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  1. I have a 2019 GMC Sierra 5.3 and every time I get in it the info display says “Park Assist blocked, see owners manual”. I believe this is a common issue. Has anyone had this issue and what did you do to resolve it? I believe this is probably an issue with multiple lines of vehicles. I reset the EMC and it worked for a day but back to same issue after that.
  2. Does anyone know what the flapper valve is warrantied under? I cut off my muffler thinking the baffles were bad (still might be) and noticed the flapper valve flapper was broken off and in the muffler.
  3. I have a 2019 GMC Sierra slt with single side exhaust. I’ve read through about 10 pages of forum to see ppl’s comments on muffler delete but haven’t seen many for single exhaust. I bought a summit racing pipe to delete the muffler and flapper valve. My question is has anyone experienced drone with single exhaust muffler/flapper delete? Drone is pretty much all I’m worried about. I drive a lot of highway and currently my baffles are bad so they rattle.
  4. Thanks everyone, It was the baffles inside the muffler as I suspected from tapping on the muffler. Going to do an aftermarket exhaust (bolt on) as they quoted me $1,350 to have the muffler replaced which is crazy. I am over miles on bumper to bumper and my Ally major guard extended warranty apparently doesn't cover the costs. Hope this helps someone.
  5. My 2019 GMC Sierra muffler baffles took a crap and are rattling. I’m out of bumper to bumper because miles and apparently my extended warranty doesn’t cover exhaust systems. Has anyone had any good outcome from putting on a muffler their self? I took my truck to the dealership and they want $1350 to do it.
  6. @eppieguy yes, tapping on my muffler it seems to be coming from the inside of it. Have you had this checked out yet? Do you know if its covered under warranty? 2019 GMC sierra with 48k miles. Not sure what warranty this would be classified under but maybe bumper to bumper, which I wouldn't qualify because my miles.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, I have a 2019 GMC Sierra SLT. I'm having trouble figuring out where the metal clinging noise is coming from under my truck. The sound only happens when the truck is warm and driving at a constant speed. It will not rattle when I'm accelerating or decelerating etc. I'm having trouble getting it to rattle parked in the driveway and this is why it's difficult to figure out. I checked all the heat shields and they seem to be pretty secure with the dealership saying the same thing. I've also looked around to see if I have any clinging marks anywhere to no avail. I've gone over the mileage for the bumper to bumper warranty and the dealership wants to charge me to figure it out. Has anyone had this same issue or similar experiences and figured out the problem?
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