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  1. My 2020 AT4HD 2500 Duramax has active shutters. I am wondering if this is a 2500 vs 3500 thing...
  2. Your truck looks great with the black trim that you're adding! I had my red hooks re-powdered black and it made a huge difference. Yours would look better black IMHO. To me, they look like nipple rings on your truck!
  3. Drilling would have been the easier option, but I wasn't too keen on taking a drill bit to a new truck. Since putting in the Retrax, I have also added the rubber GMC bed mat. I carefully measured and cut holes in it for the hoses to pass through.
  4. While my install is on a 2020 2500HD, perhaps it will help. I ran into the same issue you're describing in that the rubber plugs in the bed were above the drains on the Retrax storage piece. I picked up some brass reducer barbs from Home Depot to go from 1/2" to 3/8". Picked up a 10' piece of 3/8" tube too. Reducing to the 3/8" tube allowed me to put the drain hoses through a bed drain hole on each side that is in the floor of the bed, just behind the front wall of the bed. Pro tip - using a hair dryer to warm up the tubing will help you get it into those holes in the truck bed. At room temp, the hose is somewhat stiff.
  5. Thanks for posting the part numbers on this - I ordered the hood nose molding this morning. I was recently talking with my friend who is a painter and he's going to be painting this for me in Dark Sky Metallic.
  6. Here is how I did mine. Removed AT4 and Sierra badging.
  7. Maybe this emblem kit is a cross-over part from a Yukon or similar? I don't really know as I don't pay much attention to the SUV side of the house. But, I can tell you with 100% certainty that my regular black emblem kit came with rear emblems that have no alignment pins. The set that came with the lighted emblem has alignment pins. As for your comment re: red tow hooks...I had mine re-powdercoated gloss black on my AT4 HD. I also debadged, so I really don't have much red left except what is left on the Duramax fender emblems.
  8. Yep, and the rear emblems that come with the kit have alignment pins that would need to be nipped off to use on a Multi-Pro tailgate. At least I assume that's what the pins are for. I had already purchased the black emblem kit (long before the lighted black kit was an option) for Multi-Pro and those rear emblems have no alignment pins.
  9. Yes and no. The black lighted emblem comes with black matching rear emblems. Hence, the additional $60+ cost. The red lighted emblem comes with the front emblem only.
  10. No. I sold my 2020 boards. The first person to inquire had a 2015-2019 model truck. The mounting holes don't line up.
  11. I see you're in Colorado. Mind if I ask who did the paint? It looks great! Way way better than stock!
  12. My 2020 AT4 HD has the glossy B-pillars. I had them clear-bra'd when I had the front end clear-bra'd. The shop recommended it, and despite the upcharge, I'm glad I had it done.
  13. Funny the timing... one of my wheels arrived with the very slightest of damage on the lip. You had to spend time looking for the spot because it was damn near covered with the tire mounted. I asked for it to be replaced with a new one, and I’m finally having it swapped today. Anyway, the shop ended up selling me back the damaged wheel for $65. Eventually I’ll pick up another matching tire and just rotate 5. And since I changed size from factory, it’ll be nice to have a spare that matches the new size. The factory spare is a 33.x” (275/70/18) on an 18”.
  14. Thanks! If you go with a +0, I think your outer edge/shoulder will rub on the valance when the front wheels are turned inward. And if you don’t rub there, you’re going to for sure have worse rubbing on the liner at full lock. IMHO, +20 is the perfect balance. I had +20 on my 18 2500HD, and +0 on a 2014 1500. +20 is my choice all day. As for tires, I do like the Ridge Grapplers a lot. A nice aggressive looking tire with excellent road manners still. They’re quiet, ride smooth, and track well. Snow performance has been great too. I’ve always run Terra Grappler G2s before, but I’m really happy I decided to switch. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with them. Only drawback is the price at ~$370ish per tire in a 295/65/20.
  15. ^^ Yep! Fixed it in my post. Not sure what I was thinking...
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