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  1. I just got my 22 Silverado refresh lifted. 8 inch ReadyLift, 22x12 TIS 547C, 35x12.5x22 Toyo RTs
  2. 22x12 TIS 547C Wheels. 35x12x22 Toyo RTs
  3. I have the Amp Research power steps. I really like them.
  4. I get about 15mpg. I have a 2021 RST 6.2 with the max trailering package, 6 inch lift with 35's.
  5. My truck did the same thing when i first got it and it was the shield around the spare tire. Its easy to bend.
  6. Mine is round. It’s sounds amazing. I get compliments on it often. I have no idea about the oval one.
  7. I did the muffler swap. It sounds great. I don't understand why people change their whole exhaust on these trucks, just do a muffler swap and save your money for something else.
  8. I really wanted to do a long travel suspension. Hopefully one day.
  9. Pro Comp 6 inch lift 20x10 Fuel Rebels in matte black 35.12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Fabtech upper control arms Shes looking good.
  10. Pro Comp 6 inch lift 20x10 Fuel Rebels in matte black 35x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Fabtech upper control arms I absolutely love it. She drives better than I expected.
  11. Wheels, tires and lift are finally installed. I love it. She drives great.
  12. I did your mod and it works perfectly. Thank you.
  13. I removed all the stickers and emblems. I put matte black 6.2 emblems on the hood and matte black Chevrolet lettering on the tailgate. I added the LTZ/HC lower front bumper fog light surround and had it painted to match the truck. I added white mirror caps, red tow hooks and all of the lights are now led. I also wrapped the mirror lights and front bowtie. It’s a work in progress.
  14. I put a Flowmaster Flow FX muffler on last week. It sounds really good. The tone is deep and there isn't any drone. I paid $100 for everything.
  15. I just did the same to my exhaust. I'm loving the flowmaster fx muffler. How are you liking it?
  16. Yes sir. The rears still don't produce any bass but at least you can hear the highs now.
  17. I don't have a before and after sound clip. The Bose system in these trucks do have a wierd ohm rating from what i have read.
  18. 400 watts if your just using the bed plug. 250 watts if your using the outlet in the cab as well.
  19. Yes sir. Fade the sound all the way to the rear. You’ll see that the rear speakers sound terrible. I bought the Kicker 46CSC654 for the rears from crutchfield. There are a lot of options on their website that are vehicle specific. The speakers also come with the proper connectors.
  20. Replacing just the rear speakers makes a huge difference.
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