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  1. I replaced my chrome doors handles with a painted set immediately after purchasing the truck. And I have been sitting on these for 3 years but I've finally realized I'm not going to need them. These are brand new OEM take-offs from a 2016 Silverado crew cab handles for all 4 doors included. Asking $100 shipped via USPS. Payment via PayPal.
  2. I'd recommend you contact or stop by Sarasota Customs they'll treat you right and cover all the options.
  3. Not to mention all components (except shocks) come with a lifetime warranty if I remember correctly....
  4. I was told I had a choice +20 and the sizes you mention or +0 and 295/55/20 otherwise running the +0 with the larger tire sizes would require some minor surgery wasn't willing to do at this time (maybe in 40k or so miles I'll reconsider). I went with the +0 as I wanted a little more lip on the rim and 295/55/20 and after some initial second guessing myself because of the tall wheel wells I'm happy with my decision. Speedo is spot on (no mods or adjustments) and only lost 0.5 mpg on my fuel mileage which I consider a win. Also I added the red GM caliper covers which draws my eyes down to the wheels and I'm not so keenly focused on the wheel gap anymore....LOL.
  5. Photo's are located in this thread: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/201482-2016-silverado-2500hd-new-wheelstiresrc-kitetc/
  6. I used the rear blocks and have .5" of rake and the ride is fine kit installed per RC instructions then realigned. I'd say better then stock ride then again I run 60 PSI up front and 65 PSI in the back for day to day driving which made a big difference in itself.
  7. With a +20 offset they should fit like a glove, no rubbing, scrubbing or mods required.
  8. I would suggest you call RC or Custom Offsets for guidance with tire sizes with an 18" rim. No issues with bump steer, vibrations etc but I generally keep it to around 10 mph over the posted limited since it'll never be comparable to a sports car.
  9. You can run 295/60/20 with stock rims. I'm running 295/55/20 with 20x9 +0 offset XD wheels, no rubbing, scrubbing or mods required.
  10. I'm happy with it, its definitely a change over stock low deep rumble but not nearly as loud as I anticipated. My wife and daughter haven't even noticed it yet which surprised me. On a loudness scale of 1 to 10 if stock was a 3 the Magnaflow I'd give a 5 riding in the cab. I still need to let the wife drive it and do a few passes then follow her in the car to see how it sounds to others outside of the cab of my truck.
  11. Update: I swapped the muffler over to the Magnaflow #12909 today. Local Muffler shop charged me $236 installed OTD tax included. They welded it in and had it completed in 30 minutes, he said it was pretty straight forward and he didn't need to add any extra pipe, it fit perfectly.
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