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  1. What free fix? This site sucks, can't go anywhere without adds everywhere. Why do I have to add ****** to my computer to get on a web site. C Ya, no more of this shitty site.
  2. Nice, sell it with a computer so we can put it in our trucks, and have it run right and shift right, ...right?
  3. 12 mpg average, gets down to 8 mpg towing, but it's an 8,000 pound truck, meant to do work, not be economical or pretty.
  4. Obviously no one is listening. Still sucks.
  5. Looks great, my next tires are going to be 35 25 65 18's, ran them before, going back to that size, those look great.
  6. No, just some cheap Vision wheels, they balance smooth, look good. I like them. But this new form version of nothing but adds has got me beat. I won't be back.
  7. I went the WT rout one truck, got a super good deal on it, but I just missed the steering wheel controls, and XM radio, and the power seat. So I'm a nicely optioned LT guy, don't want collision alert, lane departure, all that's not for me. Crabby old man doesn't need computers to run everything....
  8. It's kind of apples to oranges comparison..... the diesel will tow and perform heavy duty chores better then the gasser. If you need the diesel, then that's what you need, and the extra cash out lay has little to do with it.
  9. I like this forum, lots of good people, but this site sucks, to many adds, to much crap involved to just browse around. Don't want to add stuff to my computer to view things on my computer. Will go elsewhere.
  10. this place is the worst of all the forums I go on.
  11. I thought in my mind, if the taillights are getting power, then the license plate lights would be on the same circuit. Let me look. Thanks.
  12. I put a new rear bumper on my truck this weekend, and when I tried to wire up the supplied new license plate lights, I have no power at the wiring. I did one first, and checked to see if they had come on, now there is still the stocker on the other side.... and neither one lights up, not the aftermarket bumper supplied lights, nor the stocker still in place. So I'm thinking that I've been driving around for almost 3 years without license plate lights? Haven't got the meter out yet, but obviously there is no power to these lights right now.... any suggestions where to start?
  13. Crappy situation, I think the magic number of days in the dealership without any progress is 30 days, unsure, but there is a time scale, that if they can't fix it, you can opt out or some such deal.
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