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  1. I also warn you, this forum is addictive. I have a Borla S-type dual catback exhaust system, an S&B CAI system, and a Diablosport tuner with Diablew custom tune sitting in the garage waiting for my truck to come back from the body shop so I can do more mods. Too many hours and dollars spent since discovering this forum... lol
  2. Yes Mike, @pgamboa is the one to contact for harness info after 6/17/2019. He may be able to offer you a DIY to update your current harness or most certainly can build you a plug and play. I used one of his DIY kits and used my old harnesses and it worked great and was simple, but you do have to unwrap your old harness and it involved swapping a few pins...a little time consuming. I would think it would be a pretty simple affair because the only real difference in function between your mirrors and the DL3s is that yours have the LED spots and running lamps and the DL3 does not, but does have the LED puddle lamps.
  3. I would contact @pgamboa with this question. He will be able to tell you exactly what you need. He supplied my harness kit to upgrade my existing door harnesses and my '14 also required a "RZY" jumper harness (under dash, through firewall, and connects R&L mirrors) as my truck was not originally configured for tow mirrors. Yours may require this. I purchased my mirrors from 1A Auto. Phil is on vacation this week and will not be immediately available to reply, but he is definitely the guy to go to and can also supply your harnesses and mirror recommendations as well. Good luck with your project! I was very happy with the materials that Phil supplied to me and all of his technical knowledge on this subject. It made my upgrade very easy!
  4. Bump - Last price change before heading to eBay
  5. Purchased the power folding version of this from these guys. Let me tell ya, these are some quality mirrors and I have been thoroughly impressed with the operation, fit, and look of these mirrors. Better than the OEM tow mirrors in my humble opinion. Upgraded the OEM door harnesses and used the RZY jumper harness required for the 2014 Silverado. A little work, but fantastic results. If you are not sure of your application and what is involved, call 1A as they are very knowledgeable and can tell you all you need to know. For the wiring, you can find out all you need to know and even purchase custom harnesses if you wish on this forum. I don't often take the time to review products, but these mirrors are an exception. They really are that good.
  6. Got my tow mirror project all finished up yesterday. I decided to go with the 1A Auto Trailridge mirror and can't be happier. I really want to thank @pgamboa for all of the fantastic information. I replaced a set of DL3 mirrors on my 2014 Silverado. In addition to the mirrors, I had to install the RZY harness to provide circuitry to the door connectors, and also ordered a kit from Phil to modify my door harnesses. With the videos that Phil has done, all of the pictures, and the wiring kit with great pictures and instructions, completing my upgrade was easy and satisfying! The new mirrors look great and I am very happy. Unfortunately, I was rear ended at high speed by an uninsured, unlicensed driver early this morning. He hit me so hard that the frame and the bed of the truck bowed. He bent my bumper and my class I receiver hitch down 12 inches. He also caused two other drivers to plow into us creating a huge mess. I was the only one who drove away. Unfortunately, I turn my truck in tomorrow for a complete frame replacement and a new bed. They will have it for a minimum of a month. Thankful that I am okay with only some soreness, but am really upset that my truck was damaged so badly and that I will lose her for at least a month. Thanks again Phil, for all the help you've given everyone here!!
  7. SOLD!

    Is this complete including the black silicone coupler? (had to ask as I didn't see it pictured)
  8. Diode Dynamics

    Bought some HID lighting from Innovite on Amazon. The HID ballasts have a CANBUS on board, but the Morimoto relay harness I used was buzzing due to the PWM for the DRLs that cannot be turned off (Canadian Origin truck). I sent Diode Dynamics an email asking for possible solutions and they instantly recommended a single $10 capacitor to be used between the OEM headlight socket and the relay harness. I hadn't seen this setup before, so I ordered it and it was at my door in 2 days via USPS from Chicago. I live near Seattle WA. They told me that the "buzzing" I was getting on the relays could actually damage the HID ballasts. I had already replaced two bulbs. Guess what? One of my HID ballasts was intermittent/dying and the two bulbs which I thought were bad are actually good. I got another ballast from Innovite under warranty and all is good now. The capacitor did what it is supposed to do and there is no more buzzing or flickering. Diode Dynamics gave me all this advice and only sold me one $10 part which arrived much faster than anticipated. I will be giving them another look next time I have lighting needs.

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