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  1. Does anyone know if there’s a way to color match parking sensors on the front and rear bumpers? Have a 2021 SLT that I’ve replaced the chrome bumpers to color match but am having trouble finding black parking sensors. The parts guy at my local dealership wasn’t much help just saying they come color matched to the original bumpers on new vehicles so all he could think to do was order original chrome sensors and try painting them myself. Those things get crazy when there’s too much water on them from rain so painting them scares me. Any ideas?
  2. Has anyone had any luck power coating (or something similar) to color match chrome bumpers/mirror caps/etc.? I have a 2021 Sierra SLT that's Onyx Black and was looking at options to remove the chrome. I know powder coating chrome wheels look good but didn't know if any shops could color match Onyx Black for bumpers. I've also read about wraps too. Any ideas?
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