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  1. I never understood why the L5P block heater doesn't work down until 0, but both Ford and Ram work at whatever temp.
  2. This thread is perfect timing. I'm getting down to the nitty gritty on choosing which truck to buy, and warm up is one of the things I'm looking in to. It's between a 21 Cummins and a L5P. I just can't bring myself to trust a Powerstroke as long as it has the CP4, no matter how much they claim it's not a wide spread issue or concern. From what I've read the Cummins block heater works whenever it is plugged in and goes to about 100 degrees. I know the Duramax block heater doesn't even come on until it's below 0, so warmup from cold is important.
  3. I mean that's cool and all, but I don't use my truck in such a niche category. At this point when they're set up correctly none of them are actually going to out perform the other in any way that truly matters, EXCEPT it seems when it comes to exhaust braking. I'm not sure what GM or Ford did but everything I now read says their exhaust braking sucks compared to Ram.
  4. Which is why they need to either bring back 4.10s, give it a competitive transmission, or release the rumored big block. Or best of all, all 3 available in a truck!
  5. I find myself leaning more towards the Chevy but man the stuff that is happening with the 7.3 is just impressive! What's funny is doing some googling you see before either engine was released most places were speculating the GM 6.6 would be the engine seeing all the aftermarket support. I assume that's because of the LS DNA, but that's clearly not the case!
  6. Those RPM ratings aren't much different than the 6.6 or Fords 7.3 so maybe there is hope......
  7. What's Fords reasoning then? Their transmission is actually geared lower, and they not only have 4.10s on the F350 but 4.30s on the F450.
  8. I think the current power level is fine, how about instead offering some actual towing gears? They have the same rear axle as the Ram trucks, which offer 3.73 or 4.10, yet your only option is 3.42
  9. Only thing I can surmise is there just isn't the market. Reputable Tuner with 5 tunes for the new 7.3 WITH 10 speed is under $650 That's a brand new engine and transmission that several companies have figured out how to tune for well under $1,000. GM has a new engine but very familiar transmission and no one has figured out a tuner? Again I think it's they don't believe profit to do it is there.
  10. Any chance some of you fine gentleman could take pictures of just how open the engine bay is? I don't know if all the video reviewers are just too short or what, but shots are always from the front and you can barely see over the fan shroud
  11. Where are you finding this? Everything I'm finding essentially says the 2 transfer cases are the same, one simply has the capability to vary clutch pressure, therefore accomplishing 4A
  12. No confusion here. I know the floor shift is gone. All I'm trying to figure out is if the ONLY difference is the fact the Autotrac has the extra 4A setting along with the electric motor that can allow varying degrees of clutch pack engagement. I would assume they wouldn't use 2 different transfer cases. One with a solid gear hookup, ans one with clutch pack engagement
  13. So I assume the transfer case internals are the same either way, it's just the Autotrac version has the ability to let that clutch pack slip? It's not like the regular version has a solid gear set that engages?
  14. So I'm probably going to order me a 3500 LT here soon and I'm trying to figure out if paying for the autotrac transfer case is worth it. Is there any difference between the regular transfer case and autotrac other than 4 Auto? One stronger than the other? Anyone really use 4 Auto?
  15. Even though I've owned several e85 capable vehicles, I've never actually ran it. There just aren't really very many e85 pumps around. Also I still can't believe no one has come up with a tune for it. DI and E85 capable? I imagine you could get some decent gains!
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