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  1. Has anyone found a suitable sensor for the wheels with the larger valve stem holes. I just purchased new wheels for the toy hauler and the factory sensors are too small
  2. Does anyone know of a way to watch videos from your phone on the screen. On my 2017 I was able to have the radio module unlocked to be able to watch videos and use the nav while driving. Can this be done on the 2020. By the way mine successfully updated over the air
  3. So I decided to do the work myself. Installed the modified ecm and installed the tunes and replaced the entire exhaust minus the down pipe. Also disconnected the wires from the egr valves. At this point the truck runs so well why would I invest another 8-10 hours of work to remove the scr and egr cooler. And install the down pipe. If it’s just for more power I may just leave it like it is. It’s also still pretty quiet no drone like described with the down pipe installed
  4. Can you tell me what tuner you are using I have mine ordered at Motor Ops but have not installed them yet
  5. Do you have any update to the ecm tune issue. I have my ecm at hp tuners getting the upgrade service and wondering if I should put off tuning. Have you had any problems?
  6. Had mine replaced I looked at a YouTube video looks like about an 1.5 hr job. When they replaced mine one of the bolts broke and it took 4 days to get a new one. At least that’s why they said it took 5 days
  7. Have a 2020 3500 srw crew cab long bed duramax. I tow a 17000 lb gvw toy hauler. Since the truck was new I never noticed the temp gauge go much above the 180 degree mark. During the summer we went on a long trip out west and I noticed while towing the temp gauge is constantly going up gradually past the 210 mark and then back down to 180 in New Mexico when it was 106 degrees outside it got up to about 230 once the back down to 180 the dealer says it’s normal I was wondering what temps others are running ing in hot summer while heavy towing
  8. I'm on my 4th Duramax 05,11,17and now 20 I've always used the stock filter and never a problem.
  9. I have the 60 gallon Titan now for a couple of months. Everything seems fine however you have to slow pump the last 10 gallons to get the full 60 gallons in. The fuel gage and the mpg seem to be working fine and I think the miles left in the tank has slowly been recalculating. Every time I fill up it seems to be going higher. I don't feel the need to have anything adjusted. You do have to cut the bracket that holds the fuel filter however nothing would need to be put back if you ever wanted to re install the old tank. So far completely satisfied.
  10. On my recent road trip pulling a 17,000 gvw toy hauler the service emissions system light came on around 175 miles from my house. We stopped at a local GMC dealer and was told the dpf needed to be replaced and they could not get one for 5-6 weeks. They reset the computer and gave us enough miles to get home and cancel a trip we had planned for 6 momths needles to say we were very disappointed
  11. You cannot buy a tuner you have to either have your ecm unlocked or purchase an unlocked ecm and purchase tunes for your unlocked ecm. usual cost for everything is around 6-7,000 dollars.
  12. B&W on the factory pucks. I used the B&W slider on the 2017 with factory pucks. Anyone interested in the one that fits the factory pucks for the 2016-2019 I can give them a good deal.
  13. I had it installed . I looked at it and it didn't look to fun laying on the ground. The good news is the mpg on the computer seems to work fine and so does the miles left on tank. doesn't seem that anything needs to be reprogramed. I had it installed because when I pull my 17,000 lb Toy hauler i'm lucky to see 8 mpg.
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