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  1. You're right, Ihaven't. But I frequent the Ford forums quite a bit and you're the first time I've seen someone say they needed premium to tow their load. You pulling in the rockies, at the max limit, when it's 100+ out?
  2. 93 is NOT required to tow. They just say it's recommended for best performance to prevent knocking/pinging. If you are towing and not having that issue, no reason to run 93.
  3. You actually do have hill descent help. It comes in the form of the throttle body butterfly valve. That closes when no throttle is applied and the engine works against itself. Diesels need the added exhaust brake because they have no throttle valve. No exhaust brake, the engine doesn't work against itself.
  4. I don't think your comparison between the 6.6 and 7.3 was quite what you meant it to be. A much larger displacement engine, with noticeably more power and a 10 speed, gets the same mileage as a smaller, less powerful engine using a 6 speed. Technically that would point out why the 10 speed is better.
  5. As much as I'd love to see GM release a big block to compete with the 7.3 you have to remember it's also now been several years since there was even a RUMOR of that big block
  6. I think that e coat rumor is in the same idea bin as the rumored big block gas engine
  7. For me to get keyless entry/push button start and LED I have to get the Lariat with the Lariat Ultimate package. Building a LT vs that Lariat with options as equal as I can makes the Ford MSRP (yeah I know no one pays MSRP but it's the only way I have to compare right now) $5,835 more expensive.
  8. I kind of figured in my location it wouldn't really be a concern, but figured I'd ask. Last few years in South East indiana/south-west Ohio we've really only had 1 or 2 small snow storms with MAYBE a week of heavy snow. Now just have to figure out if my desire to own a Duramax is worth the potential headaches with the current emissions!
  9. For me to get the same features on a Super Duty that I can on the Chevy I'd have to order a fully optioned out Lariat vs a nicely optioned LT. I won't be buying off the lot. They never have what I want, but have plenty I don't want, so I'm going to have to order.
  10. So I've gone back and forth for a while now trying to decide what truck I want. I really would like the Super Duty because of the aluminum body but I'm not sure I can bring myself to have to possibly deal with death wobble or the fact they require more expensive trim levels for items that both GM and Ram offer on lower trim packages. Only real thing hanging me up on the GM trucks is the wax frame coating. I've always heard nothing but horror stories on how crappy it is and how quickly GM frames rust. This will be a daily driver in Indiana so depending on the winter weather it will see salt. Ford with comparable options will run me several thousand more. Am I over thinking this frame issue? ETA: Is there any difference in how the rear vents work between the front bench or the front console seating? I see there are vents no matter what on the current design, but I wasn't sure if the rears on the bench only blew if it was set to floor or something like that.
  11. I know none of them are perfect, but good lord does it seem like GM can't get their crap together with the emissions. Across forums for all 3 brands it seems I see more complaints about L5P emissions than the other 2, which sucks because I'd really love to trust a Duramax
  12. Heated seats, center console, and keyless entry/start are all I want extra. I know for a price heated seats and the center console can be added, but push button start can not. I honestly didn't think I would care too much for the keyless stuff, but my wife's van has it and it just makes it so much more convenient and quick to not have to dig my keys out of my pockets.
  13. Has anyone here that has purchased a WT become unhappy with it and wished they went with a higher trim? Obviously some things can be added after the fact using either factory or aftermarket parts, but some things you are just stuck without. It looks like to get the things I really want it would be about another $7k jump to the LT package, but that also includes several things I DON'T want.
  14. Not the gas models. They're rated within 100 or 200 pounds of each other according to the 2021 towing guides
  15. Does bed length come in to play on it? Ram and Ford offer the larger fuel tanks with long beds so they make sense to me on those
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