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  1. The hitch on my ‘16 non max tow says it’s rated for 12,000 lbs with 1,200 lbs tongue weight. Must be a class 4.
  2. I haven’t noticed any rattles. I don’t drive on gravel roads very often though.
  3. They should have come on the Z71 but GM went cheap and used the plastic “splash shield”. The Z71 trucks did come with the steel transfer case skidplate.
  4. I just came across these new coilovers from Eibach for 2014-2018 trucks. They claim to have 1.75”-4” of adjustment. They look like some nice shocks. Who’s gonna be the first to try these out and give a review? https://eibach.com/us/pro-truck-coilover-2
  5. I made the panel. It had angle brackets behind it that were attached inside the cubby with emblem tape and the panel was attached to the brackets with velcro.
  6. Would you be interested in making another skid plate/bumper insert?

    1. HoosierZ


      Sorry, not interested.

  7. Mine was missing several plugs as well. I looked into buying them at the dealer and they wanted $5 each. I ended up finding them on Amazon but I had to buy a bag of 200. It was still cheaper than buying 6 pcs from the dealer. The local paintless dent repair shop had some but none in the correct size. He had 3/4” but the GM plugs are 13/16”.
  8. Personally, I wouldn’t feel safe trusting my safety to a Bluetooth connection. I went with the Reese Compact IQ. The controllers under the dash look terrible and are a pain to reach the manual override.
  9. I didn’t stop at the first plastic lip. I went all the way to the bumper. Lol
  10. Repainted my bumper skid plate frame and polished the plate
  11. My wife really likes her RS. It is fun to drive and well equipped. I just wish they would have came up with a different name and saved the Blazer name for a possible Colorado or Tahoe based off-road capable vehicle and not a crossover.
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