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  1. Mine was missing several plugs as well. I looked into buying them at the dealer and they wanted $5 each. I ended up finding them on Amazon but I had to buy a bag of 200. It was still cheaper than buying 6 pcs from the dealer. The local paintless dent repair shop had some but none in the correct size. He had 3/4” but the GM plugs are 13/16”.
  2. Personally, I wouldn’t feel safe trusting my safety to a Bluetooth connection. I went with the Reese Compact IQ. The controllers under the dash look terrible and are a pain to reach the manual override.
  3. I didn’t stop at the first plastic lip. I went all the way to the bumper. Lol
  4. Repainted my bumper skid plate frame and polished the plate
  5. My wife really likes her RS. It is fun to drive and well equipped. I just wish they would have came up with a different name and saved the Blazer name for a possible Colorado or Tahoe based off-road capable vehicle and not a crossover.
  6. Seeing a similar ‘19 next to my ‘16 makes me like mine even more. Lol. Still not a fan of the 2019/2020s.
  7. Built a tire rack in the barn to store the winter tires/wheels for my truck and the wife’s 2019 Blazer. Got tired of them taking up space in my garage
  8. I made some pieces for mine from .10” HDPE plastic.
  9. Despite the vibration, the Generals are the best tires I’ve driven in the snow. The Mastercraft AXT and Cooper AT3 I’ve had didn’t have near the grip as these Generals. The only downside I see other than the vibration is that the sipes are only half the tread depth. These are the LT265/70/18 Generals next to my LT285/65/18 Mastercraft CXT.
  10. I put the Grabber ATX 265/70R18 on my stock wheels last winter. From day one they have caused a weird vibration during acceleration that the tire shop can’t figure out. They’ve been balanced several times including a road force balance. They even tried a different set of tires, Cooper Discoverer M+S winter tires, and they had the same strange vibration. The tread block size and spacing at the outer edges of the Coopers was similar to the Generals. At this point, I’m almost convinced the pitch of the tread blocks is causing some weird harmonics that are being transmitted through the driveline. I’ve had 3 other tires, OEM 265/65/18 Goodyear RSA, 275/65/18 Mastercraft Courser AXT, and LT285/65/18 Mastercraft Courser CXT and all of them ran smooth with no vibrations. The RSA and AXT were less aggressive than the Generals and the CXT are more aggressive than the Generals. If I put the CXT back on the vibration goes away.
  11. I posted the build in the mods section. Most of the pics were from before Photobucket tried their extortion so they may not show up now. Let me know if you need any specific pics and I’ll try to repost them.
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