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  1. This is absolutely crazy.....never even noticed that.....huge safety issue for someone riding in the middle.
  2. Yeah i meant left hand side if you are facing the engine.....should have been a bit more specific
  3. Its closer to the back of engine on left hand side.....very near the coolant and firewall.....wish I had pics....sorry
  4. Condensation buildup......happens on all vehicles.....happens alot during summer months down here in the South
  5. Thanks for that info.....yeah I seen that lip in the pic......Huskys was my 2nd choice but I really want to give the GM ones a try
  6. I love this mod.....definitely going to set up my truck with a pair of these.
  7. Nice.... thanks for the pics.....gives a great visual of how they would work and i now see what you mean about right under the gas pedal
  8. Appreciate this info.....seems like they too come with their cons.
  9. Has anyone had experience with the GM all weather interlocking premium mats both front (no console) and back? Would like to purchase them to cover the carpet in my truck, but would like some opinions first. Or even if you got pictures. And if possible part numbers. Not really interested in Husky or Weathertech. Thanks in advance.
  10. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum or Amsoil for me.......there is even a YouTube video that has a oil shootout.....they all performed but the 2 i mentioned stood out and thats what I use.
  11. Got this off a YouTube video since I didn't take pictures
  12. Well I definitely wasn't under 5000 miles but it definitely looked like yellowish greenish tint Something like this
  13. Just curious as to why the front differential fluid comes out sort of milky...or at least the existenceof some white material....anybody who has changed theirs experience this? I'm not a mechanic....just a weekend DIYer.....so please don't roast me. Plug had some normal sludge.
  14. Heard some good reviews on the AFE CAI......might get one myself in the near future.
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