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  1. I ordered a new truck in October and talked to two dealers. One wanted a deposit of 1,000 and the other 2,000. Both said the best price they could do was MSRP. I went with the dealer that asked for the 1,000 deposit but for other reasons. I did sign a buyer's order but we didn't talk about the ability to not take the truck. Mine might fall into the category of trucks the dealer would not typically order.
  2. Thanks for posting. I have a pending order for a 22 LTD in High Country trim. Looks like I dodged a bullet.
  3. Yes, I should have been more clear. While the new interior of the refresh looks nice, I think the one in the LTD may prove to be more functional. That being unknown, I decided to order a 2022 LTD.
  4. I may regret it, but I ordered a 22 Silverado LTD a couple of weeks ago. The new interior looks really nice, but from the pictures looks a little less functional. The large screen takes up a lot of real estate and the console shifter seems to be in the way but I won't know for sure until I see one. Also, the price being unknown was another factor.
  5. I am interested to know as well so I can't help, but that's a great picture.
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