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  1. Nice truck! Of course I'm partial to the color too as it's the same as my 2021 AT4 3500 SRW. I also run the same 5th wheel hitch from B&W and have been very happy with it. I have it set on the highest position and the most rearward position. On my 2021 AT4 3500, I can get almost a full 90* jack knife if I need to (probably 85*, but the trailer wheels start getting very unhappy about it!). Having it in this position allows my pinbox/frame wings to clear the siderails on my Retrax tonneau cover if I'm backing in and getting close to sideways, as long as I'm on mostly level ground. Also with this height, I am still able to close my Retrax cover with the hitch installed.
  2. I have a 2021 GMC Sierra 3500 AT4HD and just wrapped up my sub install. My truck has factory Bose, and to my ears it just sounded muddy in stock form. At the end of June, Crutchfield received a shipment of JL Audio Stealthboxes, and I quickly ordered one. They’re long since out of stock again. To power it, I went with an Audio Control LC-1.800 subwoofer amplifier. It pushes 800w at 2 ohms and the Stealthbox is wired for 2 ohms with the JL Audio 12” 12TW3-12 subs. The amp can accept high level speaker inputs, so there was no need to install a line out converter. I also installed the Audio Control LC1 remote bass knob and Crutchfield was the source for 4AWG wiring kit. To get the signal, I picked up an LLJ Customs T harness and extended the speaker wires. Now that my install is complete, I’ve dialed the bass to “0” on the head unit, and it sounds so much clearer without the Bose speakers trying to handle the bass. The JL subs hit crazy hard, especially for shallow depth subs. The Stealthbox fit and finish is excellent too and it’s sized perfectly for the pair of 12s. All types of music sound great - live concerts (Dave Matthews Band, Mumford and Sons), 90s rap (Dr. Dre, Warren G, etc), country, rock, alternative, current rap (Post Malone is about all I know!) - everything just sounds so much better. Despite being a full width enclosure, there is a space to mount the amp, and since the Audio Control LC-1.800 isn’t huge, I even have room for some personal effects.
  3. I'm happy to read that the DTE is slowly adjusting for you. I just finished installing an S&B 62 gallon tank in my 2021 3500 SRW SB. So far as I know there is no way to adjust the settings within the truck itself, so hopefully as time goes on my truck will adjust same as you are experiencing. Gives me some hope!
  4. I have a set of these for sale that were removed from a 2021 3500 AT4 with about 50 miles of use - selling them for a friend. The boxes are large so shipping will need to be a consideration. Anyone that is interested, PM me and we’ll see if we can sort out a fair deal.
  5. I've used this one on my 2018, 2020, and 2021. Not the same one, but a new one each time. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DW8PT3J/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Where do I find those badges? They look awesome all blacked out and subdued.
  7. My 2021 rear door windows metered at 22% the other day when I picked it up from the dealer and took it to the detail shop. I went with 20% on the front, and 50% on the rear, which should meter at about 11%. Also did 20% on the sunroof which will meter about 5-7%. We travel with our dogs a lot - getting the heat rejection on all windows was the goal and the ceramic tint will do just that.
  8. I just ordered/received a B&W Companion RVK3710. It's the puck mount hitch for 20k lb trailers. I was really considering the Andersen as there are many, many positive reviews. But there are several negative reviews and pictures of failures that could be catastrophic. Just the reviews on Amazon will show those pictures. They may be few and far between, but it was enough to make me reconsider.
  9. I just ordered the S&B 62 gallon tank yesterday. This video from their site is very helpful. I'm contemplating doing the install myself. I've definitely done more complicated installs/projects but there is still a certain 'factor' with this install that keeps me from be 100% sure on the DIY method.
  10. I've ordered the S&B Filters replacement fuel tank. It's a 62 gallon tank. Up until the past day or two, it was about $100 more than Titan. Today I noticed that the Titan tank is now $20 more than S&B for a smaller tank.
  11. I hear you! I loved my 2500 AT4 in Dark Sky Metallic, but they’re not offering that color in AT4 trim this year. We almost went dually this time. I have enough room that I could squeeze it in the garage, but we’re not full timers with the 5er, and we felt the dually would push the truck/life balance too far off. The 3500 SRW standard bed allowed us to pull off all of our add ons from the 2500 to reuse on the 3500. Hell, I had even installed Air Lift bags that I ended up taking right back off after just two weeks. It took me a while to reach that decision as we were very close to purchasing a dually, but once we landed on the 3500 SRW it feels like the perfect fit. I too wish we had gone straight to a 3500. The ride is equally as good and the cost difference is insignificant. With the used diesel HD truck market being so hot right now, I got almost what I paid for my 2500 on trade. I just wish the new truck would get here! I’ve been truckless since 2/15/21!
  12. We ordered a 350G in January that should be here any day now. It’s the reason we decided to jump from the 2500 to the 3500. The 2500 could have handled it, but the weights would have been over sticker.
  13. Glad to hear this has turned into a worthwhile modification. I’ve been trying to decide on the S&B 62 gal tank or the Titan 56 gal tank for my soon to arrive 3500. Either one seems like a great option once you get past the cost. I found a local shop that will do the install, but I’m also considering doing it myself. Thanks for all your feedback on the upgrade. Much appreciated.
  14. Ask the chat a question after the automated routine. It’ll trip the system and connect you to an advisor. Make sure that you ask the advisor specifically for the event code. They will not volunteer it.
  15. Yes, this is for a 2021 3500 AT4HD. The wheels are by Fuel. Size 20x9 +20 offset. I point this out because some wheels have two valve stems to accommodate the TPMS sensor when there is a deeper dish/lip. These are the sensors listed on my Discount Tire invoice. https://www.discounttire.com/buy-accessories/continental-vdo-tpms-sensor/p/81382?exactmatch=true
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