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  1. Thanks. I went with gas and will be pulling 8k lbs travel trailer in the mountains. I was on the fence but couldn't convince myself to put down the extra $10k for the diesel. Hoping I didn't make a mistake.
  2. I have been watching many reviews of gas vs diesel and they almost always bring up that diesels cost more to own. They do not go into much detail. What are some quick examples if you don't mind sharing.
  3. Thanks! When I built mine I didn't see the option to add a towing package. I assume it would come with that hitch. I did some digging and think this is the model number: 84834293
  4. What hitch does the 2021 Sierra 2500 come with? Is it the same on the AT4? My friend just got a 2021 Ford F250 and the hitch says it is rated for a max of 10,000 lbs! Ford says the truck is rated for something like 12,500 but then put at 10k hitch on it... I haven't got my AT4 yet, but was wondering if GM is up to the same stuff. My 02 Escalade hitch is rated for 12k eventhough the Escalade itself maxes at 8,500.
  5. I do not have my truck yet, but try this. Go into the settings on the truck and turn the hotspot off, or delete the trucks network (ssid) from your phone. Now your phone shouldn't be able to connect to the truck via wifi. I think android auto just uses bluetooth so make sure you phone is paired to the truck via bluetooth and your hotspot via wifi. That should let you pull data from your hotspot and still use android auto on the truck.
  6. Thanks! I tried it again with no luck, but then noticed that it kept switching me to the 2020. Was able to get it to stay on 2021 and it was only about $400 difference. Thanks!
  7. Are you using the chat off of the main page? All I can get it the automated chat, so I do not even get the chance to ask for a code.
  8. Is there a way to get these codes without having to call a dealership? I have tried the GM chat, but it will not give me the code. The chat just gives me a generic response.
  9. I am getting two very different prices on two extremely similar trucks. I put in an order for an AT4 when everything is added to it msrp is $68,660. The dealer then gave me some discounts and it is now down to $64,800 before the unknown incentives when it gets here. The dealer told me that price should be close if not better than the educational discount. I found out, thanks to you guys, that there is a separate build and price website just for education. When I built a very similar truck on there the MSRP came out to $67,930 then on the site itself it immediately drops the price to $63,776 and says that it is the GMeducator price. Then it drops it by another $3,400 for total cash allowances to make the total $60,376! I know that the cash allowances can change when the truck gets here, the other build site will just give me $2,050 for cash allowances. The educator build site was different and only let me put a premium package on it, not premium plus, so I had to add everything else one by one. The only difference in the two trucks is that I couldn't add the power running boards to the educational one online. Even if I added that later it would just be like another $1,000 (I added $800 running boards to the educational one to try to make the price closer)
  10. I got news today that mine is at 3000 with an expected production week of 4/26. How long does it usually take once it is in that production week?
  11. When does GM usually release the details of the next model year, and when do they become available? I have put an order in for a 2021 AT4, but I am starting to wonder if I should wait. I have read so much random stuff online from the interior being restyled, the exterior being restyled, new engine, new trans...
  12. I put in an order for a '21 2500 AT4 last week. I am currently pulling a 33' travel trailer with an '02 Cadillac Escalade with a Hinsley Arrow hitch. The Escalade has the 6.0L, but only 4 speed transmission. The 6.0L is a great engine I hope the 6.6L is as good. The Hinsley Arrow is an awesome hitch! You can drive next to a semi at 70 and not feel anything! I decided to go with gas 2500 because of the GCWR. A lot of times it is overlooked, but is a very important number! My Escalade has a GCWR of 14k lbs. By the time you add the weight of the trailer, the arrow hitch, stuff we put in the camper, me, my wife, dogs, gas etc. We are right at max. The Escalade is rated to tow 8500, but that is if nothing, including people, are in the Escalade. I had to load our luggage in the back of the TT to try to take some tongue weight off of it. Be careful with towing numbers they are WAY overrated especially the Fords. I had a buddy that got a '14 F150 EcoBoost and thought he could tow like 12k lbs, but after you do the math he would max out at 7.5k! I am also going to feel better with bigger brakes etc. We do not tow in the mountains right now because the Escalade would barely make it, and the ride back down would be scary. The Escalade is a decent tow vehicle if not going up mountains. I hope that the 6.6L with the 6 speed tows better. Never got to try it out, but bought anyway. Anyone coming from a 6.0L to 6.6L? How is the difference in towing? Also have an 02 Escalade in great mechanical shape for sale if anyone is interested lol!
  13. I don't think that you would get more hp out of premium gas. The point in premium gas is that it burns at a higher temperature. Really tight engines need it so that the gas doesn't prematurely detonate (knocking sound you hear) from the higher cylinder temperature.
  14. How big is your garage? It makes your at4 look small!
  15. I agree that the you should buy a truck because of it's dependability and capability. I just can not figure out why there are so many people that think the F250 interior is better than the Sierra. It looks like a work truck to me. Cheapest materials they could find plastic everywhere... Oh well just wanted to see if I was crazy.
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