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  1. Anymore insight to this issue? I checked my fuses as well and they are all good, super frustrating not having the USBs work
  2. Following, my passenger side mirror just stopped working. 2016. Your issue sounds much more frustrating
  3. Just bought some used 35x12.5x20 Mickey Thompson’s real cheap. Any suggestions for a small level for the front? I’d like to run them stock but not sure I could swing that.
  4. @gearheadesw thanks man that’s the kind of answer I like!
  5. Following. USB ports not working at all but my 110 still works. Pain in the ass not having apple car play.
  6. Hey I’ve got a 16 crew cab standard bed 2500 high country 6.0, the placard on the door is completely faded and I’m not seeing any numbers in the manual as it’s just telling me to refer to the placard on the B pillar. I plan on putting some weight in the bed and was just trying to narrow down just exactly how much I could put in the bed with just me as the passenger (200lb). I’ve searched online and haven’t found any concrete answered. Thanks in advanced for any input and am sorry to hi jack this thread.
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