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  1. The regen occurs based on driving and idling, it detects the % your filter is being clogged up. Mine seems to occur about every 1000 miles or so, but I can only tell because it starts to run roughly and fuel mileage drops. I don’t have a monitor, but from what I can tell it takes ~20-30 minutes for a regen to complete on my truck.
  2. You might be able to hack the switch wiring up to get it work for you, but it wouldn't be nearly as straightforward as it is on the new trucks. These ones have harnesses and plugs already in place so it's basically plug and play.
  3. I daily drive a 2500 AT4, and it does just fine. I actually get better mileage with it than my old lifted 1500 AT4. I only tow a camper during the summer months. I would recommend though that you don't use a Duramax for stop-and-go type commuting. It makes it difficult for the emissions system to operate properly, and you'll end up with various emissions issues. My commute is ~45mins at mostly highway speeds, so my truck has plenty of time to regen when it needs to.
  4. This PDF has pretty good instructions for getting it all installed. Good luck. 2020 Silverado Dash Cam.pdf
  5. You can find the power you need in the passenger side fuse box. I have my DR-900S wired up this way.
  6. For future reference, Boost Auto now has harnesses to wire up the lighting on tow mirrors. https://boostautoparts.com/collections/gm-2019-style-tow-mirror-harnesses
  7. I ran the 4” kit and 35s on my 2019 for a couple years. It’s a good kit, didn’t have any issues, but there was a good bit of trimming required to fit the tires. These pictures are without coilovers, I bought them after the lift was installed but never installed them. Still have the coilovers sitting in a box but I’ve since moved on to a 2500 AT4.
  8. My 21 AT4 came with the switches installed and I’ve had the wiring sitting in the console for months. Thanks to this thread I got it all installed on Saturday, just took a couple hours. The most difficult part was getting the fuse box screws installed without removing the whole kick panel. I still need to run some wires back through the firewall for accessories. What gauge wires is everyone using for that? Loom or no loom?
  9. I do still have it. I can’t confirm what it’ll work on, but I had matched that part number from a 2020 AT4. WAMS might be able to to confirm for you.
  10. I had this problem on my 2021 AT4. Very soft brakes that would only get firmer if I pumped the pedal, and creeping at stop lights. This fixed the problem for me: place the truck in park. Depress the brake pedal as far down to the floor as physically possible. Release the brake pedal and let it travel on its own all the way to the top. Repeat the process one more time. After doing this, my brakes act as I would expect on a truck this size.
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