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  1. I’m familiar with the infamous shudder issue with the 8 speed transmissions but I haven’t seen an instance of a case like mine yet. My truck vibrates in 2nd gear when over 3k RPM. Every other gear is fine. Shifting is smooth. No deceleration shudder. Any ideas what could be causing the problem? I took the truck into the dealership. They acknowledged there’s a shake but say it’s normal.
  2. Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? I'd try disconnecting the battery first before taking it to the dealership.
  3. I still can’t believe I bought a brown truck. I do find her eye catching though.
  4. I bought the Husky mats over the Weather Techs. The Husky's fit like a glove. Plus there's a dog on the box so...
  5. Interesting thread. I'll have to take my truck in to get it looked at. I have a couple other things I need looked at anyways. My engine takes forever to warm up and runs a bit cool and my ventilated seat fan is giving up on life.
  6. Anyone else have audible creaky steering? It's not quite like the intermediate steering shaft clunk on my 2012 Sierra but it sounds like something is going on there.
  7. Does GM have release notes for these updates somewhere?
  8. Mine has been the exact same way. I just picked up my Silverado last week an noticed it runs cooler than my 2014 and takes longer to warm up. I also noticed the oil pressure tends to run higher until the engine warms up a bit as well, around 500-600kpa which is around 72-90 psi. Not sure if that's just coincidence though.
  9. Thanks but I was able to get a set from the dealership once I had the part #. Has anyone been able to successfully remove the center caps off these trucks without removing the wheels? I'm guessing removing the wheels will be my only option. They are in there really good.
  10. I am. I basically just want to hear a low growl when I start it up or step on the gas. The stock exhaust sounds like a fat kid with asthma.
  11. Thanks! That's what I figured. I think I'll stick with the Borla. Now I have to decide if I want the Touring again or go to the S-Type.
  12. For anyone running into the same issue I took it to the dealership. It was not giving any error codes everything seemed ok. They said they did a "re-learn" or something like that to the computer and that fixed the issue.
  13. Does anyone have experience with the Flow Master FlowFX ? Just wondering how it stacks up against the Borla Touring. I loved the Touring on my old truck. It had the right low growl and volume for my taste. The FlowFx sounds good on their youtube channel but can't really tell what the volume is like. Also at half the price of the Borla is the quality still there?
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