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  1. Thanks for the info and dealer follow-up......Brian from Canada
  2. Sounds weird after you calculate it and have tracked it....thanks
  3. Saaawwwweeettt......great look......are they a one piece because of the rim size ??...thnks
  4. I wouldn't say you are fussy, just concerned for the care of your truck. Where we live in Cobourg, Ontario, our Chev Dealer takes great care of our vehicle....we have dealt there for over 15 years now....never any issues, so I hope you find a better dealer !!! P.S....i change our oil every 3 or 4 months due to short trips an vehicles sit for 2 or 3 days ata time....cheap insurance and I m able to assess other items that need maintenance o attention
  5. How much can you tow with a Max PKG ??....thanks
  6. Hobey

    Bye all

    Very well said.....in my brief time here, much interest gained from 1SLOW 1500 quotes and replies....appreciated
  7. We kept ours from our 2010 crew, and now, we were given one with our new 2019 Z71 LT1.....forgot to ask for it, but found it in the glove box anyway !!
  8. I wonder if you try using a drill pump/hose attachment to siphon the bug juice back out of the washer reservoir!!.. No pump to burn out, and u might be able to get like 95% out ...would only take few minutes....
  9. Thanks for the help/search. I will read extra pages as suggested !!
  10. How can I change my Cargo Lights to also come on when using Remote....txs
  11. Already, we may be seeing more users drive er' like you own er' an getting better shifts and driveability ( if that is even a word to use here....lol....). Even though I don't tinker too much anymore, glad to see if this thread builds on drive 'er like you own 'er.....
  12. Thanks to all entries to this post.....I am going to bookmark this for when I use our trailer TPMS units in a travel trailer and use all of the suggestions/trials in this forum!!!!
  13. Window Vent Visors Rear Wheel well liners (or possibly try Black Rockerguard spray ) Krown Rust spray Hitch Draw Bar dual reverse light hook-up Soft Fold Tonneau----DONE-scooped used CHEV brand for 50 dollars Rear Wheel (Chevy logo) mud flaps Chevy Bowtie sticker for oversized air cleaner that came with Z71 PKG Front Weathertecs or Chev Logo ones Shorty Antenna Front Hood Deflector (smoked or dark acrylic---not sure) Gas-Can style tool Holder for rear storage in the bed .......that's all for now !!!!
  14. let all Canadian Members know if you have any plans for upgrades\accessories to your Ride !!
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