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  1. Looks great, I have the same set up but with +2 offset, dark tint vapors on bfg ko2’s .
  2. I’m going with Fuel Warrior 20x9 +20, Ridge Grapplers 33/11.5 on stock suspension. Will post some pics once the tires come in. Going for a flush look.
  3. Wrapped in Nitto Ridge Grapplers 295/55
  4. Sierra AT4 wheels and tires

    Yes, the tire size will fit. Just wondering what wheel offset will get the flush look I want.
  5. Sierra AT4 wheels and tires

    Wondering if anyone has tried 275/60/20 +1 offset on an AT4 stock suspension. Looking for a combo that is flush. My tire shop ordered +20 offset rims (Fuel Warrior) but I’m not certain there is a tire combo that works with that offset. Thanks
  6. Looks great! What’s the tire size?

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