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  1. need to access my sw5, also installing a magnum have you had any leak issues? can you confirm location, about the middle of the curve of the spoiler and 3rd brake brake light? thanks
  2. not sure if you have access to a good scan tool, the snap on one has a program in it to bleed the module
  3. so they replaced both spring packs and shackles, no more noise for now
  4. 2022 3500hd, dealer attempt to solve (more BS then anything) according to tech bulletin (so they claim)returned in oct, new spring packs ordered and came in 7 days later, going to be installed next week pics are after sept visit i have had several trucks with leaf springs since 1972 and never had this type of issue i will add the GM customer service is attempting to help resolve it
  5. first it is not a spam bot, op was a year ago and maybe no one was assigned that cared yes they have also taken an interest in my22 i have never had an issue with any of my trucks with leaf springs making noise like this, except if a leaf was broken!
  6. 2022 3500hd started with low speed issues back in sept, nov 9th the dealer is installing new spring packs to try and resolve. there is a tech bulletin to retorque the axle clamps. this is what the dealer did to mine on my first visit in sept
  7. tell them you want a month added to your plan because you cant use it now
  8. fully aware of the old system, been doing it for years, the spoiler setup in on my new one and my backrack is due in at the end of the month, try to find an easier way before then
  9. thankyou, Have you done this?, if so what did you use for a grommet, i have the bags of parts but did not notice one, maybe i need to sort thru again? thanks again So i just wen out to look at it, my light does not match the picture, so i would be leary to start drilling holes in it
  10. from what i have been told, that was for how to run the wire out, not to get it out! would you have a doc number?
  11. New spring packs on order.... only time i have ever heard a noise like this on any truck was when a leaf broke and would rattle
  12. got an email from gmc that they will notify me and the dealer when my parts are available, asked parts at the dealer today, said they have received a few but not on a steady basis
  13. just left the dealer, am having some wifi issues also, my software is also mar 21, tech says there is an update, when i return t the dealer, they will also do the update.....waiting for parts for repair
  14. so i nothing to doing while the truck was in service, started looking inside trucks, seems the 1500 with all the tech do not have them, at4, high country......glad i bought a real truck!
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