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  1. Mike_D's 2017 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 (WIP)

    I got my fender flares. Grabbed the Tyger Auto bolt on look for $179. Any advice on painting these? I found the code for my paint on a sticker in the glove box, it said U636R, but Google searches all return WA636R. Are these the same? Here's my best shot at the steps to do this, please help me correct my mistakes! I've never painted anything before. Rough it up with 200 grit sandpaper or scuff paste and scotch brite pad. Wash it down really well Use an antistatic plastic cleaner to help keep the dust off Apply 3 coats of primer (15-30m between coats) Apply 3 coats of paint (15-30m between coats) Apply 3 coats of clear coat (15-30m between coats) Wet sand with 2000 grit sandpaper (or should I use less? 1200?) Buff to shine. Did I miss anything or get anything wrong? Those 8 steps are what my research has bright me to.
  2. I'm trying to find grill lights that are colored like the special ops lights, but i kinda want single LED's that arent super bright, its just for looks so i dont want them blinding. Just 4 single led lights that look nice and have that light blue color and can be mounted in the grill of my Silverado, but i cant find anything that matches this. Has anyone seen anything similar to what i'm looking for?
  3. Mike_D's 2017 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 (WIP)

    I figured this is appropriate, a before and after sort of thing.
  4. Gonna try to do this in timeline format, good luck me! November 3rd, 2017 This is the day i purchased this beautiful work of art! And its the first truck i've ever owned! Here's the details on my truck and an image from purchase day: 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, LT Z71, Double Cab Silver Ice Metallic with Jet Black interior (its actually grey, not sure why they call it Jet Black) LT Plus Package Power Sliding Rear Window Universal Home Remote Rear Park Assist Power Adjustable Pedals All Star Edition Power Driver Seat Dual zone climate control, A/C Tilt and telescoping steering column Remote Vehicle Start Rear Window Defroster 110v AC power outlet Engine: 5.3L V8 Ecotec3 3.42 rear axle ratio 40/20/40 front seat/bench 60/40 rear folding bench Power windows/doors Rear camera 8" color touch stereo with HD audio, Single slot CD/MP3, Bluetooth, SiriusXM Color Driver Info Display Front recovery hooks Heated outside mirrors EZ lift and lower tailgate Most everything else is common stuff that really needs no mention.. Hell, half of what i just mentioned didnt need mention! My goal with this truck was to purchase the least amount of features i dont want while getting the most features i want and allow myself to add more later, with the end result being that i have a truck with the most features i want and lacking the fewest. The LTZ gave me too many things i didnt want to pay for, like leather seats which i dislike very much, and heated seats that only ever make me feel like i have to poop. The LT Z71 was really a strategic choice, same with the double cab, kids cant really kick the back of my seats if they cant get their feet up there! Let the build begin! November 13th, 2017 My first purchase! I grabbed some weathertech floorliners and kick mats for the back of the seats. I have kids, they must NOT destroy my pretty! My 3 year old, who was 1 at this time will surely be putting her feat all over the back of at least one of my seats. And you know.. kids... dirty hands touching whats in front of them... Kids... Also a great reason for the floor liners! I also purchased nerf bars at the dealership when i bought the truck, but they had to order them and on this same evening, I installed them. Again on this same evening, I purchased the AVS Bugflector II and Husky Mud Guards. I never took a picture of the mud guards, but i have a picture with the bugflector and its beautiful! November 16th, 2017 Installed a 7" antenna. You'll see it in other pictures, but it looks exactly the same as the super long one that came with the truck, just shorter. November 20th, 2017 WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors (82740). I really didnt want the ones that stick on, i've seen far too many of them fall off, and they dont look nearly as good. These are dark and they dont show up well in pictures, but i have this picture i made black and white using Google Photos where they show up quite well, and i must say, damn she's lookin good! January 4th, 2018 Are you wondering what happened to December? Well.. I have kids, and Christmas is in December... So.. Long story short, the holidays had their way with my wallet, but since its January, back to the build! Frame tube hole covers and Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat (DZ86973). I dont know if the hole covers really do anything for the truck, but i think its an improvement on the looks. That hole is just weird to me! If you dont know what holes i'm talking about, they are in the wheel wells (i didnt take pictures of this). If you lift your truck, they become very visible. As for the bed mat, i want to maximize my protection! So later i'll get a spray in bed liner to protect the bed from scratches, and this bed mat will protect the bottom from impacts. January 5th, 2018 Time to grow a manly mane to go along with my manly truck! January 25th, 2018 I hate driving around with no privacy, so bring on the window tint! Matched the front to the back April 16th, 2018 Wife said i was spending more money on my truck then i was on her, so i had to give it a break. Three months of hell! Sheesh.... I hope she doesnt browse this forum Bring on the upgrades! Ok, so i had to ease into it with a skull hitch and chrome license plate frames for the front and back: May 1st, 2018 Next up is the chrome caps for the side mirrors. I'm actually not too happy with these. They are from Sizver, and its hard to see in this picture but there's a dent in it (its plastic though?), and they dont cover the whole mirror, there's a tiny bit of silver that sticks out around the edges. Eventually, i'll upgrade the mirrors entirely so i can have the auto folding mirrors, i'll buy the ones that are already chrome! I also purchased the Putco chrome fender trim kit (97296). These things were absolute garbage! I sent them back. They needed to be bent all across the entire trim, otherwise it would stick out from the truck and look terrible! No pictures of these, only got one on before stopping. This set is made to fit too many vehicles, or its made poorly. Dont buy it! There's also no paint protection on these. I'll just get some real fender