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    Wish I still had my '53 Chevy 1/2-ton 5 window with bored, blueprinted and balanced 4 bolt, M21 Muncie with tall stick, and 12 bolt Posi. My '67 Camaro did wheelies was insanely powerful, '63 Impala was a sleeper, I'll be with you searching junk yards for the last big block and last gallon of high octane leaded gas. 100 Ton Master Ship Captain, Worlds Best Fisherman, I chase Wicked Giant Blue Fin Tuna, Master Electrician, NOT A LIBERAL, USA - all the way, My other car is not a Prius
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  1. No I really trashed the tailgate rug piece. The bed and tailgate is factory RINO coated so it’s hard to stick Velcro to it. And it needs to be cut in a few different places for the multipro. And notched for access to the release handle. . I’d rather see someone post pictures of it done correctly if possible. LOL May not be possible because of all those issues with that crazy tailgate.
  2. Company 1 - I wonder if it would work with a borla cat back
  3. I installed the ORM GMC bed rug in my 2022 short bed. Unfortunately I hacked up the zippered piece for the tailgate portion of the rug. I’m guessing I’m not the only one to run into an issue with attaching it to the multipro and needing to cut it and attach it in various places for it to work if it can at all. I’m interested to see pictures of modifications others have successfully made and if anyone has an unused zippered tailgate rug I’m interested in purchasing it to replace my hacked up one.
  4. Preventing fuel theft. Anyway to put a locking gas cap on the filler which has no gas cap?
  5. When did they stop putting in the spare battery tray? My ‘14 1500 Silverado standard box had one. My 2022 1500 Sierra does not. I used the spare before for a power hungry ham radio. The engine compartment actually looks smaller too even though I went from 5.3-6.2L.
  6. Thank you for the links to those videos. I’m really hoping I don’t need to go that route since I don’t need access to the rear spoiler/brake light. I’m an electrician and snake wires everyday. But I still may have to remove some trim like the rear seat upper seatbelt trim. It’s below freezing here now and not only is it difficult for me at 65 but things crack easily in this cold like those A clips. Wish it was 75 degrees out and I was 18 again! LOL Cameras may arrive tomorrow and I don’t trust anyone to remove headliner without breaking something and not fixing it. I always prefer to do things myself. The rear camera may have to wait till it warms up.
  7. So I decided on the Thinkware U1000. Being as I own a security company and specialize in surveillance, although the Blackview 900x is more aesthetically pleasing and the software is easier to use, to me it’s all about the video quality so the 4k up front and 2k for the rear camera beats the Blackview. The license plate recognition is quite superior with the Thinkware U1000. Waiting on delivery now. Then will need to figure out how to get the wire from the front camera to the rear camera by removing the molding some how I guess. Any suggestions on how to do that without breaking something are welcome. I’ve run wires from the rear view mirror to the fuse box before but not around the top sides and rear above the windows.
  8. Here’s a link to the latest version the u1000 which is really sweet. I was already leaning towards the blackvu 900s but this sounds better. Need to compare prices and options. I’ll need to remove the a pillar assist handle and run wires for a good radar detector (I have my older escort s2 that has alway seemed to work well) so might as well do this all at the same time.
  9. That looks pretty nice. I wonder if the obd port connection work with a new Sierra Denali? Trout I saw something somewhere advising against it. Otherwise I’ll need a good aftermarket and try to find the location of an acc switched fuse to tie into.
  10. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. All fixed except I got a find a build date somewhereThanks for bringing that to my attention. All fixed except I got a find a build date somewhere
  11. Not a new forum just change 2021 to 2022 to be accurate. And it’s not an ultimate it’s a limited.
  12. Wow. That stinks. Hopefully a couple corner shims and or trimming the weatherstripping will fix the problem. Otherwise I guess it’s the Bak Flip mx something or other. They seem to work better but leak a little. my ‘53 Chevy 5 window had just two hinges and two chains. It worked every time.
  13. It appears my new 2022 Denali Limited (basically a 2021 Ultimate holdover made in 2022) does not have rain sensing wipers. I’m very surprised and bummed about this. My 2004/5 Jeep Grand Cherokee had them and they worked great. Would love to retrofit them but that seems highly unlikely. The 2022 Denali Ultimate Refresh is supposed to have it. That vehicle is a mere $7k more and probably another $5k over msrp so I can live without it. Still, that ain’t right.
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