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  1. Are the GM trucks as easily upgraded tech wise as Fords? If you're missing something/want higher trim options typically you just buy the part, wiring seems to already be there for just about everything anyway, snap in the part, check some boxes in Forscan, and you're good to go. I like the Custom, especially for the price, but I wouldn't mind the phone/radio controls the LT and up offer.
  2. Yeah the functionality is what I see a lot of people complain about on the Ford Supercab. I'm ok with the functionality, more so I like the more classic look vs the 1/2 size doors
  3. I'm a cheap bastard. If I can save some money by going double cab vs crew I would. BUT it will ultimately come to what the kids say haha I do agree the shorter double cab doors look odd. I know a lot of people complain about it, but I would actually prefer the Ford style of rear doors that swing out backwards over the short doors Ram and GM use.
  4. Correct, same dash as the previous model years. I'm not sure I'm sold on the digital everything (dash and giant infotainment screen) so I'm not sure that the WT and Custom having analog gauges with just a smaller screen between them is a bad thing. As far as cab size there is a noticable difference, but I think it's a case of people fit vs people fit with tons of extra room. I'm 5'11 and my daughter is a couple inches shorter than me. In the double cab the seat started out all the way back, and her knees just barely touched the back. I moved it up slightly, not even to what I'd call my driving position, and she said it was fine. The crew cab when the seat was all the way back there was still probably 5 to 6 inches from her knees touching it. I knew there was a frame change, I just figued 2wd woud sit at least a little lower than 4wd. I also didn't know push button came on even the WT. I thought it had a regular old keyed ignition. Still weird to have a push button ignition but doors you have to take the key/fob out for to get open.
  5. So went cruising the local Chevy dealership after hours on Friday (I hate going during business hours when I'm still not sure what I want) to see if I could compare Double Cab to Crew. Lucky enough they had a 24 Custom double cab and 3500 Crew Cab sitting right next to each other, unlocked. Got in the Custom, which had no step so it seemed rather high to get in, daughter climbed in behind me using the bed to see how seating would be (she's the tallest kid). Seating wasn't too bad. Popped the hood because I wanted to see just how hard it is to reach anything under the hood. Can't reach crap without some kind of step ladder! It was raining so I had to actually jump to get enough hand on the hood to pull it closed without my fingers slipping off. Looked at the sticker and saw it was $50,******. I thought damn that seems cheap for a Custom. Especially because it had $1,500 in options. That'd when I noticed it said 2wd. When did 2wd trucks become so tall?!?! They used to be considerably shorter than 4wd models. Is it just because it's the Custom with factory 20" wheels? Also did not realize the Custom came with push button start until I sat in this one. But it doesn't have the touch to unlock/lock door handles. That just seems stupid. I already have to have the key fob out to unlock the door. That defeats the luxury of just touching the handle, then pushing the button.
  6. Now they could pull the old switcheroo when you get there by saying it was GM employee discounting and you don't qualify or some other crap, but in searching LTs I've seen several ads for highly optioned LTs with 3,000 to 6,000 off
  7. I'm more concerned about the bed length than cab layout. Chevy I'm ok with either double cab or crew cab. Super Duty I would want the crew simply because the crew cab long bed gets you a 48 gallon tank. With a F150 I would need the HDPP, which can be had with either a crew cab and 6.5 foot bed or Supercab with the 8 foot bed. I have a wife and 3 kids, I'd still pick the Supercab because of the 8 foot bed.
  8. Thankfully the lower 2500 numbers are not a factor on paper for anything. I just wanted to get clarification if the ride of the 3500 was so much worse that the small upcharge from 2500 to 3500 would make me regret the 3500. My last truck was a 95 Ram 2500 Cummins 2wd with 28 year old suspension. I'm willing to bet even a dually with the HD front suspension option will feel better ride wise than what I'm used to ha
  9. So is there any reason to pick a 2500 over a 3500? I'm not in a location where cost of registration or insurance plays into it. I'm wanting the 6.6 gas so payload isn't a problem. I THOUGHT the trucks were generally the same, different leaf packs and rear axle, but otherwise the same. Then I saw the Max Trailering for the 2500 which not only requires the diesel but also says you get 3500 frame, axle, and suspension. Is the frame really different? Is the ride of the 3500 really that much harsher? While not a daily driver it will still get driven several times a week. No camper yet but the goal is one that will go on 2 long distance trips a year but at least once a month will also be used within 100 miles from home.
  10. I don't know about on the 10 speed Fords, but on the 6 speeds while it was the same transmission behind the 1 ton gas and diesel, the gas version had different/fewer clutch packs. And the 3/4 was completely different for the gas. Still is actually with the new 6.8 gas.
  11. I'm sure you're correct, but obviously a bigger displacement would make it easier and generally less stressful on the engine itself.
  12. A GM big block rumor kept popping up right before COVID really kicked in. Something to compete with the 7.3L from Ford. Possibly a modern 454. But as I said that was before COVID. Since then nothing has been mentioned anywhere. I bet a modern 454 could easily get the 450/500 mark. Especially since the 7.3 is at 430/480 and it isn't even direct injection.
  13. I knew it needed to be in 1:1 to really give good results, I didn't take the time to check the gears in the 10r140. I figured since they dynod in 2 different gears one of them was going to be 1:1. Now I'll have to try and find a dyno that's in 7th to see how it compares.
  14. Here is the 7.3/6.2 dyno sheet I found. https://www.f150forum.com/f17/5-star-tuning-stock-2020-f250-7-3-dyno-s-465117/
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