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  1. Intellilink

  2. Intellilink

    It is possible its in the settings page. Here is a video.
  3. What would you do?

    I had almost the exact same thing happen to me when I had the dealer install my Intellihaul camera system before I took delivery. When I was installing the mud flaps, I noticed deep gouges on the underside of the mirrors. In my case the installer used flat black paint to cover his tracks. I took it back and the dealer replaced both mirrors. Then I had intermittent camera failures, that eventfully led to both failing. Dealer replaced both cameras. This happened again about a month later, and the dealer replaced both cameras again. The remote camera failed shortly after I installed it on my travel trailer. Dealer facilitated a warranty replacement of the camera. Now its been a little more than a year and I haven't had a problem. Chris
  4. Add mine to the wondering steering list. I had an additional symptom of metalic sounds while truning at slow speeds. Had the retighten and loc-tite TSB. Noise went away and I'll wait to see if she still wonders. Now here is the intersting part. The serice writer said that they had been advised that the replacement of the steering gears was not to be done becsue it wasnt fixing the problems. (odd I know). I said not to worry, if mine continues to wonder, they will continue to fix it. Chris
  5. Blue DEF is fine, usually in the $11 range at Walmart. I usually wait till the 20% warning to refill. The thing is that DEF will "expire" so try to use fresh stock and avoid stockpiling it too long. Now most truck stops have bulk pumps to refill with, which I use when I am not at the warning level yet and I am getting ready to take a longer road trip.
  6. I have an idea, perhaps during WOT, the TCM wont allow an upshift until the RPM and torque are within a set range.
  7. Topper

    Well the SNUGTOP had a weird rear angle, and it was not as nice as the LEER rear glass. The SNUGTOP and LEER came from the same dealer but I eliminated it before I even found out what the price was.
  8. Topper

    I did a ton of research (my wife will attest) including many trips to the local installers. I didnt care for the Snugtop, and narrowed it down to the ARE and LEER. In the end I liked the edge look of the LEER as the ARE has what looked to me like a grommet along the edge that broke up the lines on the side of the truck. The prices for the ARE in my area where a little lower though. I also asked that the installer not add any of the decals or the dealer decals.
  9. Topper

    You are corect, the only difference is the windows. My 100XL has twist handels the open the back half of the side glass. The 100XQ has full legenth glass the tilts out to the back. Both have the same lines. There is a price difference. My previous 15 2500 had power rear glass and my cap had the slider. I found that the additional bars of the cap slider obscured my view. So on this cap I opted for the solid tilt out glass instead of the slider. I can open the power rear glass and its not to annoying with the wind noise.
  10. Topper

    I just installed a leer 100XL http://www.leer.com/100XL The rear glass has a lower composite lip that is curved to match the tailgate. I ordered a seal kit from RealTruck.com that works real well at keeping most of the dust and road gunk from getting into the bed. https://www.realtruck.com/trailseal-total-truck-bed-seal/R181935P2016Y842MA.html Guess I should post a picture.
  11. mud flaps

    I had the GM molded ones on my 15 and I ordered the Weather Tech for my new 16 and I like them better for install and they did really well on the first snow here and an impromptu heavy mud trip when heading to the shooting range. Chris
  12. The IBC works flawlessly for me and being connected to the other systems makes it work even better, with the grade breaking and the exhaust brake.
  13. Oil Pressure

    That's exactly what mine is at the same RPMs. That being said, there is some play (GM will say variable readings) in the display. So the readings will be averaged out and represented as a analog indicator position. Chris
  14. Trailer battery fuse?

    I believe that the trailer power is always on with the 15s. Mine has power at the plug. I made an adaptor so I could tap the 12v power for use in charging my RC airplane batteries at the tailgate.
  15. Mine does this as well and when I took it in they tech gave me bulletin on drive line "clunk", but that was for the 1500 series. I feel that the converter is failing to uncouple during certain RPM and MPH ranges especially in the coast phases. I am moving soon to Utah and I will re-submit my concerns to a new dealer that handles more of the HD trucks.

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