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  1. Dave, I just put on a set of these on my 2014 Silverado (except with chrome caps and smoked marker lenses). I had the DL3 mirrors as original (power fold, heated, auto-dim, turn signal, puddle light) and was able to get all of those same functions using my stock door harness. My 2014 also required the RZY harness to be installed in the cab with one lead running out through the firewall. Additionally, the door harnesses have to be either replaced or modified by you. I would suggest you go check @pgamboa and look at his thread on tow mirror upgrades. VERY helpful information and he also offers custom harnesses that can allow you to do a couple of other functions with those mirrors. Also, check out some of his videos and those of a few others out there on YouTube as they are helpful in planning your project.In terms of quality and function...the Trail Ridge mirrors are top notch and meet or exceed OEM quality in my opinion. Hope you have as much fun with your upgrade as I did!
  2. I just put the same set of mirrors on my 2014 with same options except chrome caps. I have some harnesses on order from @pgamboa but couldn't wait to get them installed once I opened the box. Right now I've got the RZY harness installed and will finish the job once the door harness kit gets here (to make the spot and marker lights functional) . Gotta tell ya, these are some quality mirrors and made all the difference in looks and function. I think you are going to be really happy with this mirror set. I think they look better than the GM upgrade mirrors. Really happy that the mirror/seat memory works too! Good luck with your project.
  3. Tailgate LED light bars

    Got the Putco light bar installed today. I was surprised that the are now shipping their own harness adapter so everything is truly sealed plug and play including the reverse lights! Will send back the Curt adapter and 5 pin harness that i planned to use for this project. Took about an hour to test and install and I am.very pleased with the fit, look, and function. Easy upgrade for under $200. Highly recommended!! Pics to follow when it isn't pouring rain.
  4. Currently running XD 798 Addict on my 2014 LTZ
  5. Power Folding tow mirrors

    Have you done this mod yet? I am currently working on mine with a 2014 Silverado and mirrors from 1A Auto. For a full thread which is pretty self explanatory, check with @pgamboa
  6. My factory kit came with screws
  7. I just did this job on my 2014. Purchased an improved design condenser from Performance Radiator which comes with a lifetime warranty for $125. Did the work myself and rented a vacuum pump from Oreillys and also got synthetic refrigerant there. About $225 out of pocket and 3.5 hours labor.
  8. A/C Condenser

    Just did this job a few weeks ago. Got a new condenser from Performance Radiator (they are national) for $125 and comes with a lifetime warranty and the two gaskets included plus a new stud for the trans cooler fitting. Went to Oreillys for 1 large bottle of synthetic refrigerant and one small bottle (both have the oil in them). I also rented the vacuum pump and manifold set to draw down the vacuum and remove water (this is why you need to run the vac pump for about an hour...the water in the lines will kill your compressor). The rental is free if you return the pump within 48 hours. Worked like a charm and no BS welds on the condenser like the GM OE. There are some great videos that show you how to do this step by step. Total out of pocket around $225 and 3.5 hours to do the entire job.
  9. There's your tell-tale of what damage the leak is doing right there!!
  10. Another great thread. I have had intermittent leaking at the fasteners of my driver side visor for the past year. I haven't been able to figure out where the water comes from and didn't think about the shark fin antenna which is located directly above the leak inside. Went to GM and input my VIN to get the correct part number (23447542) for my 2014 Silverado with satellite radio and OnStar and got a new one on the way from eBay for only about $20 with free express shipping compared to $55 from GM directly and 2-3 weeks shipping. A few good videos are out there detailing the swap and giving some suggestions to reinforce the totally inadequate weather seal on this thing. Will update when received and installed. Not currently having any operational systems issues, just an annoying intermittent leak.
  11. Lighted Tailgate Emblem

    I don't care who ya are....that right there is funny!
  12. Tailgate LED light bars

    I have the Putco bar (GM Part: 19370856) arriving soon and added the Curt 5-way harness and a 5-way connector on the way after reading all of the thread. Thanks for the great thread and damn all of you for giving me new mod ideas. My bank account suffers now....lol! Will post pics when I get it installed and running.

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