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  1. Does anyone know what this connector is used for in the bottom left corner? I believe that the two modules that I do have are the keyless entry and the trailer tpms.
  2. I was looking for an alterative to the over priced trailer tpms sensors and found out that they appear to be the same sensors that the 2021 Camaro and Corvette use. I ran across them on shopchevyparts. According to the pictures the sensors have the same manufacturer model number ANATEL 015-16-8001, but they are $30 a piece there. They do not come with the nuts so that is another $3.75 per sensor. I do not know much about these, so please double check this information if you are going to order some. I also do not know if there is any programming that is different that would prevent these from working, or if the valve stems are different. I just noticed the same model number.
  3. I saw on another forum that other 433mhz sensors work. Does anyone know if there is a way to test a third party sensor without having them installed in the tire? Can I try to pair them without putting them in the tire?
  4. I assume that these will work with the trailer for pressure and temperature? I noticed that they are not the same model number and that the valve stems are rubber and not metal.
  5. Got my '21 AT4 HD, but didn't get the trailer tpms sensors or camera. The dealer told me I could get the sensors for $50, but when I went to lick the truck up they said the sensors would be $150 for two (I need 4) I think I saw on this forum that someone found them online cheaper. Anyone find sensors cheaper that do the temp also? Did someone else find the camera cheaper? I have $100 in GM rewards, but I hope I can find them cheaper.
  6. Where is the stock subwoofer that comes with the premium radio in the 2021 HDs? The Bose system with the Richbass. Just got my 21 AT4 gasser and love it, but the bass doesn't hit as hard as I expected. It sounds like most of the bass is coming from the speakers in the doors. It doesn't hot as hard as the stock Bose system in my '16 Volt or '02 Escalade. I kind of want to make sure they put it in! Any settings I need to change besides the obvious eq?
  7. Does anyone know the height of the hitch on a 2021 AT4 HD, or I guess it would be the same on all of the HDs? I have a Hensley Arrow and will probably need to order a new hitch bar. I would like to go ahead and get it before the truck gets here.
  8. Thanks. I went with gas and will be pulling 8k lbs travel trailer in the mountains. I was on the fence but couldn't convince myself to put down the extra $10k for the diesel. Hoping I didn't make a mistake.
  9. I have been watching many reviews of gas vs diesel and they almost always bring up that diesels cost more to own. They do not go into much detail. What are some quick examples if you don't mind sharing.
  10. Thanks! When I built mine I didn't see the option to add a towing package. I assume it would come with that hitch. I did some digging and think this is the model number: 84834293
  11. What hitch does the 2021 Sierra 2500 come with? Is it the same on the AT4? My friend just got a 2021 Ford F250 and the hitch says it is rated for a max of 10,000 lbs! Ford says the truck is rated for something like 12,500 but then put at 10k hitch on it... I haven't got my AT4 yet, but was wondering if GM is up to the same stuff. My 02 Escalade hitch is rated for 12k eventhough the Escalade itself maxes at 8,500.
  12. I do not have my truck yet, but try this. Go into the settings on the truck and turn the hotspot off, or delete the trucks network (ssid) from your phone. Now your phone shouldn't be able to connect to the truck via wifi. I think android auto just uses bluetooth so make sure you phone is paired to the truck via bluetooth and your hotspot via wifi. That should let you pull data from your hotspot and still use android auto on the truck.
  13. Thanks! I tried it again with no luck, but then noticed that it kept switching me to the 2020. Was able to get it to stay on 2021 and it was only about $400 difference. Thanks!
  14. Are you using the chat off of the main page? All I can get it the automated chat, so I do not even get the chance to ask for a code.
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