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  1. This will take care of your mirror lights. https://boost-auto-parts.myshopify.com/products/reverse?rq=th_chevy~yr_2021~mk_silverado Not sure about your bed cargo light.
  2. You don't have to fully remove it to access the back of the switch. I didn't fully remove mine, I just bent the plastic enough to install the fuse box and connect the switch. Pulling the panel back really isn't hard at all, removing it entirely would be difficult.
  3. @mobilelists you can see in this post the plug that was used for the switches.
  4. Go all the way back to the first page of this thread and look at the pictures and instructions for opening up the dash. Once everything is unscrewed you can just pull the panel that holds the switches forwards to access the plug from the fuse box.
  5. Yeah I believe so, though they get pretty soundly trashed in some of the Tuned L5P Facebook groups. I can't speak to any of them personally, but PPEI seems to be the favorite for custom tuning.
  6. While I don't run them myself, I think the two big names in town for emissions compliant tuning are PPEI and Duramaxtuner. Outside of that, a lot of people use the Pulsar add-on.
  7. Boost Auto has been supposedly working on aftermarket tow mirrors for a couple years now, but there has been no word on an ETA for those. Right now the only option is GM parts, or some of the other odd looking mirror extenders that are out there.
  8. It must be mistaken, or there needs to be some combination with those wheels to get the GVWR. My crew cab AT4 with 20s is 11350 GVWR.
  9. Necromancing this thread.....do you happen to still have the pictures that you had posted here a couple years ago?
  10. I don't have specific wires for you, but the Diode Dynamics switchbacks that I have come with a harness that ties into the front turn signal harness on each side. I believe the Boost fender lights harnesses are the same. You may be able to get the info you need from the Diode Dynamics or Boost install videos.
  11. Mine are just wrapped around the fuse posts for now. I say for now, but they've been like that for a year. I have a pack of fuse taps, just haven't gotten around to doing that swap.
  12. Yeah mine gets power until the Powermagic kills it, usually ~12hrs. If you are using the truck WiFi, it powers off shortly after you turn off the truck. I have a separate WiFi puck in my truck that runs off battery, I don't use the integrated WiFi.
  13. Here is where my Powermagic is wired, if this helps. Passenger side.
  14. I used this guide to install my BlackVue. Should be helpful for you too. 2020 Silverado Dash Cam.pdf
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