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  1. Initially, I thought it wouldn't be something I would use. And it's probably something I will hardly ever use. But, a couple weeks ago I had the chance to use it and it was handy to have. We were returning from snowboarding and got stuck in lovely Colorado traffic on Loveland Pass. Going up the pass, no big deal - just crawl along and stop as needed. Coming down the pass I didn't want to use the brakes much if I could avoid it. I dropped the gear shifter to L1, turned on the exhaust brake, and activated Hill Descent Control. The results were great. The truck crawled downhill, and I only had to apply the brakes when it was time to fully stop. Can't express how badly the traffic in Colorado over-utilizes the out-dated and under-rated infrastructure. While I wouldn't have made it a point to get Hill Descent Control, it came with the AT4 package. Might as well use it...
  2. Where is everybody getting the best pricing on these units? List is $699, which is what my local dealer is charging. Cheapest I have found online is $603 shipped.
  3. Go to your home screen on the stereo, where all the icons are showing. You may need to swipe left to access the second screen of icons. On the second screen, there is a "Camera" icon. Select it, and you can choose from any of your cameras. If you're in motion, the camera will only show for 10 seconds.
  4. It is clean for sure. I'm just personally not a fan of the vampire taps on the wires, but that's just me. The diode can be pulled out in seconds, and there is no indication it was ever there. Vampire taps will leave nicks in the insulation of the wires they were used on. As they say, there's more than one way to skin this cat!
  5. This thread should help you. You can go the route of Boost Auto and pay ~$20 or spend a few bucks for twenty diodes from Amazon. The beginning of the thread shows the wire schematic for the brown plug. Instead of using pin 18 for the high beams, I believe I picked up power from pin 22, which is the Park Lamp Relay Control. When doing this, the diode is wedged in the back of the plug. They're directional, allowing current to flow only one way. This allows the parking lights to trigger/power the fog relay, thus turning them on. The easiest way I have found is to take the diode and nip the ends off with wire cutters so they're pointed. Then you can use some tiny needlenose pliers to get it inserted into each pin slot as needed. It sound hard, but it's not at all. You'll want a flashlight/headlamp so you can see what you're doing though. It's dark behind that kick panel on the drivers side.
  6. Fog lights are meant to light up close, and down low. The reasoning behind your Intellibeam not working is because the truck has figured the driver has made a decision that by turning on the fog lights, the conditions warrant them - fog, heavy rain, snow. The truck is programmed that when fogs are on, high beams aren't helpful and could be a safety issue - feedback from high beams during heavy snow can be pretty significant. On my 2020 HD, I had the fogs jumped using a diode to come on when the high beams came on. If I manually turned them on, the Intellibeam was disabled too, so that meant no fogs during low beam unless I never wanted to use Intellibeam. To get around this, I moved my diode for the fogs from the high beams to the running lights. Now, any time my lights come on, my fog lights come on. Intellibeam still works as designed and I get fog lights on with both low and high beams. I live in the country and it's not uncommon to spend a good amount of time driving unlit roads through the Rockies. I'll take all the light I can get.
  7. This. I believe the Chevrolet in the picture is Pepperdust. I thought that Pepperdust and the GMC version, Mineral Metallic, were the same. Brownstone is a 2020+ color. It's not been offered until now and is a darker color.
  8. That’s about where my 295/65/20s rubbed at full lock on my stock suspension. Rather than trimming, I made two small slits (1/4”) about 1.5” apart at the very bottom of the liner. Those slits allowed me to thread a zip tie through the liner, which I fastened around the valance support bar. It gave me enough clearance that I no longer have any rub at all.
  9. Say what? The Bose in the AT4 should be the same as the Bose in the Denali. I do agree though that the stereo could use a little more ooomph. If it didn't mean losing my underseat storage, I'd be putting the Kicker subwoofer in mine. Who knows, maybe I still will.
  10. On my 18, you had to press the center button and hold it for 5 seconds. After the beep, stop pressing the button and cycle the key. Then it would reset to 100%. With the push button, I would presume it's all done the same. This was all done without the engine actually running though.
  11. For sale: $1300; Local sale only - located in Colorado Springs. Can meet along front range cities. Set of four 2020 GMC Sierra AT4 HD wheels. They were removed at 3,350 miles. Contrast cut machining with black pockets. Bolt pattern is 8x180. Tires are Goodyear Trailrunners, and tire size is 275/65/20. They are load range E. No plugs or patches. Tires ride smooth with no shake. Wheels have no blemishes and are in excellent condition. Lug nuts included in sale. TPMS sensors are not included. Please PM with any questions. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the compliments; I'm really happy with the way the whole truck has come together. As was mentioned, it is an AT4 2500 from which I removed the badging. Thanks! So far, I haven't noticed them to be any louder than the stockers. If they are, it's very minimal and not at all obnoxious. I have a 42 mile commute (one way) to work, and road manners were a big concern of mine as well. Hopefully as they wear they don't increase too much in noise. Ride is also very smooth and comfortable. Previously, my go to tire was the Nitto Terra Grappler G2. It's also a great tire, but this time I wanted to have something a little more aggressive looking. Snow performance is a concern since I'm in Colorado, but from what I've read online, it too is really good. I should be able to find out this weekend. Nitto really has good products. And Discount Tire is easy to work with because if you're not fully satisfied, they'll make it right. Even after you've driven around on the tires/wheels.
  13. Offset is the location of the mounted area of the rim. 0 offset would be dead center of the rim. Positive offset moves the mounted area of the wheel towards the outside edge. Negative offset moves the mounted area of the rim towards the inside edge. Offset is measured in mm. By mounted area, I'm referring the the part of the rim where the lug stud holes are drilled. Factory wheels are +47 for our trucks. The ones I put on are +20. The difference being 27mm LESS positive offset, so it moves the wheel outwards 27mm, which is about 1". With the stock wheels, you shouldn't have any rubbing. @Powerhaulic is running 296/65/20 Michelin Defenders (I think) on stock wheels, with no rubbing. I just went and checked to see how much contact there is, now that it's daytime and I can actually see. There is very slight contact with the liner at full lock. It can easily be fixed by piercing two very small holes/slits, threading a black zip tie through, and then fastening it around the lower valance support rod. There is enough flex in the liner to comfortably achieve the necessary clearance to not rub. As the liner goes upwards, the amount of space grows between it and the tire. Your concern about rubbing while in the fields is warranted, but you'd need to decide how much time you spend at full lock turns with a fully compressed front suspension. It might be that it would be pretty infrequent to articulate that much while the wheel is fully turned. As far as rubbing any other place in the steering movement, there is plenty of clearance to allow for articulation. Also keep in mind, this is all on stock suspension. If one wanted to, the keys could probably be adjusted 2-3 turns to remedy this issue, and not be extreme. I did 5-6 turns on my 2018. The ride wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't stock either. With the additional height of the 2020, I've decided that I prefer not to raise the front. Later today I'll give the liners the zip tie treatment. I'm just glad there's no rubbing on the mudflap area.
  14. The very slightest of contact at full lock - only on the outer shoulder of the front tire against the liner; the rear clears with room to spare. I expect I will be able to pin the liner back with a zip tie if I decide it needs to be addressed. I don't know if I'll bother, it just barely, barely touches. Hell, it may not be touching after the drive home and the suspension has had a chance to settle back to it's normal position. I couldn't hear any rubbing while backing into my garage, which requires a full lock left turn as I approach, and a full lock right turn backing in.
  15. Fuel Blitz 20x9 +20 offset & Nitto Ridge Grapplers 295/65/20. Truck is stock as far as suspension goes.
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