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  1. Not sure if just their recording devices suck or what, but I swear the 6.6 sounds better in every clip than the new For 7.3l Doesn't really make sense why because they're both old style pushrod v8s
  2. I don't know if the gas towing spec war is as competitive as the diesel, but I can't help but feel like they'll need at least a 10 speed and rear gears to beat Fords max. Sits at 16,940 vs 21,200 I'm not sure if rear end and 4 more gears will make up 4,260+ pounds
  3. Even after the 6.6 was announced, there was still a continuing rumor that a larger displacement engine was coming, 8+ liters of displacement. Haven't seen much this year, and also some were speculating it was going to be a commercial only engine.
  4. Has there been any more word on the supposed larger displacement gas engine? I doubt that's the next update, I feel that will be 10 speed and rear end gearing
  5. I'm not a fan of the fact the 6.4 uses a specialty oil and is recommended 89 octane
  6. This is just my opinion but I do think they'll put the HD 10 speed behind the 6.6 gas. Someone on here mentioned they didn't think they would because it's a much heavier duty trans than the 6 speed and it might rob the gas of too much power. I don't agree with that. Ford had no problem putting it behind the 7.3 and while slightly more powerful it's not like it's light years ahead of the 6.6. Now what I do think will need to happen is they offer 4.10s for the gas truck again. That's where Ford has them beat. Not only do they offer lower rear axle ratios, the trans ratios in the bottom gears are also lower than GM.
  7. Obviously with COVID it has kind of put a damper on everything, but has there been any word or rumors on an updated transmission or rear gearing? Ram has an 8 speed and either 3.73 or 4.10 gears. Ford has the 10 speed with a whole range of gearing options. How long before GM decides to match the competition?
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