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  1. I think the idea is to protect your rear window/rear cab from items in your bed. Personally, I just like the way they look on an HD truck, so that's why I got one.
  2. I purchased a Magnum over Black Friday for my AT4, but no pics because I haven't installed it yet. Supposedly they are compatible with all the third brake light cameras.
  3. You could probably get most of it working if you really wanted to. Like you said, the gray plug would be the most difficult because it is only on the newer trucks. That plug is the BCM controls, so I don't know that it is as easy as just tapping wires, but it could just be for backlighting, ignition position sensing, etc. Good luck if you decide to tackle it. It's difficult enough on trucks that were designed for the kit. Personally, I'd just find a different aftermarket kit and find a clean way to wire that up.
  4. Not for sure what you mean, but these button click in and stay in with a light illuminated when pressed. You have to press them again to disengage.
  5. I think the stock tires are something like 34x11R20, so going up to 35s isn't that big of a leap diameter-wise. I have 295/65R20 ordered in Toyo AT3, which are about 35x11.5R20. Unfortunately, they are backordered so I can't report how well they fit. I'm not anticipating any issues though.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like they aren't very helpful in a snowy environment.
  7. Keep us updated. I'm between these and the Weathertechs, leaning towards Weathertech due to their length.
  8. How are you liking these for keeping slush off the rockers and crap off the lower doors?
  9. Maybe....74* in my 1500 AT4 would get me sweaty, but very different trucks I suppose.
  10. I just had this happen a couple nights ago in my '21 AT4. I was driving along and suddenly the windows all fogged completely. After they cleared, it happened a couple more times very quickly, and then very quickly cleared on their own. I have also noticed, now that the weather is colder, that the truck doesn't really seem to heat up. I usually run 74* on auto, and I can drive for 45 minutes and still be comfortable in a jacket. Not sure if these things are related, and not really wanting to leave it with the dealership for diagnosis.
  11. These should fit GMC Sierra AT4s and Silverado Trail Bosses with a 4” BDS lift, or a standard Sierra or Silverado with a 6” BDS lift. May fit with other manufacturers 4”/6” lifts, but that’s on you to confirm. Part numbers are below. Part # 88302160 and 121633 Fox coilovers (non DSC) and mount kit: $1200 and I'll split shipping with you (CONUS). Parts are located in southern NH, willing to meet within a reasonable distance. One of the coilovers rubbed against the other during shipping, causing cosmetic scrapes. I’ve included a picture of that.
  12. It isn’t really baffling that the lights on your switches work. They likely get power/signal from where you connected them to the body harness under the dash, not from the battery. That’s how they know to turn on with your headlights, etc. As to why you aren’t getting power, I don’t really have any ideas other than to check and re-check all your connections. Also make sure you installed the fuse on the battery correctly. Maybe check that fuse and make sure it isn’t broken already.
  13. My 2019 1500 with 360 surround had a 5 port VPM. My 2021 2500 with 360 and bed view has the 10 port. The 10 port VPM came later after they added additional camera views and features.
  14. Oh that makes sense. You are right, they don't have a very wide spread. I assume these headlights are still adjustable, do they have side to side adjustment screws to pull them out a bit more?
  15. I don't have an answer to your question, but I'm surprised they don't have enough output for you. I have a GMC, but they are extremely bright, I've never even had a thought about them being an issue. Are the Chevy lights that different?
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