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  1. Looking for the two longer axles that come with the GM 2" lift for T1 trucks. I don't need the other lift components.
  2. I've already reached out to WAMS, at least regarding my side of things. He said he is going to look into it.
  3. Things that worked plug and play (I have a 2019, your 2020 may be different): power fold, heat, blind spot, cameras Things that didn't work: rear facing light (no wire for it), turn signal/parking lamp (no wires for it), task lights (wire in wrong spot). Pins 5 and 13 are the task lights and puddle lamps on my 2019. On the 2020 mirrors those pins are parking lamps and task lights (tow mirrors don't have puddle lamps). By swapping those pins in my wiring harness, my task lights work normally, and the parking lamps turn on when my puddle lamps used to (when unlocking the truck in the dark, for example). At some point I'm going to create my own wiring harness (or maybe Boost will come out with one before then), and hopefully gain all the functions of the mirror. The lights really aren't a big deal to me at this point. The only reason I even swapped the pins was because I have the Boost harness that turns the task lights on with my high beams.
  4. I had the Messaging app when I bought the truck, and at some point it was removed. I emailed the same address as Ryan above, and they added it back for me. It works and is still there now.
  5. Yeah some pictures would help to see what you’re talking about. I have a 4” lift and used a drop hitch on my WD, and was able to get it to distribute the weight properly. Unless pulling a very light trailer, you’ll probably always be able to visualize some sag. Mine is about 7K loaded. This picture was from my first test run, and I was able to eliminate even more sag after adjusting the WD.
  6. That's good to hear. I assumed if this was a known problem I probably would have read it on this forum by now. I hope one day I can get my truck to that point.
  7. I think they only got as far as seeing the spacers were installed. Pretty sure they didn't actually remove the shafts and reinstall. Yes, the problem still exists. I wouldn't say I can just feel it in the floorboard, but you can feel it throughout the whole vehicle when it clunks. Yes, generally this would happen at full lock. I can take a more easy angle of slow turn and it usually won't clunk. Stop the truck. Turn the wheels to the right or left, full lock, as if you were about to pull forward into or back into a parking spot. Moving forward or back, apply gas to start moving. Instant clunk as the turn begins. I hate parking lots now, because every time I pull into or out of a parking spot, it clunks so loudly I usually get some looks from pedestrians who probably think I hit something.
  8. I forgot to update this. The installer went to work to put the CV spacers in, only to realize that they had actually already correctly installed the spacers provided by BDS with the kit. So back to the drawing board. I've reached out to BDS myself as well to discuss warranty work.
  9. My AT4 with 4" lift (6" total) and 35s comes in at 84" exactly. I just barely fit inside my garage. Most car washes are 84" max.
  10. There was lots of rubbing. The mud guards were trimmed down to almost nothing and I ended up removing them, and the shop also had to do some metal adjustment to the rear of the wheel wells.
  11. Correct, thanks for clarifying. I should have mentioned my tires are 12.5" wide as well.
  12. These are 20x9 Fuel Rebels with a +1 offset (with 35s on a 4” lift), so I imagine smaller tires would poke out a bit less.
  13. Maybe. I’m not 100% convinced it is the cause either. But I guess we’ll see.
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