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  1. Introducing the new 2039 Ram 1600, feast your eyes on the new 55" Uconnect infotainment system. The main feature is that you can access your HVAC system and every other conceivable control that is now hooked into the system while wearing your mittens! But sir I can't see out of the windshield. Hey punk, that's OK it doesn't matter what you can't see, we are Ram, bigger is better except we don't have the bigger selling numbers that GM has.
  2. Any word on towing capacity? Hope the -450 lbs. translates to at least 450 lbs. more cap. Pic shows covered plug in rear corner of box, would it be a 7 way trailer plug?
  3. Wife worked for GM for 30 years. Even my father in-law who had over 25 years at Chrysler when my wife started GM said " now we can get a real car with her discount instead of sometimes paying more than Joe Blow off the street". He went on to buy 3 new full size cars through my wife. Were going on our 23rd new GM since 1979.
  4. Try these, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Philips-6000K-921-T16-LED I put them in backup, center stop light and center brake light. What a huge difference.
  5. How about a 2 speed rear end in the HD's. The only reason I didn't order another 2500 was gasser only came with 4.10 rear end. With this setup I would pass everything but a gas station. When I ordered my'11, I had a choice of no less than 6 different rears! Now I have a '17 with a 6.2, Max Trailer and 3.42 rear. We'll see how she pulls the 5th wheel pretty soon. Also how about a 36 gallon fuel tank.
  6. Just installed two complete trailering mirror systems yesterday, one on my buddys '16 and one on my '17. Anybody have issues with WIFI disconnecting when turn signal are applied and then reconnecting when turn signal disengage? When I shut off turn signal mode everything is OK. This happens for both sides. Also what is the small knockout underneath pass.mirror for?
  7. Does anyone have a part no. for this? I'm ordering a new Silverado and I want this
  8. Just remember, on your 08 you dont have the USB port inside your console and on the 11 you do have the USB port so if everything else worked you wouldnt be able to use the USB w/o modification. What type of modification are we talking about?
  9. I currently have a 2008 Silverado 2LTwith rear seat audio controls (no DVD), my 2011 LTZ came in today and salesman called me to come down to dealer and have a look. Long story-short, no rear audio controls, I'm totally pissed! Reading previous post about harnesses, can someone tell me where harness hooks up to? Does it come all the way from under dash or does it just come from under center console at amp? I still have a short time to pull out harness from '08 and if compatible, install in '11. I have the controler and power port out and just have to get the POS pocket and power port from my new truck to exchange. If harness works I know I will be able to do this.
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