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  1. You said it very wisely......I just like owning Bowties myself, that's all.....
  2. Yuup, bought White ( Summit White )....and it was a great deal, but had never heard of or seen this statistic about colours of trucks !!!! Actually, second white truck in 25 years.....
  3. Love the look of the White Letter tires, wasn't lucky enough to get that on our new White Z71.....oh well maybe in 5 years when replacements needed
  4. Will do, of course. May not happen for a few weeks .......txs
  5. Those look great with BLK on blue.....I thought about BLK on our white Z71, but went with chrome as we have chrome front/back bumpers + few chrome accents......happy with the look tonight, 400 kilometers into the new truck !
  6. Our new Z71 Silverado seems to have very little or no rake at all. Haven't measured, but seems way less than our 2010 that we just dealt (rake was approx. 2-2.5 inches) but I never worried about it. Glad though that our new 2019 looks level!!
  7. Looking into buying one at our local Bill Spencer Chev. They say the soft tri-fold works fine with the power release tailgate AS LONG AS we get the rails installed that lift the tri-fold slightly as to not put pressure on the top of the tailgate......sounds fine to us, so we will go that route...Brian
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