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  1. Fellas, Looking for some input from those who have been GMC owners for years. I am looking at buying a new truck in the next month or so. I thought I wanted a Platinum Tundra until I made the mistake of driving the AT4 yesterday. That truck is pretty sweet and the 6.2 with all the tech got my attention. Do I need 5 camera views and speakers in the tailgate? F NO. Are those awesome feature that would be nice? F yeah! The only two that I am interested in are the Platinum Tundra and the Sierra AT4. If I go with the Tundra I would put a 3/1 lift on it with more aggressive rims and tires. The truck would be my new dad mobile and family hauler for long road trips (wife, daughter, dog, and a ton of bags). I have never owned a GM product before (always been partial to Toyota) and I naturally have some concerns regarding the tech, interior finishings, and powertrain vs the overall quality/reliability of the Tundra. Yes it is a dinosaur compared to the Sierra, but it is a solid dinosaur that is tried and true. I am not crazy about the infotainment design on the Sierra, but the engine (6.2), exhaust, extra bed space, flat rear floor, and multipro tailgate are all nice features. It is hard to drop $50k on a truck that is ancient, but the Tundra continues to sale because of its reliability. Anyways, I am just looking for past experiences/input from any of you that are familiar with the Tundra and how it compares to being a GMC owner because I think I am headed in that direction. Thanks.
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