasfit, right side is stock. You can definitely see the difference in the picture (check sidewalk details!), but in person the difference is much larger! These are VERY bright! And here's after i replaced them both: Next we move to the front and work on the amber lights: I have 20% smoke on these too, and in person you can definitely tell. The Lasfit lights bring the brightness back for sure, and i think its even brighter then it was before! Of course its hard to tell in the picture, but one thing i noticed (in person) was that when the lights were on, i couldnt really find any obvious light bouncing off the ground or the garage door or anything from the stock light with the tint, however, the upgraded light painted everything orange on that side of the truck! Its bright! Now the headlights. Pictures dont do any of these lights any justice, but they do the headlights the worst justice for some reason. Here's a comparison of stock lights with 20% tint on the right, with Lasfit LED's and 20% tint on the left The easiest thing to notice is how much smoother the spread of light is on the left side. I've done a lot of driving on stock headlights with no tint, and a bunch more on stock headlights with tint. On stock headlights with tint, its a bit rough to see thing but its still a fairly normal amount of light (more-so on older vehicles). After putting in the new lights, its sooo much brighter! I dont think its back to stock levels but its close. A lot of people will likely have an issue with how dim the lights are after putting tint on the headlights with stock bulbs, but after upgrading to these, nobody will have an issue with that brightness! The only issue i have is that the tint does change the color of the lights. I figured this might happen since before putting the tint on, i held it up in the light and it had a brownish look to it which translates to a yellowish look, but its not horrendous by any means! Polarity on these bulbs matters... I was unlucky enough to put every single entire bulb in backwards on the first try....... I wish there was a way to know which way they needed to go in, that would have helped a lot! I did upgrade the license plate lights too, but they were leftover bulbs that i used on my wife's Jeep, they are 6000k, cheap, but looks good! Next up, i got my Du-Ha and installed that: I was taking a couch to my brothers house and my exhaust (you can see the box on the left side) to my friends, he wanted to help install it. Either way, the picture above is of the underseat storage sitting on top. Here's a picture of it installed with the seats down There's a small gap, which i like, makes it easy to grab hold of the seat and lift it. This thing is solely for quick access to underseat storage on the driver side, not the passenger side. I have a car seat on the passenger side, and you can see most of the junk on the seat that was on the floor and under the seats before getting the storage, now its all in the storage, except for the windshield sun blocker thingy (wth is that called!?). I actually cant figure out where to put it now that i have the underseat storage, but if i keep it on the side over there, nobody can or will step on it so i'll probably keep it there. I rarely use it, maybe i'll toss it? Well, next up is the new tonneau cover and bed rails, and box 2 of 2, of the tonneau cover just arrived, so i'm gonna go throw that in right now!
  11. So as I mentioned last week, my tailgate handle broke (internally) and was not fixable, so i purchased a new one... Since im doing a lot of blacking out and removing some of the chrome trim, i decided that instead of buying an all chrome tailgate assembly, i went with the stock black look with the handle itself being chrome. Its so much more sturdy then the chrome handle i put on before! I've also received all the parts i needed to update my switches. Here's a before and after: And a better look at the after All of my Lasfit lights and my Du-Ha came in, gonna put those in here in awhile. I also received my Borla ATAK exhaust, going to put that in tomorrow.
  12. Eventually i'll get rid of the tint when i upgrade my headlights to something thats black inside. That'll get rid of my need to black out the headlights. Either way, glad they are still working well, cant wait to install mine and see how well it works!
  13. Im currently leveled with 33's and only getting 14... I think most people here drive mostly on highways, i take backroads and drive in the city. I'll probably be at 10 with a lift haha So since i tow, i'm thinking i'll need the leaf's which will put the end up higher. On a lot of these kits, it looks like the end is actually lower than the front so maybe it'll help even things out? Any idea how much higher the tail end will be? Also, everywhere i look, everyone is saying the Bilstein 5100's are the best shocks to get. Will they work with these kits or do i have to buy what they offer with the kits?
  14. Thanks for that! My boat and trailer i believe is about 3000lbs. If I went with McGaughy's, would that tow weight justify the need for traction bars or leafs? @Aboogie808, is this what you meant by tracking or were you referring to the leaf's?
  15. Thanks @fondupot, i meant to ask you how they are holding up for you. You dont by chance have your headlights tinted do you? If i'm doing the math right... Then the stock headlights are 2000 lumens total (1k per bulb). After applying the 20% tint to the headlights, that means they are now only 400 lumens. If I upgraded to the 35w HID's which are 3000 lumens without tint (1500 per bulb), then they would be 600 lumens with the tint, still not even half way to stock! Now with the Lasfit being 10,000 lumens total (5k per bulb), that would mean that while tinted, 2000 lumens would make it through (1k per bulb), which matches the stock lights without tint. Did i botch my math? If not, then the Lasfit's are going to be absolutely perfect (until a fan dies)!
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