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  1. Understood. Never dealt with it before. Hopefully one day I can order a truck of my choosing. Enjoy your truck! Thanks for the info.
  2. Hey, kind of off topic but what made you guys decide to build your truck opposed to choosing one off the lot? Didn’t have what you wanted and this way you get exactly what you want? When you build a truck, you are paying full price unless there are some incentives? A truck n the lot you should be able to negotiate some. Thanks for for the replies. Always wondered.
  3. I am currently experiencing the same problem. Any idea where to purchase the plunger at? Online searches are not getting me any results. Thanks!
  4. What did you end up doing to get it repaired? Mine is doing the same now Thanks
  5. I just cranked mine up. Makes it ride little stiffer. I was a little hesitant because I heard if it bounces hard offroad there is a chance of it breaking due to the added stress.
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