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  1. This is enticing, I had the black bear tune at the top of my list but looks like a can get one of these edge tuners for cheaper. Can you datalog with that edge like you can the black bear?
  2. I'm looking into adding the aux battery to my 2016, does any one know if the above listed harness also includes the isolation relay? Also does anyone have a part number for the negative harness? I have searched for info and this and most the threads I'm coming across are incomplete on the install. Thanks for the help!
  3. Looking to change up to some led headlight bulbs. So far looking at the heartland leds because they list them as fitting behind the stock dust cover. Do the led headlight bulbs mess with the canbus? Am I going to need extra to combat it if they do? Thanks
  4. My 2016 does this exact same thing, like others have said it seems more noticeable with the a/c on. If its the TCC holding on to long will this result in any long term issues? I have been eyeing up a black bear tune, i might just have to pull the trigger if it clears this up. I hear the 6l90 is a whole different animal once its tuned.
  5. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this, past two weeks my truck in cold start will do the typical run the idle up, come down but then idle back up again. Sometimes it goes up 2-2500rpm, and sometimes it's once sometimes it may fluctuate once it twice. Only on cold start, idle is smooth after that and it drives fine. Now when I drive to work like today it was 70* out and when I will head home it will be there upper 80's so not sure if the truck is just reacting to the temp change maybe? It hasn't done this before though, also I'm at 34,800 miles.
  6. I watched the banks series, very interesting. This cover looks to be made like the stock cover but with some added features. AAM claims 45-60* cooler fluid with this cover, so that would be an added benefit. The New banks cover has huge gains in terms of fluid cooling but no love for the gas trucks, only available for the diesel trucks.
  7. Anyone on here use one of these aam 74030017 diff covers? They list up to 2014 for Silverado but not sure if something changed after that? https://www.amazon.com/Dodge-AAM-Aluminum-Differential-Cover/dp/B01MS6Y5QD/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=aam+74030017&qid=1569115866&sr=8-1
  8. My 2016 does the same thing, once I start driving forward the camera Is still on momentarily and the radio never goes back to the main screen. I figured its just a characteristic of the truck, if you find out otherwise by taking it to the dealer post your findings please.
  9. Is what it is, big truck with big v8 and towing gears isn't going to net great Mpg. I'm actually happy with mine I average about 12-13 and drive 60-80 miles a day, I had a 2017 Tundra I got rid of for this truck and my mileage was the same and a little less during certain circumstances. So I gained much more truck without a mpg loss. Do the tunes really help increase the mpg?
  10. You will love that 2017, I just picked up a 2016 2500hd 6.0 3wks ago and it has been fantastic. I went from a 2017 Tundra to this 2016 2500 and it tows my camper so well, makes driving very enjoyable while towing. Mileage has even improved from what I was getting with my Tundra, trans temps don't even get to the normal temp my Tundra would run unloaded which was 186*. Enjoy the new truck!
  11. Looks great! What mud flaps do you have? I need to pick me up a set to keep the rocks from kicking up. Thanks!
  12. I just sold my 2017 Tundra and got back into a Silverado. I use my truck for work and towing duties and I was averaging 12.6-13.4 in the Tundra mixed highway and city, open highway I was right at 18-19, Towing my pop up camper I was at 14-14.6 and when I went to my travel trailer I was getting 10.3. I just towed the camper this weekend with my 2500 6.0 and was able to match the mileage I got with the Tundra. Tundra was a pretty good truck, I owned it for 2.5 years and put 48k miles on it, no recalls and two warranty claims. One was for a broken gas cap and the other was a big one the dreaded cam tower leak at 21k which required the top end of the motor to be torn down and resealed. Things I disliked was the small fuel tank 26gal and only 22 usable because of the 4gal reserve, brakes while towing, soft leaf springs, hard motor to work on if you ever have an issue with it, having to remove the front skid plate for oil changes to access the filter.
  13. What I gathered from reading other posts was it had a better filter media then the standard pf48 filter so that's why I went with it. I did see a small increase in oil pressure after install, these 6.0 run pretty low oil pressure as idle it seems. Just getting back in the Chevy truck game, was in a 2017 Tundra before this 2500hd and had a 2014 1500 Silvy before the Tundra.
  14. I just picked up a 2500 6.0 myself and I stuck with the 48series filter but went with the upf48r after reading some good things about them.
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