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  1. Not yet but with the new longer bed I think it should fit. Depending on what ATV you have.
  2. Agreed. I do not trust the camera on my truck. I think they went for a really wide angle camera but it makes everything out of perspective. I was looking forward to a nice factory camera.
  3. Has anyone installed an aftermarket high capacity tank? I.e titan or sb?
  4. I’m almost positive my 21 3500 has a 29 gal tank. I have ran to almost empty twice and not been able to put even 29 gallons in. UNLESS the distance till empty is way off.
  5. You are probably looking for the factory electric steps but I have the amp research. They are 14 5/8” at the rear door and 14 1/8” at the front door. Hope that helps. 21 AT4 3500 crew cab.
  6. I have ‘21 crew cab AT4 with standard box and I’m pretty sure I have a 29 gallon tank. Wish I had a 36 though.
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. Now I just need to decide!
  8. Thanks I appreciate all the input. Another JR: good to know about the surround vision. I am a little worried about that color showing dirt. Random: It does make a little nervous trying to lock in a truck in transit without knowing the exact cost.
  9. Good Morning, I have located a pacific Blue metallic in transit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the features I want but they are just features not complete deal breakers. A couple of the features it doesn’t have are rear view camera and HD surround vision. I’m also assuming it doesn’t have the larger 8” screen. Can those options be added after the fact? I wanted some of the collision safety features as well but I don’t think it has that. I’m wondering if those features sound nice until you are actually driving and they are more of a nuisance. I have never purchased a new vehicle before. The dealer told me what the price is but what other costs fees should I be expecting once the truck arrives? Anything else I should know? Thank you in advance.
  10. Just for anyone with issues like this in the future. I now believe it is the window sweep and/or the vapor barrier on the door. My window sweep is old and kinda mildew covered. My vapor barrier is barely hanging on after a few window motor swaps. Course of action is new window sweeps and re-securing vapor barrier with butyl tape on the full perimeter. I will post my results in a few weeks. That or I may know of a nice 03 1500hd for sale. Only viewable during summer months haha jk.
  11. My vote is 3500. See too many people maxing or almost maxing out payload on 2500. I wouldn’t go 2500 anymore. 1500 or 3500. Your money though and you spending a lot of it so make sure you are happy with your choice.
  12. I just went to Amazon’s to replace lo’s, high’s, back up and fog lights. Feel bad using Amazon but it was convenient and cheap. Lighting is much improved. Just make sure you clock the led the right way.
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