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  1. Anybody out there ever get this message on their display? "Service Emission System" all to find out it was a reductant system tamper code? Just wondering if this could have been from just recently using cheap O'Reillys DEF fluid because they were out of blue DEF. Some folks tell me it doesn't matter but sure is a coincidence that I got this message 3 days after pouring the cheap stuff in!
  2. So, I didn't have to pull the fuse as when I started my truck the next morning the audio was playing. If (& when I'm sure) it happens again I will pull the fuse & report back if that works.
  3. Thank you DJalberta! I will try that if sitting over night doesn't work this time....or the next time it happens. I believe it has something to do with the auto shutoff &/or shutting the vehicle off while key fob is not in the truck. This is the only common denominator in both of my situations that I can think of.
  4. No audio whatsoever FM, Bluetooth, XM, nothing! 2nd time this has happened. Radio is not muted but acts like it is. 1st time truck parked overnight and fixed itself. This time unfortunately I am driving for 3 hours with nothing to listen to! Anyone out there know how to fix this?... Other than disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries which I have 2 of (diesel) or letting it sit overnight again!!!
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