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  1. Finally received my long-awaited wheels and tires! Installed the lift/wheels/tires and, after alignment and some minor trimming, here is the finished product: Details: Zone Offroad 5" suspension lift Fox 2.0 Shocks Fuel Rogue wheels - 20x10 -18 offset (matte black) Nitto Recon Grappler tires - 37x13.5R20 Initially the front tires rubbed on the factory mud guard, so I removed it and cut accordingly. Reinstalled a shorter version of it and now...no rub at all. The front tires also rubbed on the front plastic splitter (air dam).
  2. I have this on my truck. If I'm working around the truck outside or back up to a lake to go fishing, it works for me. No sub, so about what you'd expect from a hand-held radio. Nice option though.
  3. What Bill^^^ said! I've pretty much always had a black leather interior in my vehicles. When I saw the dark walnut it just solidified my decision. Plus...the Mrs. loves it!
  4. Just out of curiosity...why would you remove it? That question out of the way - I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to remove, but what are you going to do about the holes in the bed? I, too, have the package in my 2021 and the holes are covered with plastic inserts when I'm not towing the 5th-wheel. I couldn't find any install or removal videos or information regarding the 2021 GMC, but I have installed a gooseneck/5th-wheel package on a previous truck (Ford) I owned. In short, it was a PITA. Had to lift the bed off the frame, etc. Good luck @shulette!
  5. I have the factory rear under seat storage. Works well enough. The tops are kinda flimsy, however.
  6. I was able to use my military discount at the dealership. I did not build my truck on the website or at the dealership. I guess I had good timing as they had the truck I wanted. They did, however, honor the military discount for me...$500. Tim
  7. Holy crap! First...glad your safe. What year was your truck, Chris? Dumb question, but could your parking brake have been engaged partially? I know you would probably see the indicator, but I have heard of this happening before. Edit - I see you have a 2020...disregard my question about the year.
  8. Well done Mike!! I have a Blackvue DR900X 2-CH that is windshield mounted. Thanks to you, I ordered the rear view stalk mount kit and looking forward to getting it set up that way. Cheers! Tim
  9. Sorry it took me a couple days to message you back. I just sent you the names and number for the two guys I worked with. Tim
  10. @xETERNALx - I realize you had a limit of 500 miles from Vegas, but there are two 2021 GMC 3500 Denali's at the dealership where I just bought mine. Here's the links - https://www.reiselmanbuickgmc.com/new-Nashville-2021-GMC-Sierra+3500+HD-Denali-1GT49WEY1MF262394 and https://www.reiselmanbuickgmc.com/new-Nashville-2021-GMC-Sierra+3500+HD-Denali-1GT49WEY8MF178511. I bought mine there in April and the price was what you see for the two on the website. However, I too am a military member (retired) and I took my '21 GMC 3500HD Denali (Black Diamond Edition) for significantly less...
  11. Still waiting on the new wheels and tires. Going on 5 weeks now... Installing it after they arrive.
  12. @Ferrari Eater - RAZO makes a prey well-received 360 dashcam...https://razo-usa.com/product/dc5000a-daction-dash-cam/. Check these guys out as well...https://www.thedashcamstore.com/ Tim
  13. I have a brand new set (unopened box) of front recovery hooks, in chrome, that I received as part of my dealer-installed items when I bought my truck. The truck had already had a set on it when I bought it. I know they'll fit the 3500HD, and I assume they will work with the 2500HD, but I do not know if they will fit the 1500. These typically go for $160 brand new from GM or GM parts online. I will sell them for $110 + shipping. If interested, please PM me through the forum. If you need me to take a pic of the hooks please let me know and I will open the box to do
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