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  1. Well I'm going to the dealership here later today , and or tomorrow , there has to be a way to get around it ! " or is it just a way for on-star to try and get you to buy there data Package ? " Hmmmmmmm !!!!! I will keep you informed !
  2. Did that , and Soon as I disconnected the wifi , I lost all Infotainment features through Android . But Will try the hotspot tomorrow , but I think I did that a few weeks ago. I may have to go to GM and See what they can do.
  3. Ok got a question in regards to the infotainment system in a 2021 3500 HD Denali ! I have my own personal WIFI with unlimited data , and I would like to connect to it , but every time I start my truck it connects to the onboard WIFI , that was set up the day that I purchased it , every time I disconnect from my truck my Android Auto shuts Down. Is there a way that I can connect my phone to my own personal WIFI , and Still have the Android Auto work Wirelessly ?
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