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  1. Most of my spare time has been spent in the garage working on various projects. Built an under seat storage box for my truck, a shop clock from a 24” cast iron gear, and I’m finishing up a 20 ton press.
  2. Eibach 2.5” Pro Truck lift, 2” rear blocks replaced factory 1.25” blocks, 285/65/18 on 18x9 with +12 offset. No rubbing at all even when it had 1.75” level before Eibachs.
  3. I have the Eibach shocks and springs on my truck. The threads are even with the top of the nut.
  4. Big Sexy! Painted my traction bars today. I’ll get them back on tomorrow.
  5. The truck was due for an oil, so I changed it when I got back from driving it after the treatment. The can actually says to use the cleaner before every oil change. That seems excessive.
  6. Over the weekend, I ran a can of CRC GDI valve cleaner thru my intake and it most definitely made the engine more responsive. I’ve had a catch can on my 2016 5.3L since around 5k mi and it just turned over 60k. I sprayed the cleaner through the line between the catch can and intake so the cleaner would take the same route as the PCV vapors do.
  7. Pulled off my traction bars to add a little style and repaint them.
  8. You may want to avoid steel steps or boards living in New England. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with rust issues. I live in the rust belt so I went with DeeZee NXT boards since they’re aluminum. I’ve had them for 4 yrs and they’ve held up great other than some of the coating pealing off on the bottom side and the mounting brackets rusting. They have a similar look to the RB10/RB20 boards but without the cutout slots that would allow snow and slush to get thrown up through from underneath. I recently sectioned the brackets to raise the boards up closer to the rockers.
  9. Tight to the rockers looks better. I also shortened the boards so they stop at the back of the cab.
  10. After 4 yrs of Indiana winters, the bottom of my DeeZee NXT boards are loosing their powder coat. I scraped off the loose coating, wire brushed them, and am going to spray bedliner coating on the bottom and the brackets. I’m also sectioning the brackets 1.25” to raise the boards closer to the rockers.
  11. Sunday, I pulled off the running boards, fender liners, and rocker panel plugs. Then, I flushed out the rockers and fender wells and hand washed the truck for the first time since last fall. I’m gonna repaint the board brackets and put them back on.
  12. Just looked it up on their site. $160 Site says 720 CCA, my battery says 790 CCA
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