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  1. I'm interested to see pics if you guys got anything installed....this seems intriguing.
  2. Looks great....what brand of block in the rear?....any issues?
  3. Just installed the AFE Momentum Gt on my Silverado......I love it.....definitely woke the truck up a bit.....next up a tune
  4. Change them all.....Amsoil is what I use.....but whatever suits you.....you could probably wait till 50,000 miles for tyranny, but everyone is different
  5. Thanks.....I have seen the thread....nothing that helps me with my projectors.....either I have to mod the housing or they don't last long or countless other complaints.....haven't heard any positives with anyone about the projector bulb
  6. I've had the same problem.....all I want to do is upgrade the bulb from boring yellow orange to a more whiter blueish tint. But I can't find anything for my ltz projector headlights. Everything requires some extra BS or I read that people have problems after 6 months to a year with. Just want the bulb to be whiter lol
  7. AFE momentum gt has great low end performance some good peak gains. Get what you want at the end of the day. Don't listen to the guys that say CAI are a waste of money. Stats don't lie. Goodluck
  8. Could you provide more information?.....is it a sticker.....or a plate of some sort?
  9. Appreciate the help.....im going to give it a go.....hopefully I can make it work
  10. Thank you so much.....I shaved a bit off with a knife and it fit perfectly. My question now is getting it to align. When you make the notch wider.....will it still allow it to click in place?......it doesn't move or rotate because you made the notch bigger?
  11. Finally got around to ordering mine......hope to have them in sometime this week or next week......depending when they arrive. Cant wait!!!!
  12. Wow.....thanks a bunch guys for that part number.....couldn't find these anywhere....everyone I asked didn't know what the hell i was talking about...been needing 1 since I lost it when I was moving homes.
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