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  1. You cannot buy a tuner you have to either have your ecm unlocked or purchase an unlocked ecm and purchase tunes for your unlocked ecm. usual cost for everything is around 6-7,000 dollars.
  2. B&W on the factory pucks. I used the B&W slider on the 2017 with factory pucks. Anyone interested in the one that fits the factory pucks for the 2016-2019 I can give them a good deal.
  3. I had it installed . I looked at it and it didn't look to fun laying on the ground. The good news is the mpg on the computer seems to work fine and so does the miles left on tank. doesn't seem that anything needs to be reprogramed. I had it installed because when I pull my 17,000 lb Toy hauler i'm lucky to see 8 mpg.
  4. The door sticker on my AT4 3500 srw cc long bed payload 3645 max goose neck tongue wt 3165 GVW 12,250
  5. Any campers out there Titan has the 60 gallon fuel tank for long bed trucks. I just installed one this week
  6. Only thing offered now if you look at GM website is head rest screens that are dealer installed. I would have bought them if they were factory installed and I could control them from the front. I ordered my truck and checked.
  7. Yes I've had video in motion on my last 3 trucks. The Kids and wife watch on long road trips. My 2017 had the rear seat entertainment system from the factory and I could control the movies for the kids in the back seat. When I ordered my 2020 I was disappointed the rear seat entertainment was no longer available. The only screen in the new truck is the front. I'm sure someone will come up with a system for screen mirroring from the phone I had the loc pic system on my 2011.
  8. Does anyone know of a way to play video from an iPhone on the nav screen? On my 2017 I had the factory rear seat entertainment system and it had an HDMI built in all I had to do was send in the module to have it unlocked and I could watch video on the front screen while driving. I was very disappointed to find when I ordered my 2020 the option was no longer available only dealer installed head rest screens. On my 2011 I bought a loc pic system and could watch videos however I haven't found anything yet on the 2020 model any help would be appreciated.
  9. The Diesel guys are purchasing unlocked ecm's to tune their engines for emission removal. Its about 2,500.00 plus new exhaust on the Diesels. I don't think there would be enough benefit for a gas truck. Diesels gain around 100 HP.
  10. Have the airlift 7500 with the wireless compressor works well
  11. I get 8 mpg towing 17,000 # 5th wheel toy hauler . My 2017 got 10 pulling the same trailer. the 10 speed with 3.42 axle ratio comes out of over drive a lot more at 68mph than the 2017 with 6 speed and 3.73 gearing.
  12. Have a 2020 3500A/T4 srw cc long bed. Purchased Dec. 2019 now has 20,000 miles nothing but oil and fuel filter changes so far. My only complaint is the 3.42 axle ratio. I have a 17,000 # 5th wheel toy hauler and with the 10 speed trans it drives and gets up to speed better than my 2017 however while towing at 68mph the trans has to come out of overdrive for any small incline where as the 2017 with 3.73 hardly ever left overdrive unless their was a major incline. As a result I got 10 mpg with the 2017 and 8 mpg with the 2020 while towing. I think it would be perfect for towing if there were a 3.73 option.
  13. Towing my 40’ toy hauler 17000 GVW average 8.5 with 17,000 miles on the truck.
  14. You won’t need it and if you have 4wd all four wheels will pull unlike the ford and dodge 3 wheel drive trucks
  15. I’ve also read on other threads there were problems with some of the Goodyear RidgeRunner tires. Everything you describe can easily be tire problems.
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