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  1. I pulled the VPM today and drove around for a bit. It immediately threw three CEL codes related to comms when I started it, but after clearing they haven’t returned. Obviously the cameras and app don’t work anymore, but everything else seems to be normal.
  2. I’ve actually got all the lights working except the rear facing lights. I wired them to the cargo light switch, but no luck. Maybe one I get to work on the VPM I’ll work on those lights again. Side note, WAMS is not sure if my 2019 VPM will have the features needed for programming, so I may have to get a 2020 VPM (around $500). They are going to give it a try first, though.
  3. I actually purchased this reprogram, I just haven't pulled the VPM yet to send it in. It is located behind the back seat, on the passenger side. I don't anticipate any weird codes or anything, should be just the cameras and any related features stop working. I guess I'll find out, hopefully nothing too crazy, since this is my DD.
  4. I already asked them, they said they would look into it, but haven’t had much actual engagement from them.
  5. This is the only one I have a the moment. Notice the hourglass in the top left, and the missing parking lines. 360 view is the most messed up, as you can see by the yellow parking lines.
  6. I don’t think 1500s get the power extend. In any case, the mirrors I got extend manually so no switch required.
  7. Yes. I put ‘20 AT4 loaded mirrors on my loaded ‘19 AT4. The only things that didn’t work were the parking/turn signals, reverse/cargo light, and I had to move a wire in the harness to get the task lights working again. Tow mirrors don’t have puddle lights. Your camera angles will also be screwed up, but will work. Dealerships won’t recalibrate.
  8. The buttons look the same, except the large window lock button you have is split in two for me, with the split button on the right being for power folding, and the split button on the left being for window locks.
  9. I have a final update on this. topgear, your initial suspicions about installer error were correct. After weeks of frustration going back and forth between BDS, the installer, and the dealership, I finally have the clunking problem resolved. The installer failed to fully tighten the passenger side lower control arm, which was allowing enough play for the axle to slide in and out. I was fairly irritated by this as I did bring the truck back after 500 miles on the lift for a re-torque, and I feel like the first troubleshooting step they should have take would be to make sure everything was tightened down. That being said, I feel fortunate that I didn't have any major issues or an accident due to this, but I am glad that the installer was honest and owned up to the mistake. They have told me that there is no damage to the front end evident, but I will probably get it all checked out by a neutral shop just to be sure. The truck is riding smooth and clunk free now, and I'm glad this is all resolved.
  10. Looking for the two longer axles that come with the GM 2" lift for T1 trucks. I don't need the other lift components.
  11. I've already reached out to WAMS, at least regarding my side of things. He said he is going to look into it.
  12. Things that worked plug and play (I have a 2019, your 2020 may be different): power fold, heat, blind spot, cameras Things that didn't work: rear facing light (no wire for it), turn signal/parking lamp (no wires for it), task lights (wire in wrong spot). Pins 5 and 13 are the task lights and puddle lamps on my 2019. On the 2020 mirrors those pins are parking lamps and task lights (tow mirrors don't have puddle lamps). By swapping those pins in my wiring harness, my task lights work normally, and the parking lamps turn on when my puddle lamps used to (when unlocking the truck in the dark, for example). At some point I'm going to create my own wiring harness (or maybe Boost will come out with one before then), and hopefully gain all the functions of the mirror. The lights really aren't a big deal to me at this point. The only reason I even swapped the pins was because I have the Boost harness that turns the task lights on with my high beams.
  13. I had the Messaging app when I bought the truck, and at some point it was removed. I emailed the same address as Ryan above, and they added it back for me. It works and is still there now.
  14. Yeah some pictures would help to see what you’re talking about. I have a 4” lift and used a drop hitch on my WD, and was able to get it to distribute the weight properly. Unless pulling a very light trailer, you’ll probably always be able to visualize some sag. Mine is about 7K loaded. This picture was from my first test run, and I was able to eliminate even more sag after adjusting the WD.
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