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  1. 2019 RST4x4 5.3. 24,000 to date no issues. I am in the minority in that I don't mind the DFM my lifetime mpg is over 20 mpg. The system seems pretty seamless the microsecond delay to full power is not an issue for me. 2019 being the first year with the new DFM I purchased the extended warranty for 7 years if it breaks I'll get it fixed. In the meantime I will be out enjoying this technical marvel to its fullest! I say technical marvel because I grew up riding and driving in 70's and 80's trucks these new T-1's are complex machines that are powerful and capable get out and enjoy!
  2. HDX drop steps after 3.5" RC lift they were just too low on stock suspension... yes wheels and tires are coming lol
  3. I have just had the Rough Country 3.5" lift with new UCA's and keeped the stock struts on my 2019 double cab 4X4 with the Z71 package. I have the stock 18" wheels and Goodyear Fortitude tires until my new wheels and tires from Tire Rack show up in January. I will post my build after install. I did a before and after measurement and there is just over 3" of lift to the front and 2.5" in the back with about a 1/2" rake left. I was actually expecting a harsher ride but was pleasantly surprised by the way more composed ride. The N3 shocks are excellent giving a nice balance of off road capability and pavement performance wwaaaayyy better than the stock ruff country shocks my truck came with. The stock struts are ok until things get ruff and you can tell the N3's are out performing them. I will be upgrading the front when I can no longer take the miss match in off road performance. I think a lot of the ruff ride comments from this lift are because of 20" and 22" wheels but that is just MHO. All before and after pics are on stock 265/65/18's
  4. First time poster long time reader. I feel the need to comment on this topic as I have some fresh real world experience with it.I have a 2019 RST 4X4 double cab with the Z71 package. I will post pics of my build after my new wheels and tires arrive from Tire Rack early January. I live in Idaho and spend a lot of time on the backroads in Montana and Idaho where there are a lot of single track STEEP dirt roads. I have more than once used the hill descent on steep snowy/icy dirt roads where 4Lo 1st gear is just not geared low enough like the 4X4's of old, this is where the hill descent shines. This last weekend we had a rare December 50+ degree weather so I took advantage to get some winter truck tent camping in. As per usual me and my buddy (he drives a Tundra I don't hate lol) ended up on some mountain roads we probably shouldn't have been on and I can say without a doubt that the hill descent reduced my "pucker" factor by a huge amount. My buddy ended up putting on chains to help control his descent. I could feel the ABS working each tire grabbing at the almost non existent traction and even though I slid most of the way down, the hill descent keeped me at a slow pace where as a panic brake lock would have been a sleigh ride to who knows where. I think the hill descent feature is probably not going to be used by 95% of the Silverado crowd but If you ever expect to be in country like I drive it is a highly valuable tool.
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