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  1. It's beautiful and yep pretty much bulletproof! Out of curiosity how much does the set up weigh?
  2. You're correct. I just saw on the BDS website that you can't remove the Magneride because they're tied into the ABS, computer, etc. Rough Country does a 3.5" for Magneride, but I sure would like a 4" BDS kit whenever that comes out.
  3. Actually I didn't know you can't get rid of the magneride shocks. That's a bummer, but good call on your part to recognize that early on. I don't want to go to a 6" lift, so with no lower suspension lift options out there for me I guess it's time to trade in the truck then ;-)
  4. Yes thanks, I did see that but I guess I was wondering if it’s compatible with the Sierra 1500 Denali’s system at all—in other words if I replace the magneride with the Fox coil overs will it screw with the vehicle’s electronics? Is there a 4” suspension kit available for the magneride so I wouldn’t have to jack with new shocks and/or the system as a whole?
  5. Beautiful and kinda what I'm looking for on my 2016 1500 Denali. Did you have the magneride as mine does and I'm not sure if I can do the 4" BDS coilovers on mine?
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