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  1. LOL. Crooks wouldn't take the time it takes to use a coat hanger, they'd use a crowbar or claw hammer and F#@K everything up.
  2. Nope. I'd just fish a coat hanger or similar up between the tailgate and the bed and snag the the release wire mechanism. It may not be ideal and depending on your tools, skill and luck it could take a little or no time at all. Has there been claims of the power tailgates not opening properly? What's the root cause of that issue?
  3. Please PM me if you have a 2019-2021 Silverado 1500 take-off bumper in excellent condition available. Looking for stock Gloss Black and must have the parking sensor holes. As a data point I live in Florida. Thank you.
  4. I have the Bak x4 Revolver, live in Florida (no snow or ice) and so far (4 months in) its worked flawlessly and looks great. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. As an added bonus it comes with a 5 year warranty so if any issue were to arise they'd replace it for free. On my last truck I used a different Truck Hero brand with the same warranty and it came in handy when the finish started peeling and flaking after 3 years in the Florida sun., one phone call and emailed a couple of photo's and a week later a brand new one arrived, it was that simple. My current set up has a large AWS
  5. I've noticed guys around here who are using offroad regularly or on dirt/gravel roads and range land using Line-X from the door beltline down and around the wheel wells (with about the same coverage as wheel flares). Heck, some have even down their frontend done. Problem solved.
  6. Package deal for remaining items if you can pick up locally....$300 for everything!
  7. List revised 2/2/21 to reflect only remaining items yet to be sold. Thank you for looking.
  8. Congrats! And the warranty is nice piece of mind should you decided to go a different direction downstream. Enjoy!
  9. Since your in Texas and I'm in Florida we both face the same havoc the Sun and high temperatures summer can bring. North of the Mason Dixon the UltraFlex is probably fine but in the South or Southwest the ArmorFlex is the way to go. Plus the 5 year warranty provides plenty of long term security with your purchase. I run these covers on my last truck a 2016 Silverado 2500 HD, the new Silverado High Country I trying the Bak Revolver x4 for a different look. Both are Truck Hero companies and are made within a few miles of each other in Missouri.
  10. Yes, and my advice would be to go with their ArmorFlex version as its much more durable with the Line-X type coating. My UltraFlex was peeling and flaking in less then 3 years so they replaced it under warranty. They stand behind their stuff and I'd definitely buy from them again. Or check the Discount Bandit price and take it to Real Truck for a price match. ?
  11. Please post the model number of the shocks you bought perhaps they are for a different application?
  12. Thank you for the insight. As soon as the kits for 3.0 Duramax are released I'd like to get back in the game, right now just gathering info to understand my options and any tradeoff's or considerations I would need to account for... BTW your truck looks great!
  13. What effect did this kit have on of your HC technology and the general operations of items such as; auto high beams headlight aim, ESC, Camera and Trailering systems, tire size speedometer,.tranny shift points, etc.? And how did you address each item to maintain their proper function?
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