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  1. Yea. I know there’s no way around it, but it sure looks nice and hell I’m 45 yrs old lol. That’s for your input.
  2. Good video. It looks like a good product & user friendly.
  3. Would I be able to calibrate tire size with this? Also would it up the mpg?
  4. I’m guessing after all that. This site isn’t very active... it’s that I have not much clue on how to use the site or not many pep out there. Hmm.
  5. Hey Guys! I’m new at this forum & haven’t completely figured it out yet. Got on here to see if I could get some what of an answer. I putting a 6” lift on next week with 35’s. I’m wondering what type of fuel loss I will get? I’m thinking 3-4 mpg loss. Also will I notice a lot of HP drop? Another question is what’s the best programmer out there besides a laptop tune? It’s a 2021 z71 ,RST, 4x4, 5.3L. Thanks in advance.
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