flares later! May 15th, 2018 A black vinyl sticker for the bowtie emblem on the steering wheel, a sew on leather steering wheel cover thingy, chrome tail light trim, and a chrome tailgate handle. Pictured is the chrome tailgate handle and chrome trim on the tail lights. June 1st, 2018 Chrome trim for the sliding rear window (still not sure how i feel about these), and black bowtie emblems for the front and the back to replace the gold that doesnt really fit the color scheme... Neither do the amber lights, but i'll change that another time either with new headlights or i'l black'em out! I need more info on blacking them out, i want it done right but i've never done it before. You'll see 1 piece of the chrome trim for the rear sliding window in the second picture, but in later pictures you'll see the other piece. I also purchased black door handles that I installed after the black bowties. With that, i also purchased these door handle buckets from Putco. They look amazing! But they have the brand name in GIANT letters right behind the handle. I may take care of that by using a flat 1" chrome trim and stick it over the words, it might cause problems with grabbing the handle though, so i'm not really sure yet on a solution, but NOBODY sells these things except Putco! So sad... June 3rd, 2018 Purchased the Tyger tonneau cover. This thing is great! Looks good, flops in the wind a bit but very very stable! (This picture also shows off that chrome rear window trim pretty well too). June 6th, 2018 Took this beauty over to Les Schwab and had them install a leveling kit (raised the front 2.5 inches). I kinda feel stupid for paying them so much to do what i could have done for free, but whatever.. Its done, and it looks great! June 10th, 2018 Putco Chrome Window Trim (97508). I was sooooo skeptical on buying these because the pictures were not at all the correct items being purchased, but it turned out great! I also added chrome trim around the 3rd break light (above the sliding window). Hard to see here, but you'll see it in other pictures. June 21st, 2018 Bed Liner! Took the truck over to Line-X and had them spray it in, they did a damn good job! Had to take out the bed mat and remove the tonneau cover, but they went back on after. This bed liner was needed baaaaaaaaaaad! That bare metal look in the bed was terrible! June 23rd, 2018 Good things come to those who wait.. A month prior to this, i finally ordered wheels and tires, and DAMN they were expensive! I hated making this purchase, and justifying this to my wife was impossible, needless to say, I was i the dog house for quite some time because of this... Totally worth it! I purchased the glossy Fuel Assault 20x9's, four of them cost me $1040. The tires are Toyo Open Country R/T 33x12.5r20LT's, these cost me $1361. I added locking lugs and TPMS's for $45 and $179 as well. My total? A mind numbing $2625 just for the wheels and tires! You can definitely get a more expensive set, but for my petty bank account, this was a ton! The wheels and tires in June were the last thing I upgraded. So here's what she looks like now: And here's whats coming in the future, but there are decisions to be made: Fender Flares. These will definitely be paint matched, and they will be the riveted bolt on style! My only issue here is getting a pair that doesnt break the bank. Seems they all cost $800+ and i dont think thats worth it. Right now, its looking like i'll get the Tyger Auto flares for $179, and paint them myself. I can get all that done for under $300. I'll lose my husky mud guards, but those were always meant to be temporary! Black or Chrome door accent trim. Currently they are paint matched, and i think if i stuck with black fender flares, black would be great, but since i'm paint matching, i think chrome may look better. What do you all think? Auto folding mirrors. Trucks are large, parking spots are small, auto folding mirrors just make sense to me, especially because i'm always parking in larger public parking lots. Black painted grill (like the red line editions!). I think the grills on the red line's look great! I dont want to spend $1000+ on a new grill when i can just paint it black and it'll look great! So thats the goal. I just need to find the right paint and the right process and get it going. Any recommendations? Bull Bar. I'm not really sure which way to go here, black or chrome? I currently have the paint matched grill (except the insert area, thats black), so if I go with black, will that be too much black on the front end? Too much chrome if i go that way? This is a hard decision... I also need one that has the license plate holder since in my state of Oregon, we are required to have license plates on the front and the back. blah... Seat Covers. I cant find anything at a reasonable price, so eventually i'll find something i like at a reasonable price or i'll bite the bullet on the expensive ones. Truck bed organizer. Mostly for groceries. I can put them in the back but i have to drive easy or the bags spill everywhere! I was thinking about a bed extender since when its folded in, its sectioning off the back? Not sure here yet, they are expensive and i dont want to spend that much on it just for groceries! Headlights/Tail lights. I like the custom look on headlights and tail lights, and i've seen some really nice looking ones! But not for my truck... yet... so i'm just waiting until i find ones that i really like. Grill accent lights. I'm struggling with this one! The ford raptor, and the special ops silverado (which i dont think they ever made?) have lights across the top of the grill. I want to do this too but i want them as accent lights, not something to light up the street. I want to get 3 or 4 lights that will fit in there. I love the color of the lights on the special ops, but overall, i want a white or blue color, but nothing super bright. I'm not having any luck finding anything here. Any recommendations? New Hood! I like the hoods with the hood scoop on the 2500 HD's! I want that hood, or something similar that has the scoop, and looks bulky and awesome! If that means i lose my bug deflector, thats fine, but i'd like to keep it if possible. Any recommendations on hoods? Well thats all she wrote! I do want to add other things like a nicer stereo because those gaps on the sides suck, better speakers, trim accents in the cab, knob covers, but some of these are a ways off or i just cant find anything. Sometimes you just have to wait until a vehicle is 5-10 years old before the good stuff comes out! If anyone wants more info, pictures, or anything, respond and i'll supply!

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