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  1. These new gen trucks don’t get too loud. My buddy has a 2020 6.2 straight piped and it’s not that loud. The flow master 40 and 44s are too quiet on these truck. If your going with a flow master then get the 10 series.
  2. The amp steps are great but they have a bluish/purplish led light. The led lights should be bright white.
  3. You can get it for free for 3 months if you put your card on file when you do the welcome call. I also told them I could only pay $100 a year and they agreed to it. I remote start my truck every day.
  4. When you remote start the truck and the heated seat feature is turned on in settings the heated seats turn off when you enter the truck.
  5. 2021s are hitting the lots now. There isn’t any decent rebates on them though. There isn’t much of a difference with the 21’s. The 22’s get an all new interior and a refreshed exterior. If you want a 20 wait till December bc Chevrolet will offer employee pricing for everyone. There are more packages available for lower trims for the 21 model year like the safety package, power up and down tailgate and later this year the multi pro tailgate. As some one else mentioned wireless CarPlay and Android are available on the LT and up. Unfortunately wireless charging is only available on the LTZ and High Country thus making the wireless CarPlay and Android feature useless to me. You can add wireless charging if your a diy person. I can also tell you that many people are having problems with the wireless CarPlay and Android Auto in the 21 Tahoe’s. Their phone keep disconnecting.
  6. I can tell you for fact that the 2021 Silverado will get an updated interior and possibly the ZR2 trim.
  7. I have a Custom Trail Boss and the service brake assist came on at about 700 miles. The dealership fixed but 1,200 later it came back on. I’m so pissed. I don’t want my family in my truck now. I’ve owned a 2017 and 2018 and I never had any problems with those trucks.
  8. Select menu in the radio screen then select tune select then I think manage to delete the artist or song
  9. Everything is good. I was told that no one has had a problem with this lift from the shop that put it on. I have 2k miles on it and everything looks good. I check it almost daily. Absolutely love it.
  10. I have the 3.5 rc lift. Love it. I used the fabtech upper control arms
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