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  1. Awesome addition...hmmmm, gets me thinking bout getting a sunglass holder from the wreckers!! Thanks
  2. .....can't seem to figure out what will make bed lites work consistently....have had them on few times by sheer luck.......2019 LT1 Silverado Crew....thanks for any guidance..
  3. Yeah something I can seem to do in the house (purge) but half goes to the garage to deal with later ....lol....we do though, seem to donate lots of STUFF......happy weekend, less the hail hopefully......we are expecting up to 3 inches of rain his weekend....
  4. Wow, Great clean afterlook......appreciate all the pics for future reference!!!
  5. Hobey


    Would love to own a great looked like that !!!! Cheers !!
  6. Where do you get Blue sea 12V plugs from....txs
  7. Personally, this is what I would have bought with mods and upgrades if we hadn't got such good trade in value 3 months ago.....our 2010 2WD crew with 45000 miles on it was worth 16000 ....it was mint and yes, we do miss it even with new 2019 Z71.....
  8. Welcome to the site from another newbie...casual at that, but still enjoy the site and all its members and forums !!
  9. Interesting read....thanks, never thought about this at all....I will have to check my stock( way toooo much) and make sure I rotate it and stop buying for probably a year or more.....thanks, TXGREEK
  10. Thanks for the info and dealer follow-up......Brian from Canada
  11. Sounds weird after you calculate it and have tracked it....thanks
  12. Saaawwwweeettt......great look......are they a one piece because of the rim size ??...thnks
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