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  1. Very glad you got your issue resolved. It seems like very few dealers understand how they need to run their operations to earn loyalty.
  2. I bought a replacement unit for my 2012 Avalanche from them a couple of years ago. It was a used unit but very clean and worked great. I had no issues with them.
  3. I live in a front plate state (VA) but bought the truck in a non-front plate state (NC). When we picked up the truck the from plate bracket wasn't on, so they sent one of the techs to the parking lot to install it. It was a quick drill and screw operation. He was done in literally two minutes. I think it was just a couple of holes and some self tapping screws.
  4. I have a 22 LTD Trail Boss 6.2 and I do not have sport mode either. I saw another thread that mentioned sport mode was no longer included on the TB/AT4 for 2022. Everyone says the limited is a carryover of the 21 but it is not. Prices are higher and fewer standard features. Still great trucks.
  5. I would love to, but my doctor prohibits me from entering those premises.
  6. I bought a Trail Boss a month ago in the outer banks of North Carolina and have driven it back and forth several times in very windy conditions and it does not wander whatsoever. Definitively something to get checked out.
  7. EdP, Please let us know what you find out. Must be very frustrating.
  8. Very cool. Just went outside and tried it on my 22 LTD Trail Boss and it worked. Great feature.
  9. I have a 22 LT Trail Boss and it does NOT have the rear door lock buttons. Not an issue for me though.
  10. Thank you! I would have never found that. Looks like a few possibilities for me. I appreciate it.
  11. I saw from the initial workbench order printout that it definitely said sold order. I did not notice a priority, but that would probably not be on what they sent me. Thanks again for the info. It sounds like I need to put the dealer on the spot a little more than I have but maybe not too much.
  12. Thanks for your response. Very helpful. I search on the chevy/gmc sites every couple of days but it seems my specs aren't very popular. I ordered (or tried to) a HC with a 6.2 and standard box. Seem to be very few. What's strange is the dealers are starting to receive the 22 LTDs like I ordered but only the 21 inventory is on-line. 21 or 22 LTD is fine with me, but now I need to go to individual dealer sites to see what they have. Again, thanks for the info. Very helpful.
  13. Thanks for the info. So in your example above, would the 18 waiting eventually get their orders filled before the current year production is wound up? Specifically for the LTD models. It sounds like they will only be making them for a few more months. I have a HC on order that apparently the dealer doesn't have allocation for. Is there a chance the order will be cancelled?
  14. I ordered a new truck in October and talked to two dealers. One wanted a deposit of 1,000 and the other 2,000. Both said the best price they could do was MSRP. I went with the dealer that asked for the 1,000 deposit but for other reasons. I did sign a buyer's order but we didn't talk about the ability to not take the truck. Mine might fall into the category of trucks the dealer would not typically order.
  15. Thanks for posting. I have a pending order for a 22 LTD in High Country trim. Looks like I dodged a bullet.
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