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  1. Thanks Transient. My service advisor told me they had ordered a new bezel for my truck. Another trick you might try is to reshape the bezel. I believe you can compress the bezel in the center enough to realign the camera straight, then use a high powered hair dryer and gently heat the bezel to conform it to the compressed shape. I compressed mine with an adjustable clamp to align it after you told me about the bezel. If a new bezel doesn’t fix it, that’s what I will do.
  2. A tech told my service rep in November 2020 that that’s the way their supposed to be. I didn’t believe it. You should look at Transient’s posts on this and share what resolved the issue with your service department. If all of the trucks on the dealers lot had the same issue, that doesn’t make it right. That just means they all have the same defect.
  3. Transient, I shared the info you provided on the camera bezel being the root cause of the distorted camera angle with the service rep. Just to prove it to myself, I compressed the bezel at the center to close the gap between the bezel and tailgate. It worked to align the camera to the center. I shared that with him also. They have a bezel on order. I’ll post a follow up when it’s installed. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. I’m purely spitballin here. If you bought the MVi app, you probably have rights to continuing downloads/updates until the version you paid for is no longer supported. Good luck with getting this resolved.
  5. Transient, I started a reply to your previous post about it possibly being the tailgate, and got distracted and forgot to post it. The possibility of the tailgate being warped made sense to me. I started looking at my tailgate and noticed right away that the bezel was bowed out, noticeably, at the top center. You could probably easily drop a dime through the space between the tailgate and bezel. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll share this with the service rep at my dealership.
  6. Transient, I hope that’s it. The tailgate being deformed could possibly be the problem. I, like you, have never overloaded my trucks tailgate.
  7. Thanks for the follow up. I have not heard from the dealership since the service rep called on the 13th to tell me that he had emailed GM on the issue asking for guidance and is waiting for a response.
  8. Took my truck to the dealership today. They did a software update, which didn’t fix the issue, then replaced the camera, which also didn’t fix the issue. The service rep said he would call GM to discuss and give me a call.
  9. Parrish, I believe the service bulletin is NHSTA #22NA136. Info I found on car complaints.com states that NHSTA has not published this bulletin but to request a copy from your a Chevrolet service department. The description of the bulletin doesn’t sound exactly like what’s happening with my camera. It says it’s “to correct a customer concern of Crooked Rear View Camera Guideline Image on Radio Display.”
  10. I will. It’s going to be mid January now before I can take my truck in. You may find out before me if software will actually fix the issue. I should have asked for the service bulletin # when I called. I have searched for it since, without any luck.
  11. Over the last year I have called the dealership a couple of times about the crooked camera issue since I first reported the problem. No fix identified. I called again today to ask if GM has a fix for the crooked backup camera yet. Apparently this is not a widespread problem as the gentleman I spoke with had never heard of it. He did search for a bulletin addressing the problem, and found one. A manual software update is supposed to fix it . I’m taking it in to see if that actually fixes the problem. Will post again after the software download.
  12. 2020 1500 LT, crew cab, 4x4, 3.0 I6 diesel, 10 speed with 3.73 final. I’ve averaged high as 25 to 27 MPG unloaded when driving on the interstate. Around 16 to 18 city driving. I bought this truck specifically for pulling a travel trailer. Loaded, the trailer weighs close to 5,800 lbs. I carry an additional 200 or so pounds of camping gear in the truck bed. Our longest trip pulling the trailer has been a little over 120 miles resulting in 13.2 MPG. On this trip I intentionally kept speed under 65 MPH. We have gotten as little as 11.5 MPG while driving 65 to 70 MPH on the interstate. Terrain that we travel, interstate and city, is mostly rolling hills and valleys with a lot of steep grades. I’m very pleased with the trucks power and fuel performance.
  13. When I push the Push to talk button on my 2020 Silverado, I can barely hear the response tone. When driving I can’t hear it at all. Is there a way to increase/decrease the volume level of the tone associated with this feature? Or does the tone originate from your phone? I didn’t have this issue with my 2016 Colorado.
  14. I bought a new 2020 Silverado 1500 and the backup camera is set at an odd angle. It looks to be skewed to the left as you can plainly see an increasing amount of the tailgate across the monitor. I thought it would be a simple fix, but call the local Chevy service department to see if it is a common problem with a fix. I was told that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I know the camera is off-center in the gate latch handle, but it’s a little confusing while backing up since the guidelines are centered, but the camera is skewed. Also the viewing area seems magnified beyond what I would consider normal. Has anyone else had these issues?
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