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  1. Does anyone who installed these in the tailgate have the rest of harness left over? I could use them.
  2. As stated above, you need to get signal directly from the tail lights. The Putco harness does this. The new truck runs all the trailer light connections through the BCM so you can't just plug into the 4 pin or 7 pin output anymore.
  3. I am adding many auxiliary lights and LED to the truck. (Thats an addiction we can talk about later) I have the 9L7 upgrade for work lights and such, but I want to be able to plug into the existing lighting to activate other LEDs, indicator lights and relays. I purchased the Putco Blade adaptor so I can get parking, brake, reverse and rear turn signal triggers. I am looking for a way to do the same for the headlight, high beam and front turn signals and even the bed lights. Anyone know of a company that can do this? My other option is to find all the connectors from GM and make them myself.
  4. I went with the SDHQ mounts. I like that they are positioned out of the way and off to the side. The mounts are sturdy, but a pain in the ass to install. I dropped a wrench and a washer down into the wheel well trying to install them. Also not cheap to have it shipped to Canada.
  5. So Has anyone found something. I'm looking for some aswell
  6. Just ordered these. I'm thinking about mounting 2 flush mount plugs on the underside of the roof spoiler (one at each end) connected to the beacon output on the 9L7 aux switches. That way i can use multiple set ups from the same output. Also makes it easy to remove the aux lights or lightbar for servicing.
  7. My radio is being replaced Wednesday. 4 weeks to get the radio and i'm not the only one.
  8. My service 4x4 came on too. I put the truck in 4x4 for the first time in a snow storm on Saturday. It engaged fine and it showed 4Hi on the display. Looked down at my speed a while later and saw the warning. I tried to put it into AUTO and got a "4x4 transfer in progress" message. But AUTO had an X through it. Tried 2Hi and 4Hi and some times nothing would happen and sometimes i'd get the "4x4 transfer in progress" and an X through the 2Hi and 4Hi. When i got home i restarted the truck and still had the service 4x4. A few hours later started it again and the message was still there. Drove it down the road about a kilometer and it went back into AUTO and cleared the service 4x4. This is my first GM truck and I'm not impressed. The Radio is being replaced on Wednesday cuz it has issues. Those issues started the moment i got it home from the dealership. Now this. Ive only had the truck since November.
  9. From what i have read in the upfitter documents, Switch # 5 output plugs into the harness and goes to the rear roof liner for a "Roof Beacon". It's the green wire with the blue stripe. Code # X380 "Center High Mounted Stop Lamp Jumper Harness to Headliner Harness " Location: "In the passenger compartment, behind the left C-pillar, near the headliner" Has anyone seen exactly where it comes out?
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